Workout Playlist August 2011

I make no claims to have good musical taste. In fact, I will fully admit that I was a card-carrying member of the New Kids on the Block fan club. People also have told me I have a little nasty hip hop affinity, which may be true. Basically, I like everything except super honky-tonk country and heavy metal (ironically, genres my husband LOVES).

I’ve built this playlist over the past couple of weeks while I sit and stew over the boot on my foot. I wish I could listen to music when I’m swimming laps, but for now, I’ll just have to keep singing in my head.

WARNING: Randomness and explicit lyrics in this workout playlist. Play at your own peril. Links are for iTunes (NOT affiliate links) or you can just listen to the entire playlist in the player below.

Group 1: Fun, basic happy songs that have a good beat.

Group 2: Getting a little less innocent.
Group 3: I’ve gone and lost my mind.

  • Lydia

    This reminds me that I really need some updating on my playlist. It’s funny how quickly I get burned out on terrible music (95% of my playlist is great for workout, horrible for actual listening)

  • Cassie LaFasto

    You say “card carrying member of New Kids On The Block fan club” like it’s a BAD thing, hehe! I died when they teamed up with Backstreet Boys and sang on Dancing With The Stars last year. I had the sheet set, the sleeping bag, an actual sweater with NKOTB knitted into it, and the Jordan Knight doll to name a few, LOL. So don’t be ashamed! And you have given me some new songs to go check out, for I am CONSTANTLY getting bored of my cardio playlists. Thanks!!!

    • skinnyemmie

      oh heck no girl! It’s not a bad thing to me, but completely know it’s not the height of musical genius! 

  • Carbie Girl

    Have you heard Karmins version of “Look at me now”?   She’s a BEAST with that song…  check it out when u get a chance :0)–l4  

  • Tammy

    I know most of the songs on your list, but not all.  I have satellite radio in my car, and I listen to a top 20 countdown on my way home from work.  My husband is always asking how I know these songs, and I tell him to listen to more than the 50s and 60s channels!  However, I do like country, too.  I have a thing for flamingos, so my favorite part of that song is “pink flamingos in the pool”!  

    Thanks for sharing your list!

  • skinnyemmie

    Dang, I just spent the past 30 minutes listening to a bunch of Karmin covers! Thanks for sharing!

  • Anonymous

    thanks for posting this! I’m a spin instructor and always looking for new songs.  these look fun

    • skinnyemmie

      Have you checked out Steady130 yet? They have awesome downloads of mashed up hits sorted by BPM. Some awesome songs for spin there – both for sprints and climbs.

      • Anonymous

        no, hadn’t seen it.  What a goldmine! thanks

      • Anonymous

        no, hadn’t seen it.  What a goldmine! thanks

  • TheDance Theorem

    “What a Feeling” from Flashdance by Irene Cara is such a nostalgic must for me. I listen to anything pop, but sometimes Metallica- The Unforgiven to give the final push to run that last mile, make that last push up. 
    I agree, Last Friday Night just sounds like college on-well- a typical Friday night.

  • Andie

    I can’t wait to get somewhere where I can listen – I have at least heard of some of these artists, but not all, and can’t say without listening whether I’ve heard any of the songs (and just not known the artist). I just did a workout playlist a couple of weeks ago, and it has made me want to work out more so I can program new play lists. Music has awesome power.

  • Erehwon

    Depending on what mp3 player you have, try .    I have a waterproof case and headphones for my nano from them that works like a charm that I use in the pool.  Thanks for posting your playlist.  Love the songs!