Weigh In | 7.30.09


Start Date: 5.28.09 Week 1: -8 poundsWeek 2: -2 poundsWeek 3: 0 (boo!)Week 4: -5 poundsWeek 5: -1 poundWeek 6 : -5 poundsWeek 7: -1 poundWeek 8 (7/20 because I left for vacation):  -2 pounds Week 9 (7/30): 0 9 week total: -24 pounds!! :) I left for vacation on 7.20 and ate "regular" foods between then and 7.26. Returned to low carb on 7.27 and it's likely taken 3 days to get back into ketosis. I am sooooooo thankful that I didn't gain Continue Reading

Oy. “More to Love”

"More to Love" (Patrick Wymore/FOX)

Ok, just watched "More to Love". *face palm* First: Why the hell do you have to put the women's height and weight on the tv? WTH??????? Does their height and weight REALLY matter? This is probably the most infuriating thing for me... Second: These ladies are GORGEOUS. Why must the weight be the primary focus? 5'10 and 190? That's my IDEAL weight and size, and if I get there I'll be flaunting myself everywhere. BELIEVE IT! Third: These Continue Reading

Hot & Sweaty Emmie in the City


Phew. I am a hot, sweaty, puffed up mess right now! I'm on a trip with hubs' family in DC. Thought I was doing well on my exercise- really felt like I was getting back in shape. Then my back incident happened (sciatica) and I thought for sure I wouldn't be able to make it on this trip. A week in bed flat on my back.  Miraculously back calmed down a little and it has been the last of my worries here during my trip in DC. First: Family. I love Continue Reading

Weigh In: 7.20.09


I know I normally weigh on Thursdays, but since I'm about to embark on vacation tonight, I thought I'd hop on the scale to see how I've done so far this week. Start Date: 5.28.09 Week 1: -8 pounds Week 2: -2 pounds Week 3: 0 (boo!) Week 4: -5 pounds Week 5: -1 pound Week 6 : -5 pounds Week 7: -1 pound 1/2 week 8 (today):  -2 pounds 7 1/2 week total: -24 pounds!! :) Continue Reading

When I _____, I will _______.


I know all women, no matter how voluptuous or svelte, have felt this way before. Fill in those blanks with whatever you want: When I ___________, I will _____________. For example: When I get rich, I will take a fantastic vacation. When I get a new job, I will be more assertive. When I get married, I will stop buying so much Louis Vuitton. Inevitably I think these kind of statements revolve around 2 things: procrastination or Continue Reading