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Friday Five… on a Saturday


It's been a while since I did a Friday 5! And you know what? I totally forgot to get Friday 5 up in time ACTUALLY on Friday, so this is really the Saturday 5. Meh, same difference. Here are 5 random things I wanted to share: Sleep With Me Podcast: I've talked a lot about my sleep issues. One of my trainers, Lucy, told me about this podcast, and it's AMAZING. It's basically this guy rambling on and on with random stories. My mind races at Continue Reading

Body Image and Dating

Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.

You know how there are core beliefs that you hold dear and work hard to keep, but find moments where you waver? The times when truths that you think you understand deep down in your gut get questioned? I've been dealing with some shaky moments recently as I started to see myself through foggy lenses. Let me try to explain. I've worked extremely hard over the past several years on finding acceptance with my body. I was first made aware of my Continue Reading

Twirling in SimplyBe


Today, instead of talking about all the feels I've had lately, I'm talking about twirling. I love to wear anything that makes me feel like I can twirl. This colorful skirt from Simply Be had me swish-swish-swishing around. People seem to have polarizing reactions to a handkerchief hem, but I (obvs) don't mind them! The skirt looks like it was splattered with primary-colored paint and it made me happy. Old Navy Tee Pleated Handkerchief Hem Continue Reading

I saw a shooting star

Shooting Stars

About 30 minutes ago, I saw a shooting star. At least, I think it was a shooting star. It could have been an airplane or a figment of my imagination, but I really think it was a shooting star. It wasn't flashing like an airplane, and it disappeared as soon as it started. I'd been on my computer working for an insane amount of time. My dog wanted to go outside and I thought it would be a good idea to join her. I laid back in a lounge chair on Continue Reading

You Begin to Forget


I just had a moment of panic and tears welling in my eyes. I looked at my computer clock to see how late it really was (I expected to be in bed hours ago) and I saw 12:05am. I thought Thursday was April 3, and it hit me that I forgot the 8th anniversary of my mom's death. My day consisted of going to the gym, going to the grocery store, working, watching 1 episode of "Fixer Uppers," and more work. No thoughts of my mom at all. I glanced at Continue Reading