Birthday Blahs

third birthday

I am so thankful to those of you who read this blog. I'm going to ask you for something. For my birthday, I would love if you could spread some Skinny Emmie love. Become a "fan" on Facebook, subscribe to Skinny Emmie in your feed reader, comment on posts you like, or follow me on Twitter. Tell your friends and family about the blog if you think they'd enjoy it. I'd be very thankful :) Monday is my 29th birthday. I guess it's the last year I can Continue Reading

Fat Camp Follies: Sneakin’ Around

This is another post in my long neglected "Fat Camp Follies" series. Other stories in the series include: Fat Camp Follies: A Primer Why Fat Camp? Arrival and Setting the Scenery 100 Shades of Red Pop Star I've always been safe. Square. No coloring outside the lines. No rocking the boat. You get the idea! The third year of fat camp, I was really feeling good about myself. I wasn't my thinnest (215 pounds- if you can even call Continue Reading