Where did the weekend go?

9pm rolled around tonight and I feel like I haven’t gotten anything accomplished that I wanted to this weekend! I had grand plans of spring cleaning the house, writing a bunch, getting some work done, and having a jumpstart on Monday. Unfortunately, the weekend went WAY too quickly, as they often do.

Yesterday, I got sucked into an HGTV watching spree. Now I remember why I decided to cut so much tv back- I am like a zombie who can’t part ways with it! I watched many House Hunters International episodes and some decorating shows, getting grand ideas for my house that I don’t need. Giant. Time. Suck. Thankfully, after watching all the TV, I got inspired enough to clean out my closet of winter items. I also found a few items I’m going to put on the Great Clothing Exchange site. Can’t wait to give these away next fall:

I woke up a little earlier this morning than Saturday (um, 11am), and went to the gym where I did my weight training and some cardio afterwards. My legs already hurt! I then ran (while sweaty and gross) to the grocery to pick up my food for the week. I can happily say that I made it through all 7 days of this meal plan, so I stocked up on more of the same items for next week. When I got home, pup and I went for a 2 mile walk around the neighborhood.

Not feeling too flabby at the gym today.

Also on my plan for this weekend that didn’t get done? Figure out my party dilemma. I really appreciated all the varying comments that you guys left it that post. Food for thought at its best (bad pun intended).

So- did you get what you wanted accomplished this weekend? Anything exciting on tap for this week?

  • http://yapsaboutweightloss.blogspot.com/ Denise

    I did get some of the things accomplished this weekend. We went to 1/2 priced books and sold 3 boxes of stuff. That was really cool.

    This week the exciting things are my Tai Chi class on Saturday and then a massage at Spencerian to celebrate my 10% weight loss.

  • http://adirtymartinikindofgirl.blogspot.com/ missmarisol

    Thanks for linking that site. I have a lot of clothes that no longer it (yay) and would like to exchange them for smaller sizes (double yay!).

    You are looking great my friend and congrats on your 7 day chip.

    I worked out 4 times this week which was my goal so I am very happy about that. I hope to continue on working out consistently especially since I have the time since I am unemployed at the moment. I hope the scale is nice to me tomorrow. :)

  • http://losinghalfmyweight.blogspot.com jayme @ losinghalfmyweight

    emmie! you look great!! i can totally see the change! go you!!

    and yay for the unproductive weekend. sometimes you just need to veg!

  • http://asmallloss.blogspot.com Mary

    The Great Clothing Exchange sounds like such a great idea! I just got rid of so many clothes.

  • http://www.quipwhit.wordpress.com Whitney

    Emily! You look so great! I can 100% see a huge change. Keep it up! :)

  • http://www.anna-walker.blogspot.com Anna

    Oh, I did absolutely nothing productive this weekend, unless you count baking with my sister. That produced Easter cookies, so I suppose that wasn’t a total waste…but the rest of my time was spent watching Stargate and knitting.

  • http://www.110pounds.com Lisa

    You’re looking pretty slender in that photo! GREAT job Em!

  • Debbi

    I took my first Zumba class and even though I was totally uncoordinated I moved! Even though I have been riding an exercise bike and doing elliptical, I was winded by song 2. I made it through the entire class and I was quite proud of myself. My goal for the week is to exercise at least 5 days and to take another Zumba class.

  • LHA

    Your weekend actually sounds pretty good to me! Sometimes we really do need to allow ourselves to do “nothing” …. or close to it. You have been working so hard on your half marathn training and then continuing your downward weight loss journey that maybe you just needed a break. We can’t be productive every minute!

    You look great, and it is an awesome accomplishment that you have lost even more weight. It is not easy to get back on plan after all of the stress of training so hard for the half marathon, so congratulations to you on that.

    My own weekends leave a lot to be desired right now because I usually have to work most of every weekend. When I am free again on weekends I can guarantee you that I will be sitting around wasting some time just because I am finally free to do it. Congratulations on a great accomplishment with the weight loss and thanks for an inspiring blog.

  • http://sammyk-musicalmaniac.blogspot.com Sammy K.

    I haven’t read your blog and seen your pics in probably two months because of my life but when I looked at your pic today, I didn’t recognize you at all. You look so different and absolutely fantastic! You go, girl!!

  • http://www.justonecupcake.com Lorraine

    OMG!! You look soo good! :)

    Congrats!! I love it!! Keep it up!!

  • http://adayinmynyc.com Patty

    You look great! This post just reminds me that I need to be more active!
    It’s a good reminder :)