Welcome New Readers!

Late last night, Brittany told me that my lil’ blog was listed in this post on Health.com of 4 Inspirational Weight Loss Blogs. I am beyond thrilled to be on the same list with Roni’s Weigh, Beth’s Journey and Learn Fitness, and grateful to Tina for including me on it.

Short version: I’m Emmie, a 30 year old living in Lexington, KY who is on an over 250 pound weight loss and fitness journey. So far, I’ve lost 112 pounds and recently finished my first half-marathon. The goal of “Skinny Emmie” isn’t to become THIN, it’s to become a healthy, happy version of my true self who is uninhibited by weight or fitness barriers.

You can find me frequently chatting on Facebook and Twitter and have recently started a plus size fashion blog, Emmie Loves.

If you want to stay around and check out more, here are some of my favorite posts to get you started:

Thanks for stopping by!

  • http://fatfatalefashion.blogspot.com Ariana

    Not a new reader, but just commenting on how wonderful you look and how inspirational this blog is! I love following your journey, Emmie! Keep up the great work :)

    • http://authenticallyemmie.com Skinny Emmie

      Thank you so much Ariana!

  • http://www.gamereviewwiki.com/bikinibirthday Samantha Angela

    I was so glad to see you on the list too! You are amazing girl!

    • http://authenticallyemmie.com Skinny Emmie

      Thanks so much Samantha!

  • http://wrappedinhappiness.com Sara

    Love your blog and have been reading for a good month or so now. :) Your site is wonderful and always look forward to your posts. Keep it up!

    • http://authenticallyemmie.com Skinny Emmie

      Thank you Sarah, I appreciate it!

  • http://www.nomorebacon.com Ryan @NoMoreBacon

    Very Cool Emmie! I’m sure you’re going to inspire a lot of people (you’ve already inspired me). You’re totally deserving of this recognition. GREAT JOB!

    • http://authenticallyemmie.com Skinny Emmie

      Thank you Ryan, I appreciate it!

  • http://weightingfor50.wordpress.com Roz

    Hi Emmie, I am a new reader, and am so glad to have found you. Congratulations on all you have achieved!!! Look forward to clicking on your favorite posts and getting to know you more. All the best.

    • http://authenticallyemmie.com Skinny Emmie

      Hi Roz, nice to meet you! Thanks for reading :)

  • http://bringingbeckyback.blogspot.com/ Becky

    You look fantastic! I love the new photo. I’ve been reading for a while, but have been a pretty silent observer. Thought I would take a minute to say that you’re doing amazing!!

    • http://authenticallyemmie.com Skinny Emmie

      Hooray for breaking the silence, Becky! Thanks for your kind words.

  • http://ahealthypassion.com kate

    congrats on your weight loss :) I live in lexington too!!

    • http://authenticallyemmie.com Skinny Emmie

      hi Kate! nice to meet a fellow lexingtonian!

  • http://spikebakes.tumblr.com Spike

    Just found your blog and love it!

    • http://authenticallyemmie.com Skinny Emmie

      Hi Spike, thanks!

  • http://www.journeytomarvelous.com Melissa @ Journey to Marvelous

    Congrats on this great recognition Emmie! You totally deserve the mention and I hope many more readers are able to find and be inspired by you like you have inspired all of us!

    • http://authenticallyemmie.com Skinny Emmie

      Thank you Melissa- you always say the kindest things! xo

  • http://healthyxdreaming.blogspot.com/ Grace @ Healthy Dreaming

    Congratulations! You deserve it!

    • http://authenticallyemmie.com Skinny Emmie

      Thank you Grace!

  • http://www.lessbrittmorelife.com Brittany

    Yay Emmie!!!!! I can not say again how proud i am of you! I’m inspired by you daily, and i’m so thankful for your friendship!!! LOVE YOU :)

  • http://www.getskinnywithit.com/devi Devi

    Congratulations Emmie! Seriously, how awesome is that??!! I know how much your writing has inspired me to keep pushing ahead. I’m so thrilled for your new readers that they now have a new source of inspiration too!

  • http://wealthshealth.blogspot.com Mac

    Your story looks amazing! Keep trucking towards the goals!

  • http://www.cancerinthecity.com sunshine

    That is awesome! Keep up the great work. Love your blog!

  • http://adayinmynyc.com Patty

    A well deserved honor! Congratulations! You know I love your blog and I love you too! :) So very happy for you!

  • http://www.dannywy.com Dan

    Good for you Emmie, you are an inspiration to many. Keep up the good work, I have found understanding temptation and limiting its power is the true key to lasting weight loss.