Can you believe it’s JULY already? Oy, the year is flying by. Time to look at where I’ve been and where I want to go for the rest of the year. Reflecting back on the past 6 months, I’m not where I thought I’d be… but not in a bad way. Let’s reflect:

image taken by my friend Anne, who caught me primping

Top accomplishments I must remind myself about the first half of 2011:
  1. I finished a half marathon.
  2. I raised a lot of money for Parkinson’s research.
  3. I swam a mile.
  4. I tried something new: Bikram Yoga.
  5. I FEEL amazing.

Here are the top 5 posts (by traffic) from the first half of 2011. They’re a good reflection of progress physically and mentally.

  1. Weigh In 1/24/11: Ah, the week I hit 100 pounds lost
  2. 100 Pounds of Lessons: Coincidentally, the same week as the 100 pound weigh in!
  3. Half Marathon Recap
  4. Fativersary: Recalling the difference between an unhealthy 455 pounds to now.
  5. June 2011 Playlist: Maybe my taste in music isn’t so bad after all? LOL
Top things I want to do this 2nd half of 2011:
  1. Start seeing a registered dietician to help with my food choices/meal planning/bingeing past (appointment in the next 2 weeks)
  2. Continue my Bikram and do a structured weight training program – at least 8 weeks – varying from my cardio-heavy first 6 months of 2011
  3. Get my nagging ankle injury from the half marathon fixed (appointment with orthopedic doctor next week)
  4. Do a mudathlon (contingent upon ankle healing). As a girly-girl, I find the irony in this very funny.
  5. Push past this weight loss stall before I go nuts. I hate having number goals, but 35 pounds would put me past my lowest weight in a LONG time. Would be great to get there by the end of the year, but I know I’m making progress no matter what.

So what are you most thankful of for the first part of 2011? Would love if you would share some goals for the 2nd half of the year with me – we can do it – remember, we have an unlimited supply of the anytime reset!

  • Tiffany

    All weekend I was saying “I can’t believe it’s July already!”. I’m definitely not where I thought I would be (no real weight loss) but I did set a goal to run/walk at least 1 5K a month this year, and so far I’ve stuck to it! I also took 3 ballet classes this year so far, which was a huge fear because I thought I couldn’t do it because I was overweight. I’m enjoying proving myself wrong. :)

    cut out sugar and processed foods
    get back the gym at least 3x/week
    Run a 5k without walking

  • Brittany

    So proud of you!!! I’m moving to Austin and i’ve walked my first half-marathon!!!! 2 things that i never thought i would actually do! By the end of 2011, i’ll *HOPEFULLY* have walked 3 half-marathons and will be on my way down the scale!  I’ll be working on number goals, once i’m settled in Austin and figure out my plan! xo

  • gen sanders

    I’m most thankful for actually having the willpower to really start my weight loss journey and rebound from a lot of things that would have normally made me quit in this year (father hospitalized, long distance relationship, passed over for an amazing opportunity at work because of my size, various sicknesses). I’ve also been amazingly thankful for the amazing boyfriend I have and to have a mother and roommate who have both been supportive of my efforts without scolding me or doing the whole “are you SURE you want to eat that” lecture that so many well meaning friends and family tend to do but don’t realize it’s so condescending. 

    My goal is to get under 350 before the end of the year. I’ve had a lot
    of ups and downs with my weight loss and although its only like 25
    pounds away, I’m trying to keep my goals small so I get discouraged

    I made a halfhearted goal of “1 shirt size lost per gaming convention”
    and I go to conventions twice a year in October and February. Granted,
    crunching the numbers kind makes that a little ridiculous of a goal,
    especially seeing as how sizes vary so greatly from company to company,
    but I’m thinking 1 normal men’s t-shirt size per year isn’t too bad.
    Last October my men’s shirt size was 5x (with a little shirt stretching). I just put on a 4x shirt I
    bought at that convention as inspiration and wore it on July 4th. Had to
    stretch it out a little but not by much (and the boyfriend told me I
    was being paranoid but he has ‘fat girlfriend’ goggles on so I largely
    disregard his insights) , so I’m thinking maybe a 4x will be comfortable
    by October.

    So, hopefully! Would love to be under 300 by my 27th birthday in June 2012, so we shall see!

  • Kett

    I’m not sure why that posted with my real name from Google, but the post from Gen Sanders should have been with my blogspot login which is this one, Kett. Sorry about that!

