Afraid to eat

I was at work today and 3pm hit. As the minutes ticked past, I realized how freaking hungry I was. I had a satisfying lunch at noon, but was really, overwhelmingly hungry by 3:15pm. I have a stash of about 5 Larabars at my desk to eat if I need them. Today, I was going straight from work to workout, and had planned on eating 1 Larabar right before leaving work. I thought to myself: "It's 3:15. You can't have a Larabar now and another one Continue Reading

Video: Workout 8.29.11

Happy happy happy! Orthopedist gave me the all-clear to get rid of the boot, so no more clunking around for me! Woot! Today is a new day 1. As I mentioned last night, I have just been in a funk, somewhere stuck in-between full on motivation and oh-my-gosh-I-can't-do-this. It's okay to inhabit the in-between space for a little bit, but at one point, you need to pull your head out of your ass and figure out where to go. So as you saw, I Continue Reading

I’m Back, Baby!

Friday after lunch with my friend Amber. Kiyonna top, Calvin Klein Jeans, Alesya bag

(Ok, so I was never really gone.) Over the past few weeks I've been bummed. Major bummed. Between having to wear the boot to my crazy inner ear infections and vertigo on top of a more hectic schedule, I was plumb worn out. The couple of weeks or so I really noticed lazy habits coming back to surface. I grabbed convenience foods, ate out more, didn't prepare nearly the number of meals I had been, wasn't getting enough protein, starting to Continue Reading

Quick and Dirty

Here's a quick and dirty post from me tonight in bullet point form, because that's all my brain is capable of handling right now. Literally EVERY TIME I turned the car on today, Lady Gaga's "You & I" was on the radio. Creepy. Good thing I love that song. The boot has come off. Well, not officially. You see, one of the 3 straps broke and it's not comfortable to wear it without it. I haven't had pain in my foot for over 2 weeks. So I took Continue Reading

Walk From Obesity


EDIT: 9/16/11 - This event is come up so quickly! PLEASE leave a comment here or email me at emmie (at) skinnyemmie (dot) com if you want to join me. I am putting together a dinner for Friday 10/1, and would love to nosh and chat with anyone in the area. If you want to walk, please join my team using the link below. I will send out details and such pre-event. Yay! I am really excited about this, so if there is an overabundance of exclamation Continue Reading