Old Habits Die Hard

Quick story from today:

I went to the gym this morning, as I normally do on Sunday’s. Sunday’s are pretty quiet around the gym, especially during church time.

I pull into the parking lot.

Park somewhere in the middle.

Start walking to the gym door.

Realize there was a parking spot RIGHT IN FRONT that I could have taken. We’re taking prime asphalt real estate here.

I curse myself for not looking for the best parking spot.

Freeze in my tracks and start hilariously laughing.

I’m at the GYM. To move my ASS. And my fat girl mentality is that I screwed up by not parking as close to the front of the gym as possible. Because that extra 20 steps from my car to the coveted front spot is THAT HARD TO WALK.

I was laughing at myself. This silly habit I’ve had forever to find the best parking spot, and I just realized how silly that is. I have 2 good legs. I can walk. Walking is good for me.

I have a feeling that throughout this journey I’m going to keep finding these little habits that have contributed to my laziness and size over the years.

Can any of you relate to this?

  • debbidoesdinnerhealthy

    My husband drives me up a wall, he will spend forever trying to find a good parking spot. He acts like he is doing ME a favor! Half the time, I just get out and start walking while he continues to wait behind someone unloading 10,000 grocerys in the close parking space. Good for you for realizing it and being able to laugh at yourself!

  • http://diaryofcurvyjones.com CurvyJones

    *shrug* I have a burning rage over people who insist that parking 200 feet further away and walking to the front door is better for my health. It's like… an extra 100 feet. I'm not running a 5K to the front door. I just park. I find the first spot I can find and park. If it's close, cool. If not, fine. I'm not purposely parking a mile away from the front door because it's 'healthy' to walk.

    That said, I am so loopy sometimes that I just park anywhere, I don't care. And I wouldn't have even noticed that there was a closer spot!

  • Melissa

    This happened to me the other day. I was standing at the elevator right next to the stairs to go up to the level that my gym is at and as I got in and pushed 2 (as in floor 2) it occurs to me that it's kinda stupid that I'm going up in the elevator ONE floor when I have two perfectly good legs that could carry me up the flight of stairs right in front of my face!! Ummmm hello it's the perfect pre-workout warm-up. LOL…..I think I'll be having many of these realizations right along with you Emmie my dear.

  • meg

    Sigh…If I'm pulling up to a close spot and someone else is closing in on the same spot, I've found myself going to another one just to prove to that mystery skinny person in the other car that I'm NOT looking for the closest spot. You know, because a) they care what I'm doing b) I care what they're thinking (except, obviously, I do on some perverse level) and c) My driving another 50 feet would change anything they were thinking about me. Obv. I have issues. :)

  • Suzy

    Walking the extra bit to a further parking spot isn't my biggest trial. It's the wandering around like a dope while trying to remember WHERE I parked that gets me. O_o

  • SugarSweet

    Yes a little bit on days when I'm feeling lazy but otherwise no not really. I don't currently own a car so I just walk everywhere I need to go or go by public transport if it's really far. But say 20 minutes walk I would consider an easy distance :) Have you thought about how you could walk more in your daily life? I heard a comedian muse once over how people take their car to the gym and then use the elevator (or in some gyms there are apparently even escalators that you can use) just to then PAY for the opportunity to move their bodies… Hmmmm… sounds more than just a bit silly when you put it like that huh? Perhaps you could walk to the gym? Or if it's too far try challenge yourself to park as far away from the entrance as possible!

  • Heather

    Laughing because I can totally relate to this! My partner and I are in the habit of griping about our gym and the fact that the parking lot is always full. It takes 5 extra minutes to get to the Elliptical Machine where we will… um, walk for 35 minutes.

  • Kelly

    Good for you! I have some friends like that. If I'm driving and we are getting ready to park, they'll be like, “KELLY! Right there! You have to get that one. It is RIGHT in front of the store!” As if the spots 20 feet away are located in another dimension. :0)

  • Katdoesdiets

    It's funny when we catch ourselves in these things..it's like, well duh!

  • Brittany

    That is funny!

  • Lottifish

    Hi :)

    I found you through The Fat Girl's Guide To Living blog today and I just wanted to say that I've read a few of your posts and watched your videos…and now added you to my list of must-read blogs. You seem so sweet and funny, I love it!

    I'm 225lbs. and trying to lose weight….but of course it's a struggle and I'm trying to just enjoy my life at the same time.

    I'm looking forward to stopping by your site from now on. Keep up the great work!

  • http://goingfor96.wordpress.com/ Going For 96

    Hi Emmie. I found your blog through a myriad of twittery tweets. I'm a guy, but I wanted to tell you that your overall story, your blog, your confidence to talk about everything is very inspiring. It seems to motivate you to blog, to work out, to get better…and that in turn motivates me, the reader. I'm happy I found you in the blogosphere, and look forward to following your journey as I follow my own in hopes of losing 70 pounds. Best of luck, see you on the bloggytwittery weight loss internets. :)

  • Lorraine

    Jajaja… I can relate. My mom always says that if I could I'll bend my car and use it as a briefcase I would… Because I always try to get the closest parking spot I can find!