I’ve been asked a few times in the past couple of weeks if I ever post my food and menus. The answer is “not really,” but I have a hard time putting into words the WHY behind it. Let’s explore into the deep depths (ha!) of my mind and just talk write this one out.

image via Christian Cable on Flickr

  1. I’m not good at planning. I don’t have set menus. I am just not that organized!
  2. It would be boring. I am a creature of habit, and tend to eat the same meal over and over for weeks at a time. If it tastes good and is easy to make, it goes on repeat. Remember spaghetti squash? Yeah, that went on for like 8 weeks. The Rocco macaroni and cheese went on for about 3 weeks. I’m currently on a cilantro rice and black beans kick. I had it for lunch and dinner today. And yesterday. And for dinner Sunday. I think I’ve had the same breakfast since mid January.
  3. I’m scared of criticism. I don’t want to put my food out for everyone to see for fear of criticism. People telling me I’m eating too many or too few calories, telling me to add in more protein, cut my starch, etc. Food is so personal and individual to each person, that I don’t want anyone telling me that I should do differently. I know myself- I will push back and rebel against what someone tells me to do.  It’s been a battle to get to this place of relative comfort and control with my food, and I don’t want to jeopardize that.
  4. One size does not fit all. I’m not a nutritionist by any means, and I certainly don’t always know what the hell I’m doing. The food and portions of food might work for me, but wouldn’t for others. So, to each their own!

Later this week, I’ll share my grocery list. My creature-of-habit ways mean I can recite the items in order as I pick them up in the store. It will give a good glimpse of what is constantly in my house.

Do you blog about your food? Why or why not?

  • Anna Walker

    I keep track of my own food on, just for ME. Nobody else knows what all I eat, not even my husband. It’s too personal, and sometimes embarrassing…

  • Miz

    Im so not good at planning—–Ive deemed THAT my plan!

  • Debbie

    I have shared some recipes that I use regularly, but that’s about it. I don’t really blog about my meals either & for pretty much the same reasons. I am also a creature of habit. Breakfast is oatmeal with cinnamon, apples & raisins, or fat free plain yogurt with apples & cinnamon. Lunch is also pretty standard. I’m sure that I would also rebel against suggestions & criticisms. That is one reason I don’t follow any set diet or program. Mentally, sometimes I’m still the fat little girl hearing “you don’t really need to eat that do you?” And the rebel in me replies, “you’re not the boss of me!”

  • Jeannie

    hey, i’m totally behind you! you should do whatever works for you. everyone’s different, and no one’s perfect. i’d never be able to survive on protein shakes or spinach banana smoothies. i like them at times, but we all gotta do what works for us. and mainly, what it is that we’re willing to stick to. looking forward to reading your grocery list! :)

  • Danielle

    I hear ya on all that. I just don’t need the “extra” thoughts on what I’m already doing. helpful intentions can sometimes have hurtful results.

  • Millie

    well technically I sort of blog about food- but it’s really more about finding new vegetarian recipes and it’s more about sharing whether or not I found them good. :-/

    I wouldn’t tell anyone what I ate every single day because like you said everyone is different AAAAND I would probably push back against people telling me what to do too! :)

  • Patty

    Really great points!
    I have a separate twitter account to tweet my meals for the purpose of journaling (I’m on WW) and my leader checks it out and gives me tips through out the week. I hate writing down what i eat but the value of it outweighs how much it annoys me. Like this week I learned my Dunkin Donuts “treat breakfast” for Saturdays was 16 PointsPlus, not 8 PointPlus like I thought. An eye opening fact from tracking food.

    Do what works for you! :) Great post!

  • Heather

    This morning for breakfast, I had chili cheese fries (weighed and calculated as accurately as humanly possible). About an hour ago, I had a snack of strawberries maybe another serving of chili cheese fries later. I have lost 81+lbs in 8 months (technically 7 months if you deduct the start stops for when I moved, the holidays, etc.)

    My goal i not deprivation, as angry as that may make those who feel I don’t eat enough nutritionally void lettuce, etc. My chill cheese fries contained 27 grams of protein that MY body needs. Besides, my journey this time around, for me, is developing a healthier relationship with the foods I like/love.

  • fuzzilla

    Yeah, it does get a little boring to read what people ate unless they have an interesting recipe or something. That said, I do enjoy the almost-daily food logs in this blog:

    She eats a lot of the same things over and over (like me – less complicated and less cooking), but I like that she takes pictures of everything to give you a sense of what a healthy plate looks like.

  • Marcie T

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one with that rebellious streak re: food. I am working toward the place where I can eat what I want and do so healthily, without a set “plan.” Thanks for sharing!

  • Mary (A Merry Life)

    I totally understand not wanting to post food for fear of criticism. I often post everything I eat in a day and while I don’t get a ton of criticism I’m often shocked by people who feel the need to insert their opinion. It’s silly. Food choices are personal and I think not to be criticized.

    I can’t understand eating the same thing that often though. I can usually handle eating something twice a week AT MOST, but die if it’s twice a day. I like variety and get bored eating the same thing.

  • Michelle

    I totally understand this post. I am also much a creature of habit – my breakfast varies between maybe two things. I eat the same lunch a LOT. While my I could eat the same over and over again, my husband can’t, so we have variety – and I post my recipes and the like. But what I actually eat daily? Nahhhh… you’ve figured out what works for you, andd that’s what matters. Patty sent me! :)