Thankful Thursday


I get overwhelmed a lot. I have depression (treated) and anxiety and sometimes it just all rears its ugly head. Not to worry though, all is fine right now. I do have to say that I am CRAVING routine right now. Having been out of town 2 of the past 4 weeks and then playing catchup the remaining 2 of the 4 weeks has my head whirling. In years past, I could go with the flow a little more easy (but was never truly "carefree") but lately it's just Continue Reading

It’s Reversible


I know I talk about making choices all the time, but it's key in my current mindset, so I'm talking about them some more. You have been warned! I get frustrated with my body, with the weight, with my overall girth. I get frustrated with all the events that have led me to this point where it is a daily struggle to make the correct choice after choice after choice. Some days, the choices come easy. I feel great, energized, and deciding between Continue Reading

Video Inspiration

This video is EVERYWHERE on the blogosphere, but I'm putting it here as well. Because if you've seen it, you know you want to watch it again. And if you haven't seen it, I know you'll love it. The first 2 times I watched this, I teared up. While I'm not a runner and the person in the video (Ben) didn't have as much to lose as me, I still identify with the struggle. I battle depression and have hit rock bottom more than once. I'm also seeing Continue Reading

You don’t know me

wilted flower

I have been in a funk the past couple of days. Nothing major, just not feeling so peppy. Something that I experienced while I was traveling last week was insecurity. Insecurity on the airplanes, in meetings, etc. The thing about insecurity is that it all had to do with my weight, not with my abilities. You see, when I’m at my gym, I feel great. I see the same people there and they know that I’m regularly there working hard. When I’m at work Continue Reading

(Non) Weigh In | 9.27.10

Bang Bang Shrimp from Bonefish

I can happily say I've made it nearly 2 weeks without getting on the scale. Here's for steaming ahead for 2 more scale free weeks until my next weigh in! I'm still trying to focus on using things OTHER than the scale as my barometer of success since I need to remove the emotional weight I let the scale hold over me. This past week I was traveling for work Tuesday-Friday night. The Good: My legs didn't swell as bad as during previous trips, so Continue Reading