Stuck and Comfortable

Today, I weighed in and it was no surprise that I am still stuck at 343 pounds – 112 pounds lost. Incredibly stuck.

The thing about today is that I am not too upset about it.

Yes, I would like to be more consistent and drop weight quicker, but my body feels great. I go through these re-adjusting periods where the weight loss slows or stops and it’s like my body plays catch-up. I lost another dress size, and suddenly lost a shoe size. I’ve been social, had a great time at FitBloggin’, and have been doing exercise that I enjoy: Zumba and now Bikram. I’m walking the pup and still doing weights. I haven’t been eating out of control or binging.

It’s tough to be a non-losing weight loss blogger, but in my long term goal of becoming healthy and having a body that works for me, not against me – I’m making progress.

Here are my recent measurement changes, taken today. Over 63 inches lost total!

And here’s a picture from today. I feel good. I feel present in my body, and I feel strong.

I’ve come a long way. I have a long way to go. I won’t stop fighting.

Onward and downward! Here’s to the fight!

  • Jessica Holbrook

    I’m not a weight loss blogger but I can tell you that from the perspective of a reader, it’s fine (maybe even good) that you aren’t losing. If you lost EVERY week, I (and many other readers) would get discouraged when we didn’t lose and we might even give up our weight loss journey. But because you aren’t losing but are still sticking with it, it makes your journey that much more real and relatable. Kudos to you for the weight you’ve lost thus far and THANK YOU for continuing to share your journey!

    • Skinny Emmie

      thank you for your kindness, Jessica xo

  • Kenz @ All The Weigh

    First, you’re so gorgeous.

    Secondly, you really made me think when you’ve given me something to think about regarding our bodies and their need to re-adjust. I’ve been feeling like a failure in the last few days, but I think that feeling just changed. Thank you for that.

    Onward and downward…cheers!

    • Skinny Emmie

      First, you’re so gorgeous.
      Second, you are not a failure – not in the least. Sometimes our bodies just need to some time to figure out what the hell we’re trying to do to it!

  • Gail (@its_gail)

    I totally believe in that body readjustment phase, especially when you’ve already lost such an impressive amount of weight (both you and Kenlie!).

    I came to the conclusion that to get the scale to move, for me at least, I need to make myself a wee bit uncomfortable.

    • Skinny Emmie

      I like how you mentioned “uncomfortable” because that’s exactly how I feel when I’m pushing myself hard- you hit the nail on the head.
      And as a sidenote, I will never be able to see you without thinking of a fascinator LOL

  • Denise

    You are really looking good! I loved your recap after doing yoga.

    I really need to do my measurements again. I think it has been about 1 month since I took them.

    • Skinny Emmie

      thanks Denise! Measurements are so important for days like this (for me at least). Progress can be reflected in many ways, not just on that darn scale!

  • MB

    Congratulations on your amazing progress. I know the scale doesn’t always move as quickly as our efforts would warrant but it will catch up. Keep up the good work and remember slow and steady still gets you to the finish line. Rock on!

  • Bonnie

    Progress makes perfect….we are here to motivate you…..Keep it up girl your looking great!!!!!

  • Sophie @ threetimesf

    Well done for staying positive lovely, don’t let what you have already achieved fade in to nothing. You look amazing! Keep up the good work! 😀

  • teresa

    I have to ask, just how tall are you? I can not believe how good you look at 343 pounds!! And you do so much exercise. You’re amazing, an inspiration… all those things. But also, you do look great. I’m glad you feel good too.
    After already losing so much, I’m sure your body does just have to go through these phases.
    You’re a great example of living (and enjoying) your life while on this journey.

    • Skinny Emmie

      I get that question a lot, LOL. I’m 5’10 and a size 22/24.
      Thank you so much for the kind words!

  • cassie

    you look great.. keep doing what you are doing.. at the end of the day the only thing that matters is your happiness.. you are such an inspiration to so many, losing such a significant amount of weight is no easy task… congrats on being happy with YOU..

  • Brittany

    You are amazing, and worth all of the hard work you are putting into yourself. We have those slow weeks and months and that’s definitely frustrating. But don’t give up! You’re one of the people who has motivated me so much lately to get my batonky in gear! so thank you :) Love you!

    • Skinny Emmie

      hehe. You said “batonky” xo

  • suzanne

    You are looking amazing! Sometimes the body becomes stubborn but stick with it and it has to do what you want it to eventually!

  • Lynette

    Can’t remember how I stumbled upon your blog, but I just have to say how beautiful you are! You have done an amazing job so far…and the journey to health will be worth it so stick with it! The thing I see through your eyes is that you are a beautiful person on the inside, too. You are inspiring to so many. Keep up the great work! You are wonderful!!! My prediciton….you will be in a magazine one day….mark my words!

