4 Tips on Staying Positive

A few days ago, I asked if anyone had questions they wanted me to answer. You all have given me a lot to think about! If you have a question and haven’t asked it yet, simply post a comment at this link.

LyndawithaY asked: How do you stay so positive? Is it hard not to compare yourself with other smaller-sized women?

I had a lot of feelings about this because I’ve worked hard over the past year or so to cut out negativity. To hear all my feelings on the subject, watch this (long-winded) video. If you want the short version, check out the 4 tips to staying positive below.

  1. Accept the cards you’re dealt. By simply acknowledging and accepting the situation you’re in, you can better wrap your mind around where you are so you can figure out where to be.
  2. Accept and own your accomplishments thus far. For whatever reasons – modesty or otherwise – we are so quick to downplay our accomplishments. You have to own each accomplishment throughout the journey, no matter how small (one meal at a time) or large (losing 100 pounds). Remember the quote I posted last week: “Don’t compare your life to others – you have no idea what their journey is all about.”
  3. If you must have negativity, only allow it for a brief moment. It’s okay to have moments where you don’t feel okay, but set a timer if you find yourself with negative thoughts too often. Take 5 minutes to allow yourself to get those feelings out – cry, vent, etc – but as soon as that timer goes off, the thoughts must stop. Dwelling in that pool of negativity will do nothing to help move you forward.
  4. Surround yourself with positive people. Have you ever noticed that if you’re around people in a bad mood, you get in a bad mood also? When in Rome, do as the Romans do, right? Try to limit your time around negative people and spend more time around those in your life who radiate positivity. It is contagious!

What other things do you do to help maintain a positive attitude?

  • http://BrokenARanch.com Liz

    I am so glad I have found your blog… we are so similar in alot of ways its scary and its inspiring to see how you are handling some of the barriers I have yet to approach.

  • LHA

    Wow, this is a hard issue. Any obese person is constantly bombarded by images that relay positive messages about the young, the slim, the beautiful…..but the messages are so overwhelmingly negative about those who are not those things. It is hard not to take those negative thoughts and internalize them. I try to catch negative thoughts and shoo them away before they take hold. I try to replace them with a positive thought if possible. A problem I often have is feeling negative and blue about how far I have to go on this journey and how long it is taking. My positive thought on that is that for just this moment I am doing what I need to do, and obsessing about the future or the past is useless. I try to think of something I have accomplished recently and dwell on that instead. I don’t find this easy!

  • http://www.losinginthecity.com cassie

    one of the things that has been the most helpful to me in staying positive is blogging and the blogging community.. meeting people and talking to individuals who are in the same situation as you, helps to remind me that i’m not alone and i have support whether it’s my family or my blogging family..

  • http://www.samswlsjourney.blogspot.com Sam

    Love it!! You are so positive girlie! And now you are helping others stay that way too! What an inspiration!

  • http://takinglessspace.blogspot.com/ LyndawithaY

    Oh, thank you so much! For answering my question, for mentioning me, but even more importantly for your great advice and tips! It really means a lot to me and I have tagged this vlog for future reference. Keep up the great work, I KNOW you will!

    Thanks again! <3

  • http://thestruggle2011.blogspot.com Susana

    Hi there, :)

    That is actually great advice. Acceptance is a great first step and of course you should be proud on your accomplishments always.

    You’ll always have negative thoughts coming, but you can just observe them, maybe understand where they are coming from, and let them go.

    keep smiling,


  • http://adayinmynyc.com Patty

    I am so glad you posted this video! Ever since you put up that quote it is all I think about. My mood is better and I’m trying to figure out what works for me to get out of this 25 lbs weight loss plateau. I feel better about it and it doesn’t seem so gloomy. I don’t have any answers yet but with FitBloggin coming up I know inspiration is not far behind.

    Can’t wait to see you my dear friend! :)

  • http://gooddaytodiet.com teresa

    You’re such a natural speaker. It was so nice to listen to you. I love your four tips and will think about them this week.

  • http://www.impowermenow.com Evette

    Well said. These tips of yours are great! Adding these up to one’s self will really boost your optimism. I’m like this one. Great advice, really. Thank you much!