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Rob Silver, Heartfit Lexington

Say hello to Rob!

Lots of things to blog about today! First, I have to announce a new Get Emmie Skinny sponsor. I am so geeked about this, it’s not even funny. Let’s give a big interwebz clap for Rob Silver of Heartfit Lexington – my new personal trainer! *applause* He’s now listed on the Get Emmie Skinny Sponsor page, and you can read more about him there.

Rob is putting me through one of his 12 week training programs which are heart-rate based. This means that instead of me following a prescribed workout routine designed for “anyone,” my training will be based entirely on MY heart rate. I know my fitness level is pretty rock bottom right now, so with Rob focusing on helping me increase my fitness, I am actually more excited than if the primary goal was only to lose weight. I will be able to feel and physically see (via my heart rate monitor) how much I’m progressing. Talk about motivation! Our first session is Saturday morning. Again, I’m geeked.

As 5:30pm approached, I was dreading going to the gym tonight. I knew that I was going to start training with Rob Saturday, so why did I need to go now? Thankfully, some Twitter friends kicked me in the butt and said I should go. I am a sucker for peer pressure. I wriggled into my Aquatard (laugh at the name, if you must) and 10 minutes later (because that’s how long it takes me to get IN the damn thing) I was ready to go:

I can't believe I'm posting this.

Someone tweeted about a 0 to 1 mile swimming program, and I was curious. Similar to Couch-to-5K, it’s a swimming endurance program. I was skeptical that I could finish the routine set out for week 1, which was as follows:

  • 4 X 100 meters, rest 12 breaths between 100s
  • 4 x 50 meters, rest 8 breaths between 50s
  • 4x 25 meters, rest 4 breaths between 25s
  • Total: 700 meters, or 0.43 of a mile

You know what? I did it!!! Did I take more than 12, 8 or 4 breaths between some of the sets? Heck yeah. Did I do about 100 meters of kickboarding only? Yep. But I did it. *happy dance* Know what else? I did an EXTRA 50 to cool down. So really, I did 0.466 of a mile! One of my 101 in 1001 days goals is to swim a 1/2 mile. It will be checked off my list before you know it!

When I was done, I had pruny fingers to show for it:

Someone said recently that you never regret going to the gym, you only regret NOT going. So. true.

And THEN, as I was driving home, I was surprised at a rainbow that looked like it was over my house. Great way to end the night! (Disclaimer: I am not always this damn happy-go-lucky. I’ll come back to earth sooner or later.)

  • http://themewithin.com TheMeWithin

    How AWESOME you are an inspiration to me! Keep it going girl! I am going for pruny fingers too!

  • http://themewithin.com TheMeWithin

    How AWESOME you are an inspiration to me! Keep it going girl! I am going for pruny fingers too!

  • http://fuckyoucookie.com/ Chris Pugh

    Congrats on the personal trainer — I'd love to be able to afford on but I just don't see it happening. Almost had to cancel my gym membership this week.

    I've really noticed the increase of my stamina because of all the exercising I've been doing, it really does help to get your heart rate up. I need to get a good monitor though.

    • http://www.authenticallyemmie.com skinnyemmie

      Thanks Chris. You're doing awesome with all your walking and exploring!

  • http://www.r3tta.com Retta

    I love Rob's heart-rate based training! I have been doing it for several weeks now and have seen a big difference in my overall health. Things like climbing stairs, doing yard work, etc. are even much easier. I'm losing weight along the way also but it is so nice to have that heart-rate number to focus on instead of the scale only. I'm glad he is his sponsoring you!

    • http://www.authenticallyemmie.com skinnyemmie

      This is so good to hear, Retta. I really think I'm more excited about being to go up stair without wheezing than losing more weight. Everyday activities are just too damn hard right now. If you ever want to get together to workout, you know how to reach me!!!

  • anne

    awwww enorphin high!

    • http://www.authenticallyemmie.com skinnyemmie

      I always thought endorphin's were bogus. Guess I was wrong.

  • http://bethebutterflies.blogspot.com/ Stephanie

    I love your blog! You are such a brave woman to post that pic, but you just rock on with your bad self!

    • http://www.authenticallyemmie.com skinnyemmie

      LOL- by “brave” you mean “batshit crazy” but I appreciate it :)

  • http://mayorofthebux.com Danielle

    I'm so glad you went! and I love your aquatard. I think you will love the personal training, I feel as though I get a lot of one on one during my bootcamp class and i think it really does help to have that attention. looking forward to hearing more about it.

    • http://www.authenticallyemmie.com skinnyemmie

      Thanks Danielle! I need to read more about your bootcamp program you're doing. It's so interesting hearing how different people get in shape in different ways.

  • http://twopoundsawk.com Meg

    Great job on the swimming! And I can't wait to hear what you think of your personal trainer and workouts.

  • http://www.hundredtenpounds.wordpress.com Lisa

    Good for you!! Swimming is by far my favorite sport. And it's such a great workout!

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  • angie

    Hey Emmee just wondering where did you get your swimsuit?? I would love to have soemthing like that.. You are doing great a real inspiration to me…

    • http://www.authenticallyemmie.com skinnyemmie

      Hi Angie! The aquatard is from junonia.com. They're kind of pricey, but really high quality and will last for ages.

  • http://www.themewithin.com The Me Within

    You know emmie I was thinking the rainbow is kinda like a present. It God saying how proud is of you.
    So cool!

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