Help Emmie Get Skinny!

EDIT: PAGE FOR "GET EMMIE SKINNY" IS HERE- CHECK OUT VIDEO, AND SEND TO FRIENDS! To get out of being bummed that The Biggest Loser didn't pick me for season 10, I want to create my own Biggest Loser or Ruby-type environment. What does this mean? Well, I do pretty good on food. My good friend Lizzie is a caterer and she does a fantastic job of helping me break out of the rut with low-carb deliciousness. I also can do pretty well myself in making Continue Reading

My Biggest Secret


Ok, so it's not really my biggest secret, although really, I don't have many secrets. I'm a typical blogger- an oversharer of personal information! The past few months I've been obsessed with The Biggest Loser. However, my obsession was not with watching the show, it was being ON the show. I shared this with very few people as to not get my hopes up. 3 months ago, I made a videotape and sent it in. 2 months ago I went to an open casting Continue Reading

Alter Ego

wedding hair

Yesterday, I was brutally honest and posted confessions of my junk food intake the past couple of weeks. I'm so glad people are responding to it and not throwing butter balls and ho-ho's at me. I mentioned that I went to Atlanta for work. When I was there, I saw a billboard for hair weaves. That got me thinking about extensions. I've always had short hair. The longest its ever been was for my wedding, and as soon as I got back from the Continue Reading

These are my confessions

Yes, I'm a Gleek. This Glee mashup is way better than Usher's version of the song. Usher's original makes me mad. Cheatin' fool. So these are my confessions: My head has been up my ass for a while I've been in a funky mood (as noted before) I've been eating crap, crap, crap I haven't exercised one iota The past couple of months, I've been maintaining. I'd eat a carby meal (not necessarily gorging) like oatmeal from Starbucks, a Continue Reading

The Lane Bryant Ad Controversy

So, I'm sure you've heard the news about FOX and ABC refusing to air the new TV spot for Lane Bryant's Cacique line of intimate apparel (the only bras and underwear I'll buy), featuring my wanna-be-body, Ashley Graham. The hubbub is that people say there are more risque things on these networks and they don't censor Victoria's Secret ads featuring lingire, so it MUST be because Ashley Graham is more voluptuous. I'm holding out on passing Continue Reading