Sunday Ramblings

Hi friends, I’m still chewing on my whole body image/weight perception question from the other day. Have gotten a lot of great comments about the subject.

Lots of things I want to write about, but don’t have the energy today, so I’m going to keep you waiting 😉 Instead, ramblings for today:

  • Sweaty Emmie Sunday

    Had my 3rd session with Trainer Rob at Lexington Athletic Club on Saturday. Can we say butt kicked? But it a good way. Seriously. He was really pleased with my progress as I had to go noticeably faster and at higher incline to get my heart rate up to the proper levels. Even I could tell the difference in the way my body responded to the exercise. It’s the first time in this process that I have actually FELT like I KNOW I’m getting fit.

  • Worked out this morning (medium intensity) and have felt a little sluggish since then. My body is tired and my mind is tried. I have to get some work done today, so no rest for the weary! Bring on the coffee!
  • Happy Fathers Day to all the pops out there. I haven’t written about my dad much here before. He lives in Nebraska, and we don’t talk very much- no bad blood or anything, he’s just not the chatty-shoot-the-shit kind of person (and frankly, neither am I). I think it is cultural also- he’s from Hong Kong and the father/daughter relationship is just different than here in the US. Again, nothing bad at all, just different!
  • My leg swelling and water retention is getting a little better. Still having some issues, but I’m confident my body will sort it self out sooner or later. Not posting a weigh in tomorrow because of said issues.
  • Per Trainer Rob, adding 1 day of weight training to my 3 days of cardio this week (plus my 1 day with him, so 5 days total). Lord help me get my schedule together. Need to remember my PRIORITIES!
  • I updated my 101 in 1001 list- check it out! Knocked 3 things off, removed 1, and have another 2 scheduled to finish soon.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Hope you guys are having a great weekend!

  • Vicky

    I think another reason why people ofen perceive themselves to be bigger than they actually are is due to the whole binge cycle. I.e if you eat an excess of calories, even if it's 2,000 or 4,000, your body will stabilise any changes in weight to accommodate what has been eaten. And you would have to eat a hell of a lot of food to even begin to be as physically big as they see. But the person doesn't see this, they see the excess and multiply it tenfold in their head. So they think to themselves, where does all that excess go? How can I possibly burn all of that and not be an elephant? Logically it makes sense, but emotionally it's very, very hard. Especially when nothing you do feels like it's making a dent, or pushing you in the right direction. Effort in the face of futility, and who wants to feel like that?

    It's ironic though because all of this is so much bigger than size, proportion, weight.

  • debbidoesdinnerhealthy

    Great job on the exercise. You're doing great!

  • Big Girl Bombshell

    The Body Image – Perception thing takes a long time, Emmie. It did stir some things for me and I posted about it and referred to your post. I am finding if I exercise a small change in that area AND exercise a small change in my behaviors, my thoughts about my body, AND physical exercise, it seems to be changing more this time, then any other when I just focused on the scale….

  • Noel Depp

    Way to go on your list