Biggest Loser Auditions

You guys remember how I made this bold deceleration that said I wasn't going to audition for The Biggest Loser anymore after getting so caught up in it last time? I had a brain fart. I saw that Biggest Loser auditions are coming up in Louisville, an easy 1 hour drive west from Lexington. In the past, I went to Nashville to audition. I got excited. I forgot why I didn't want to go through the process again. Trainer Rob had 10 reasons for me not Continue Reading

Bloodwork Results and Computer Fail

Sorry for no new post yesterday! I actually was producing 2 vlogs and also started a blog post when my computer gave me the blue screen of death. Defeated and tired, I sulked on to bed. I'll get some of the stuff back up later tonight. In the meantime, I wanted to quickly mention that I got bloodwork results back in yesterday from when I went to see the doctor about my pitting edema. Thankfully, my liver and kidneys are fine, however the Continue Reading

Huge: A show about fat camp


First off, a tip of my hat to my new readers who have found me through The Fat Girl's Guide to Living (one of my favorite blogs) today. So happy you're here! So maybe you've heard about this, or maybe not. There's a new series/special launching tonight on ABC Family called "Huge." And get this: it's about teenagers at FAT CAMP. Seriously guys- if you know me and have read ANY of my fat camp follies posts (all linked at the end of this post), Continue Reading

Old Habits Die Hard

Quick story from today: I went to the gym this morning, as I normally do on Sunday's. Sunday's are pretty quiet around the gym, especially during church time. I pull into the parking lot. Park somewhere in the middle. Start walking to the gym door. Realize there was a parking spot RIGHT IN FRONT that I could have taken. We're taking prime asphalt real estate here. I curse myself for not looking for the best parking Continue Reading

Watch me move

I went to the gym this morning for my 4th session with Trainer Rob. We took a few videos, and they inspired a little rant on a familiar topic- body image and weight perception. Check out my 1st video where I rant, and then the 2nd video where I exercise. Gratzi! Continue Reading