Skinny Emmie: Exposed

Yesterday, all through my tweet stream, I kept seeing all of these favorite bloggers of mine “exposed.” What the heck was this all about? What I saw was AMAZING.

They were all posting in response to the anniversary of the Exposed Movement, the brainchild of Mishe, who wanted to celebrate her body instead of tear it apart as we so often do.

A couple of days ago, I hated myself and my body. Sometimes, this journey of going from 455 pounds and unhealthy to somewhere at least 250 pounds lighter and fit is just too long to see the end of. All day at work, I noticed my muffin top, the big pores on my face, my legs feeling heavy. All because the scale showed me a number I didn’t like.

So looking at all these other amazing bloggers exposing themselves just made me proud. Proud to be in this community of wonderful people who support each other. Proud to be able to embrace my body as it is now, and not look at it as repulsive. I’ve had pictures up on my Progress page for a while now, but this new picture is all about celebrating the body I have right now, at this moment.  (Click “still hungry?” to see the full post if you’re viewing from the home page)

Today, I celebrate my body. This body serves me well every day and I must serve it well in return. It helped me be mobile, even at my highest weight of 455 pounds. It helped me get through one 5K, then another impromptu 5K. It gets stronger every day, and has not given up despite a short life of having gained and lost 50+ pounds at a time. It lets me shake my money maker when a good song comes on, and has just been an overall trooper.

So I celebrate my body, as it is now, and for what it will become.

  • The Real Curvy Jones

    I know there is a greater point here but your dog is ADORABLE.

    • skinnyemmie

      ROFL Dom- yes, she is adorable.

  • Debbie

    So proud of you! I’m giving you a virtual standing ovation. So take a bow, you deserve it.

    • skinnyemmie

      why thank you *bow* <3

  • MsGigglepuss

    How’d I miss this post earlier? I must be really behind in my reader and am all backwards! Anyways…

    I think you are awesome for taking part of this! You are fabulous for all that you do and accomplish. You inspire me so much.

    • skinnyemmie

      thank YOU for commenting and encouraging me.

  • Renée aka Pinky

    great exposed post, Emmie!

    • skinnyemmie

      thank you!

  • Tricia

    You are awesome! Keep up the good work!

    • skinnyemmie

      Thanks Tricia

  • Rita_TheGigglyBits

    Love it Emmie! Just incredible, love the brains, lol, that is fantastic

    • skinnyemmie

      My brains have helped me a lot. They tend to overcompensate for the body. Once the body catches up- WATCH OUT!!!

  • mnmspecial

    Wow 78 pounds gone, awesome job. I am so glad that you posted pictures because I don’t feel as embarrassed about posting my pictures next Monday. I thought I was the only one shaped like this. You are such an inspiration. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

    • skinnyemmie

      Thanks! If I can post pictures at 377 pounds, anyone can :)

  • PoP

    I love the exposed movement. I am following your progress and I want to egg you on. Your doing amazing. Keep going. And make sure youahve lots of mini goals so that the end goal is not your only focus…otherwise it will alwayas feel far away :)
    Keep up that fighting spirit :D

    • skinnyemmie

      thanks- yes, mini goals are important, and I probably should have those! Great reminder.

  • Treadmill Diaries

    Absolutely love this post.

    • skinnyemmie

      thank you :)

  • Fit Bee

    Great post! I admire your bravery!
    I am just learning about this exposed movement and it really is so inspiring! Thanks for your post

    • skinnyemmie

      Thanks! I love, love, love reading all of the Exposed posts and seeing pictures. Funny how we are our own worst critics, but when others look, they can find beauty.

  • Allison

    Love this!!! What an inspiration!!!

    • skinnyemmie

      thank you!

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  • Stephnms

    You rock, Emmie! Seriously! :)

  • Karen R Quick

    You go, girl!!! Even your pup looks super-proud of you!

  • Christy_TheSistherhood

    Smart, strong, encouraging, beautiful – YOU! I love your post so much, Emmie! Thank you so much for sharing your love for YOU with all of us.

  • Tirah

    I love this post so much Emmie. You are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  • Lissa_ShrinkingJeans

    This is such a beautiful post, Emmie! You are amazing and thank you for sharing yourself with us!

  • Anonymous

    you are beautiful! thank you so much for sharing this post with us!

  • Trish

    I agree such a beautiful post and person! You are amazing!

  • Trish

    I agree such a beautiful post and person! You are amazing!

  • BrookeNotOnADiet

    You’re simply beautiful and amazing!

    Welcome to the Exposed movement, rockstar! :)

  • Lisa_ShrinkingJeans

    First of all, I love your name! And I am so proud of you for exposing yourself, so very proud.

  • Kirsten

    I’m so glad you took this challenge! Your body has done great things and it looks like you are on a path of making your body stronger so it can continue to make you proud. WTG!

  • D…

    I certainly should take a leaf out of your book and be proud of what I have not lament how I abused my body. Fantastic approach to celebrate what it is and how strong you will make it! Love this post :-)

  • Anonymous

    What a great exposed post! Love it!

  • Anonymous

    You rock! Great post – So great to see all that you are accomplishing and the beautiful woman that you are!

  • Anonymous

    Emmie! You are absolutely amazing!! LOVE THIS!!


    I just love it….if you dont mind I think Ill steal this idea and take it right over to my blog!


  • Anonymous

    This is truly an awesome post! So proud of you for doing this…Wow! You have come such a long way!! You are amazing!!

  • Anonymous

    What an amazing post! So proud of you! Keep doing all of the fabulous things you ARE doing and celebrate your beauty!

  • Brooke F

    shake it girl! :) keep up all your amazing work!!!

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