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Plus Size Labor Day Sale Roundup


Seasons are changing, and retailers obviously know we're chomping at the bit for new things because the Labor Day sales that are going on right now are insane. If you want to stretch your dollars (and who doesn't) and stock up on new wardrobe items and accessories, this is probably the best time to do it until Black Friday approaches. Here are some of my favorite sales going on, along with some of my favorite items on sale: SWAK Designs: 40% Continue Reading

Fringe Fun

SWAK Janis Fringe Kimono on Authentically Emmie

I'm working on expanding my style comfort zone, as you have seen with this crazy red dress, head-to-toe leopard print, and now a printed fringe kimono! I love my wrap dresses and florals and always will, but with fall quickly approaching, it's a great time to try new pieces and get style inspiration (hello September issues!) Janis Fringe Kimono c/o SWAK (wearing 3X) - see coupon code at end of post Old Navy Tee (wearing XXL Tall) Black Continue Reading

#TransparentTuesday: More than what you see

I am so much more than what you see.

Hello and welcome to another edition of #TransparentTuesday! (Imagine I just read that sentence to you in some crazy announcer voice.) During #TransparentTuesday, we remove the rosy filters of social media and share real life.  This noggin of mine has been churning of late. Not to say that it doesn't always churn, it just does on different topics. The topic du jour? Judgement. We make so many snap judgements daily. An interesting book on the Continue Reading

Scarlet Swing

Emmie in the MYNT 1792 Nadine Dress from Gwynnie Bee

I added this dress to my Gwynnie Bee closet (more about GB here), and then wondered how the heck it would look on me - I imagined disaster. A red dress can just scream, "LOOK AT MEEEE!" and that makes me a little uncomfortable. Plus, the cold shoulder isn't something I ever wear, nor is a swing dress silhouette. When I put it on though, I was pleasantly surprised. It was a fun dress, really comfortable, and something I wouldn't have tried Continue Reading



Note: I have several posts on here about my mom and her impact/influence on my weight and her death in 2007. Her death was one of the triggering life events that got me to my highest weight and intensified my binge eating disorder, but it is also one of the biggest reasons I continue to fight for my health. She, with Parkinson’s Disease, didn’t have the choice to let her body deteriorate. I do. I choose life, and am striving to live a life full Continue Reading