  • Ariana

    I want to be a size 12 by the end of this year! I feel more motivated and dedicated than I ever have before to truly get healthy by exercising and eating right. I’m starting to be aware of just how good my body feels after a good workout and I find myself looking forward to it! Thanks for being an inspiration and keep doing what you’re doing :)

  • Amanda @FancyOatmeal

    I love this post!  Thank you so much for the inspiration.  It was exactly what I was looking for on a morning when I want to stay in my pajamas ALL day and drink coffee.  I shall be recreating this response in a new blog – and you are very much my inspiration and muse =)  THANK YOU!

  • Rebecca Bond

    I’m grateful for people like you who help keep me on track when I want to give up. I’m grateful that I’ve lost 35lbs and I’m going for a negative split on weight loss in 2011!

  • Alexia

    You did a half marathon?!  That’s so amazing to me!

  • Merrberruns

    Emmy you’re amazing! You’ve come so far over the last few months, I cant wait to see how far you go come christmas time!

  • Melissa

    This year I’m going to finish my first full marathon! (
    I love your half-marathon re-cap. I think we’ve all felt those range of emotions on a distance event. The challenge of getting through them is my absolute favorite part. I cannot wait til the marathon and am so glad to be training again. I’d love to be back in a size 8 or (better yet) a 6 by the end of it. But I am most excited about the 71 runs left between now and the marathon. You are so right about the journey being an amazing part.
    Also, Namaste and Lock your Knee from a fellow Bikram lover. I think the day I was able to extend my leg fully in Standing Head to Knee was a huge milestone for me. Bikram makes me feel so strong.
    Love the blog and your spirit.

  • Becky

    You’ve had a GREAT first half of the year.  I hope your ankle gets feeling better soon!!

  • slavetofashion

    I just discovered your blog, and I think I’m in love. Not creepy stalker love, but girly, admiration filled, inspirational love. I’m the biggest I’ve ever been, just got dumped by my boyfriend of 5.5 years and am finally ready to take control of my life. Your blog and your story is just the inspiration I need. I look forward to many more awesome posts!!

  • slavetofashion

    I just discovered your blog, and I think I’m in love. Not creepy stalker love, but girly, admiration filled, inspirational love. I’m the biggest I’ve ever been, just got dumped by my boyfriend of 5.5 years and am finally ready to take control of my life. Your blog and your story is just the inspiration I need. I look forward to many more awesome posts!!

  • MindaC

    Thanks for sharing your reflections! Very motivating :)

  • Lori

    I’m in the process of meeting with a RD next week is the appt!  I too need a meal plan & make better food choices – I’m hoping this is the answer that will propell this weight loss into action!  Best of luck – looking forward to hearing what your RD says!

  • Ryan @NoMoreBacon

    Wow! You’ve accomplished some pretty awesome things!

    I love that your putting the pen to paper on all of the things you want to do in the next half of the year too. Such a good idea!

    Guess I need to do a little bit more thinking about what my 2nd half of the year goals are…

  • Alan

    You are awesome!!! My goal?? Become a muscle head :-p

  • LHA

    I am thankful for a lot of things from the first half of this year.  First and foremost is the fact that I have gained more understanding of my food choices and how to make them better.  I am also grateful for a body that hasn’t let me down in spite of not always being treated kindly.  I really appreciate your blog and all of the inspiration it brings.  My goals are to continue to improve my food intake, concentrating more on the healthiest food choices I can make while maintaining moderation in eating.  Also….and this is the hardest for me…..more exercise!

  • Elisha Dew

    What I’m proud of so far? Actually starting, and then actually continuing. Mostly the continuing part, because that’s the hardest.

    My goals for the rest of the year? Run a 5k, do 10 actual push-ups, continue continuing, find ME. :)

  • Jen

    My fitness journey just started 3 weeks ago, but I already feel a bit better, a bit stronger. I’ve already gained more control over my urges to snack on unhealthy things, I can walk past the chips and sweets at the store without hesitating, I lift books at work during quiet times and do bicep curls and tricep extensions, and I’m riding my bike almost everyday!…I’m slowly getting there.

    My goals for the next half of the year is to MOVE MORE! I want to start jogging when the humidity calms down. I want to continue to be patient with slow progress, I want to be at the weight I was when I started high school 10 years ago, I want to be strong! More than anything I know that I can achieve this!

    Rock on, Emmie!

  • Kate

    I am very grateful for how much my health has improved from a year ago. My goal(s) for the next 6 months are as follows: complete my first race (a 5k) in September and to lose 50 pounds be December. I am wary to have a weight goal but I think its achievable.

  • Connie

    I survived my divorce and didn’t gain any weight in the first half of 2011.