Diet #FAIL: The Cabbage Soup Diet

mmm, cabbage

This is another post in my Diet #FAIL series where I talk about some of the diets I've been on during my lifetime. Join in and share your experiences! Surely you've heard of The Cabbage Soup Diet, right? Basically you eat cabbage soup ALL THE TIME, with a few select extras depending on the day of the week. Maybe one day you can eat fruit. Or another you can eat a potato. And another you might get *gasp* some meat. When I was about 12, my mom Continue Reading

Tuesday Update

As I posted last week, I am boycotting my weigh in this week. However, for the Plus Size Bloggers Summer 15 I need to post weekly. I'm allowed to miss 2 weigh ins between now and the end of the contest, so here's #1! Basically, the challenge is to lose 15 pounds between last Tuesday and September 7th. Who knows what's going to happen with my water weight between now and then. I guess we'll see how it goes. This morning, I went to the gym Continue Reading