  • LHA

    Here is my question: How would you feel if you had no idea how much you weighed? From the sound of your post, you would feel just the same terrific way. That is the most amazing thing to me! A lot of us have a kind of love/hate/fear of the scale and it can dominate our every mood and make or break our self-esteem. One of the things I have had to learn to do is to stay off the darn thing. It is hard when I want and need that validation that I am doing well. It is so much better for me to be able to measure how I am feeling instead of how many pounds I have lost. I keep telling myself that if I do my part and eat well and am active the results will be there. I try to weigh no more than once a month, and I aspire to not weighing at all for a year! Thanks for a great blog….. and yes you look terrific!

  • Elise

    Hi! I’ve been following you since you came by The Debutante Ball, and I admire you more than I can possibly say. I’m someone with far too many body-image issues and a long history of mixing emotional stress and food in the worst ways. Far more than I crave washboard abs (and I do crave them… a lot), I crave being able to say “I feel good. I feel present in my body, and I feel strong.”

    Keep it up, and thank you so much for sharing your journey!!!!

  • Jenn

    You are an inspiration! I love your attitude. You’ve come so far and are still trucking away. I too have a long way to go. I always start, do great, hit a wall and give up. You haven’t given up though, you’re inspiring me to keep on keeping on with my journey.

    Thank you for all you do.

  • Patty

    My beautiful friend you look gorgeous & happy! That’s what life is all about! I love this post! Your amazing loss in inches has encouraged me to meausure myself tonight! I have no idea why I didn’t do this from the start but I guess better late than never! Congrats! xoxo

  • Ariana

    You look wonderful Emmie! Keep up the great work!

  • Testingtruechange

    Well done on the inches that is way more important than a number on the scale! You are looking wonderful and doing such a fantastic job, keep up the great work! 😀

  • Dominique

    I’m a new reader (in the last few weeks) and I must say…you look AMAZING! I really love your attitude and you’re such an inspiration to me. Keep up the great work! :)

  • Kerri O

    Nothing wrong with that!

  • Mayumi

    I’m a fairly new follower of your blog as well :) I appreciate this post very much. My husband and I have been feeling stuck in a weight loss plateau for a while. We also feel stuck in our workout routine and I find it so inspiring that you are trying new exercises including Bikram! I just got a Groupon for Unlimited Yoga (power yoga) and I’ve been nervous about using it. Your post is really encouraging me to finally use it :) Thank you and you look amazing!!

  • Lisa

    It’s easy for me to say “don’t get discouraged” but I remember how AWFUL plateaus were. I wanted to see PROGRESS! It’s frustrating, that’s for sure.

    How many calories do you eat a day? Are you eating a lot of processed foods? Have you considered swimming?

    I think you look great. In your recent photos I can totally see the change in you and you’re shrinking away. Keep at it!

  • TooBIG

    i think what you have done is remarkable and I’m glad your not beating yourself up about it. how we feel plays a big part of it. You could get upset and fall into bad habits.

  • missmarisol

    You look great Em!

  • Vanessa

    You are doing GREAT! The greatest thing is that you have not let the ups and downs discourage you. I am going through something similar right now. I lost 50 pounds and it was like smooth sailing. Then all of a sudden I started stalling … it took a while but I am learning to accept it and acknowledge how much better I feel now despite the number on the scale!

  • Danielle

    Lookin’ great lady!

  • Maia

    Wow. I don’t know a better word to describe it. You look absolutely fantastic and to see that side by side comparison? Wow.

    You seriously look amazing and have such a great outlook!! SO PROUD OF YOU!

  • Kett

    I adore those sandals in your first picture…and for the second picture…just WOW! That has given me a whole new level in inspiration, you look fantastic! I’m so glad that you show so many before and after pictures during your journey because it’s so hard to see all the Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers commercials where it’s from ‘worst’ to ‘best’….its much more inspiring to see even how much of a difference the in between time has changes, and makes trying to set reachable small goals much more potent. So even though I’ve probably said it before, just, thank you. Thank you so much for sharing your journey and providing much needed to those of us who are struggling with this same battle.

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  • Laurie

    I’m just starting my weight loss journey (again) and yep waiting for the inevitable plateau to come myself, getting encouragement from the numbers on the scale going down in the mean time but reading this helps put things in perspective. I should focus on being more fit instead. The progress pictures are an awesome idea, I think I’m going to do that myself.
    Thank you for your blog, it’s very inspiring. :)