FitBloggin’ Local Nashville Recap

Phew, what a weekend! Went to Nashville Friday night and stayed with an old college friend, then met up with 5 other lovely FitBloggin‘ peeps for a good portion of the day. Drove back from Nashville yesterday evening and then spent today in Louisville with a friend and her boys. I love driving, but after 650 miles driven this weekend, not sure if I’m up for any more road trips in the immediate future!

Saturday morning we met at the Parthenon in Centennial Park. I first saw Emily, who I had met previously and find delightful (even without the name bias!). We then spotted Cammy, who hurt herself playing pickle ball (she had to explain what it was – I’ve never heard of such a thing!), so she was unable to walk. Emily and I did a 1 mile loop around the park, and then saw Jeremy and his wife Tina.

We headed to local spot Fido, which was so darn cute. Coffee and conversation ensued, and we gabbed about all sorts of things, as if we already knew each other forever. I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m meeting “virtual” friends in person, it always reminds me of a blind date. I get the jitters, wonder if my outfit is okay, wonder what we’ll talk about, if people will be who they present themselves to be… this group was just wonderful though. So easy to enjoy their company!

Jeremy and Tina at Fido

Tracy then joined us at Bosco’s for lunch, and we continued to gab and nosh on some very, very yummy food. For me, pizza with olive oil, pine nuts, sun dried tomatoes and chevre. And beer. It was a brewery, I needed to try the beer, right? :)

Em & Em

While waiting for Emily to take a picture of me and Cammy, I accidentally burped. Keeping it classy. This is me laughing in embarrassment, and Cammy laughing with me (not at me, right?!)

Cammy and Tracy

After we finished eating, we headed to my car, where I was wheeling and dealing Popchips, attune Mint Chocolate Probiotic Bars and Attune coupon packs to everyone. Actually, I dealt the attune Mint Chocolate Probiotic Bars from my purse, since I’d been carrying them all day to keep out of the heat. We originally were hoping for 20 bloggers to attend, so Popchips and Attune generously offered their yummies to keep us fed. I don’t think anyone minded that the extras were split among the rest of us :)

Hooray for Popchips!

Hurry up and take the photo before the attune Probiotic bars melt!

And finally, a group shot of all of us, thanks to Jeremy’s fancy-dancy camera with a timer:

L-R: Cammy, Emmie, Emily, Tracy, Tina, Jeremy

I think we all agreed that we must meet up again sometime. There were several people who had scheduling conflicts with the date, so hopefully next time we can have even MORE people! I believe there were some people near Cincinnati who wanted to meet up also, which I’m totally open to doing as I’m only an hour away!

Thank you to Popchips and Attune Foods for the nosh, and thank you to Cammy, Emily, Tracy, Tina, and Jeremy for an awesome time!

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  • Cammy@TippyToeDiet

    Thank you for all you did to pull it all togeter! And for carrying around the chocolate! :)

  • Diana P.

    Looks like you had fun! I had been hoping to come (I’m only 2 hrs away from Nashville), but we were visiting family in Chattanooga this weekend instead. :( Maybe next time!

  • Debbie

    Looks like you all had a great time.   How great that you could meet each other in real life.

  • Foodie McBody

    Yay! These local Fitbloggin meetups are such a great idea. I can’t wait for the next one!

  • Amber Surface

    I would love to go to a Cincinnati meetup! It looks like you all had a great time.