Fattie Gets Fit

Note: I originally wrote this post to be a guest post on someone elses blog. After thinking about it, I decided that MY blog is the right place to post it. I haven't ever flat out said my weight on the blog. I can't believe I'm about to post it, but you guys have taught me to be much more brave than I ever thought I could be, so here it goes. 455 pounds. That’s “Biggest Loser” big. Heck, it’s even OVER “Biggest Loser” big for some Continue Reading

Weigh In | 6.7.10

Quick post, running behind this morning. Hopped on the scale full of optimism for a decent weight loss after all the gym-ing I've been doing. Bubble burst, -1 down this week, for a total of -61. No worries, I'll keep plugging away and will try to keep my head up today. Good news is that I'm definitely not as sore as I was last night. Hope you guys have a great Monday! Continue Reading