I always have liked clothes and accessories and such, but being a big girl, it’s hard to find things that fit and that are on trend. And I’m not a particularly trendy person, I like to think I dress more “classic” than “trendy.” Even since middle school I remember being complimented on having “nice” clothes, but never “hot” or “cute” or “sexy” or “trendy.”

I hinted towards some news the other day in a post, and that news (not earth-shattering, LOL) is that I’m starting a new job in a couple of weeks. I’m really looking forward to it, although it’s super tough to leave my current job. I’ll still stay connected with current job though, so no worries.

Anyway, with new job and the weight loss, I want new clothes. Even though I have a closet full of clothes from sizes 16-34, it’s just a few pieces of each, and none that make me feel as good as new clothes do. So, I bought the following items recently:

Womens Plus Sizes Eden Colorblock Dress

From: Kiyonna Clothing

Womens Plus Sizes Penelope Palazzo Pants

From: Kiyonna Clothing

Womens Plus Sizes Sidney Ruched Top

From: Kiyonna Clothing

Womens Plus Sizes Bellini Ballet Wrap

From: Kiyonna Clothing

Womens Plus Sizes Kenzie Cowl Neck Sweater

From: Kiyonna Clothing

Womens Plus Size Gayla Bentley Traditional Tunic

From: Marie Denee (this is what I’m pictured in from yesterdays Weigh-In!)

I’m looking for more suggestions on things to get. It’s hard because right now I’m in a 28, and many of the plus designers I like only go to a 22 or 24. Suggestions welcome!!! I’ll take pictures of everything when it comes in.

Disclosure: The Kiyonna links are affiliate links, however I have not been paid to promote these or any other items. If you’re curious about my links and ad policies, click here. It’s about transparency people!!