Thanksgiving Revelations

My tree

Some random observations about Thanksgiving/Christmas time. These wouldn't be thoughts a normal person wouldhave, I'm sure. But being that I'm on my Skinny Emmie journey, things are sticking out to me more. For the first time ever, I ate low carb for Thanksgiving. No stuffing, gravy, yeast rolls, pies, cakes or jellies. While the rest of hubs' family went to crash on the couch and go to sleep blaming it on the turkey, I washed all the dishes Continue Reading

BlogapaLOSEa: Complete


So, I think this was the last week of BlogapaLOSEa. I've been pretty bad about posting regular updates, but I don't think I'm the only one, so that makes me feel slightly better! I started BlogapaLOSEa on 9/5/09, and weighed yesterday, 11/27/09. Total weight loss was 21.2 pounds. I think the official end date was 11/23/09, but I completely forgot to weigh then. Part of BlogapaLOSEa was to post pictures, so here's the progress I made. I Continue Reading

Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Can I tell you how much I've MISSED you?!?! If you've read some of the previous posts or Twitter updates, you'll know that I was traveling for the past 3 weeks for a new job I have. I have completely missed the month of November! Traveling was great though, and the people I met and things I learned will really help me with the new job moving forward. I have so many things I want to share- stories to tell (fat Continue Reading

Weigh In | 11.15.09


I almost didn't get on the scale today. After 2 weeks of being on the road, I thought for sure I'd see a gain. I have been eating more carbs than usual (a little whole grain bread here, extra chili there, etc- still under 50 net carbs, but I'm usually under 20 net carbs) so I was scared to see the scale. Last time I weighed in a couple of weeks ago, I had goose-egged the weigh in. Losses have been slow lately, and I find myself getting Continue Reading

Update on Jet Plane…

So, after my freak out last night, some of you have shown concern- LOL. I'm not lying, I did have a good amount of anxiety this morning. I just sucked it up and dealt with it. I thought I'd give a quick update while I have Wi-Fi at Panera (grabbing a quick lunch) Flight 1: packed plane, small regional jet. Discreet flight attendant happily got me a seatbelt extender. I made it first to the row and had a few minutes to get my extender clipped, Continue Reading