I made fire!

A friend told me that she made crock pot yogurt and that she was as excited as when Tom Hanks made fire in “Castaway”

As I’ve said before, I’m a lazy cook. Yes, I like to eat fancy things, but if I prepare food, it’s fast, easy and flavorful. Minimal cleanup.

I approached the yogurt-making with great hesitation and a deep sense of an impending epic fail.

I warmed up the milk, then cooled it to the proper temperature.

I then inoculated it with the cultures, then let it do its thing overnight. I poured it into a colander that had coffee filters over the holes so I could drain the whey to make it more of a Greek consistency. It looked like yogurt and smelled like yogurt!

After 6 hours of draining, the yogurt was complete! Look how thick and creamy! I did a little dance in the kitchen to celebrate. Thankfully, no photo evidence.

So hooray, I made fire yogurt! If you want to try (and you definitely should), the recipe is here. I’m mixing the yogurt with strawberries and pineapple (separately). I already have another batch in progress!

Also made this week? The less intimidating Taco Beans ala Krissie. Although when I was at the grocery, I completely forgot which beans I was supposed to get, so ended up with pintos, garbanzos and black. Random mix, but it was still good! This is going on my “must-make-weekly-because-I’m-lazy-and-it-tastes-good” list.

And to throw in a non-cooking-related random fact- I lost the 3 remaining pounds of my 5 pound gain from 2 weeks ago. Still at my magic number of 343, but hopeful that will change soon!

Tell me, what else am I missing out on? Remember friends, I’m very BASIC. Go!

  • Chetney

    How awesome! Thanks for the link! 

  • http://WillPhillips.org/ Will Phillips

    Heya Emmie, stumbled onto your blog through some other random blog-hopping. I’m rebooting my weight loss &
    blogging and am looking to connect with other weight loss blogging
    types (amazing how Google Reader can die out over two years).

    Gotta say, I *totally* understand the lazy, fast, easy cooking thing. I hate taking time to food prep, and so I think that’s one of my personal big hurdles in weight loss because I’ll just go hit the drive-thru if I don’t have grub prepped and ready to go.

    Smart thinkin! But, before I start rambling here, I like the blog. Drop on by and check mine out sometime
    at becoming.willphillips.org,

  • Samiam4eva06

    Thats crazy! I didn’t know you could make yogurt like that! Sounds good!

  • http://biggoalsforabiggirl.blogspot.com Heather

    I keep meaning to try to make yogurt and it hasn’t happened yet.  Maybe I’ll go for it this weekend.  Do you like hummus?  I never liked it until I tasted homemade hummus and it was the bomb.  Now I make my own all the time from this simple recipe:
    1 can chick peas (retain 1/4 c of juice)

    1/3 c Tahini

    Juice from 1 Lemon

    2T olive oil

    2 cloves minced garlic

    a pinch of salt (to taste)

    Put liquid ingredients at bottom of blender; slowly add chick peas
    until well-blended.

    • http://authenticallyemmie.com Skinny Emmie

      I love hummus! Never made it myself though. Perhaps I will get the courage – this sounds simple! Thank you

  • Rochelle

    Hmmm…you have presented a challenge because I can be an elaborate cook
    at times – but those recipes are usually more calorie laden and I too have been looking for some simpler fare.

    My go-to simple lunch is a whole wheat wrap smeared with a bit of
    hummus, goat cheese, mashed black beans (drained, rinsed and mashed),
    tomatoes, red onion and lettuce – sometimes I add a squirt of lemon
    juice, then roll it up and mmmmmm. You can heat the black beans &
    goat cheese first on the tortilla or it is good room temp too. It is
    fast and easy – and satisfying. Let me know if you end up trying it!


    • http://authenticallyemmie.com Skinny Emmie

      this sounds DELICIOUS. I used to hate goat cheese, but now I have a strange affinity for it. And you can’t go wrong with hummus and black beans! Adding to the grocery list – thanks so much

  • Jessica Lewis

    Easy & Delicious spicy chicken:
    1 can Peppers in Adobo Sauce
    1 package bone in chicken breasts
    Put in crock pot with 1-2 cups water, leave all day. remove chicken, discard bones, skin & peppers
    The chicken tastes delicious, and can be added to salad, eaten as is, put on sandwiches, whatever.

    • http://authenticallyemmie.com Skinny Emmie

      yum, this sounds great! Adding to my “must try” list for sure, thanks so much!

  • http://twitter.com/LisaEirene Lisa Eirene

    That’s so cool! I want to try this. I made my own sour cream once. It was cool.

  • Sweetie

    No longer stalled, yea!

  • http://runningonwords.wordpress.com/ Sarah S

    Oh wow, this is fortuitous!  I was telling my husband yesterday that I wanted to make my own yogurt and then I stumbled up on your blog by accident!  I’m so excited to go try this!

  • http://twitter.com/hippiefemme Amber Surface

    That’s so fantastic! I guess that’s why you were asking about buying cheesecloth.

    I made this a few nights ago, and it was delicious and easy:  http://www.food.com/recipe/easy-cheddar-egg-bake-124330

  • http://www.notsosuddenlysusan.com Suchabrunette

    I can’t imagine actually making yogurt, because I’m pretty sure I’d be gagging, but I am excited to try new recipes and these next few months I am hoping to try one new recipe every week or every other week.  I rarely cook so I’ll be checking here for ideas :) 

  • Jenniferdome

    Sounds easier than I would’ve expected! Good job!

  • http://twitter.com/MyFitCoach Jenn M.

    Wow, very interesting. Did not know you could do this.

  • http://twitter.com/MyFitCoach Jenn M.

    Wow, very interesting. Did not know you could do this.

  • Jennifer

    This has made me so happy!  I’ve always wanted to make yogurt but I was afraid for some reason.  I’ve been making it all week thanks to you!  We eat alot of yogurt so this is going to be a money saver for us.  Thanks Emmie!