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Melissa McCarthy at HSN

Plus size fashion blogger Authentically Emmie in Melissa McCarthy

Thank you HSN for sponsoring this post. While this was a sponsored opportunity from HSN, all content and opinions expressed here are my own. If you've ever met me in person or read this blog, you likely already know these 3 truths about me: I love clothes I love Melissa McCarthy (my love letter + twinning tendencies with her documented here) I rarely wear pants. Like, ever. So this outfit is basically my unicorn: Melissa McCarthy Continue Reading

Stripey Floral

Authentically Emmie in a City Chic Tunic from Gwynnie Bee

Confession: When I pulled this out of my Gwynnie Bee shipment, I went YAY!!! Then I put it on and went "OH HELL NO!" Then I forgot to send it back when I was sending some other items back and decided to give it one more try before putting it in the blue bag back to GB. And for some reason I went YAY when it was on. tl;dr: I was wishy-washy on this dress but now love it. City Chic Rockmelon Print Zip Front Tunic c/o my Gwynnie Bee Continue Reading

Transparent Tuesday: Be Flawsome

Embrace your flawsome

Hello and welcome to another edition of #TransparentTuesday! During #TransparentTuesday, we remove the rosy filters of social media and share real life.  Not going to lie - I've had a rough couple of weeks. You know when your days are stitched together with a brain that isn't working as quickly as you need it, the words never come out right, and a series of crap seems to come your way? Some of the crap is self-induced because of your flaws, Continue Reading



Note: I have several posts on here about my mom, who passed away in 2007 from complications of young onset Parkinson's Disease. I am striving to live a life full of experiences she wasn’t able to. Today would have been her 59th birthday. Dear Mom, I know you would hate today if you were here since 59 is so close to 60. I remember when I was young and we lived in Augusta, I had a makeshift surprise birthday party for you and invited a couple Continue Reading

Minty Fit & Flare

Plus size fashion blogger Authentically Emmie in a City Chic dress from Gwynnie Bee

This is what I call a twirly whirl dress (that's the technical term, of course). I don't gravitate towards mint, but I do love a good fit & flare dress and a v-neck. So I added this dress from City Chic to my Gwynnie Bee closet. I fell in love. #ImFeelingMyself City Chic Quilted Roses Dress c/o my Gwynnie Bee rental subscription (or buy here) (See more looks of my looks from plus size subscription service Gwynnie Bee and get a 30 day Continue Reading