Note to self

It’s really late and I’m headed to bed, but wanted to write this little note as a reminder to myself.

Today, I had on my calendar that I needed to go to workout at 10am at J&M Strength and Conditioning. I knew I should go at 10am. Technically, I could go at the 2nd session at noon.

I hit snooze on my alarm 3 times today. I laid in bed staring at the ceiling while my brain worked out all the justifications not to get up.

I have a headache. Working out won’t make it better. (I really didn’t have a bad headache)

I should just lay here some more. I can just go at noon. (I knew I wasn’t going back to sleep, and knew that I would kick myself for not just going earlier.)

Oh look, I’ve laid here so long that I might be late if traffic is bad. (If it took me 40 minutes to get there… it normally takes 15-20.)

You get the point, right?

I had a millisecond of spark, so I rolled out of bed, threw on my clothes, grabbed my water and a Larabar to eat on the way.

Then I sat.

I sat in my car.

I didn’t turn the car on, I just sat there in zombie mode going through the same conversation I had while I was laying in bed.

I think I sat there for about 5 minutes. It’s like my psyche was trying to delay me enough to decide I would be late and to just go back inside and watch tv.

Another millisecond of spark happened and I finally left the garage… in my car, on the way to the gym.


As soon as I got there, I was like: “damn, I could have just slept through this – how dumb would that have been!?”

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Afterwards, I felt great. I rolled the windows down in my car and drove home, soaking in the fresh fall air. I got home, got showered, and got on with my day. Done and done.

The good mood and healthy planning led to more good decisions for the day:

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So I’m patting myself on the back tonight and feel great for finding the little spark I needed to do what I knew needed to be done.

Anyone else experience this lately? Any tricks on getting yourself to the gym when you don’t want to go?

  • Lydia

    I did the same thing, this morning. I woke up WAY late (like 9:45) and knew that I could get to the gym by 10 and be done in PLENTY of time before football started at noon. I lay there for about three minutes and then made myself get up, get dressed and get out the door – no pit stops in front of the computer, etc.

    The workout got done. As a trade off, I watched a whole heck of a lot of football, but the workout got done and that’s what counted.

    Same thing is on the agenda for tomorrow!

  • And_she_ran

    I don’t go to a gym but I do get this with some exercise… Especially Strength Training… Errrghhhhh… Why can’t I just make muscles while I sleep?? When I am feeling ‘less than motivated’ I put myself on auto-pilot. Brain off, work out clothes on and just get to it. I know it will end eventually and I will feel a whole lot better once it’s done :)
    Enjoy your pat on the back, it’s well deserved!

  • Jules

    My little trick was to acknowledge that finding the time to get to the gym with my daughter’s school schedule, work schedule, my online classes at night, and other family obligations, seemed to always run into not only the gamut of excuses but  juggling priorities. So, tonight there is a new to me elliptical, that I put in the garage, and checked out treadmills on craigslist to add to the spot.   in the garage where it is seen when I feed the cats or put a load of laundry in… I have to face the excuses head on and tell myself even 10 minutes in the AM and ten minutes at night is doable. 

  • Lara @TresLaLa

    I had the exact same conversation with myself this morning.  The only thing that got me out of bed, and able to forget my “headache” was how great it would feel to be done!  That, and I was doing some final training for my triathlon next weekend, and I’d rather not drown… So, I’ve got that going for me…

  • Sarah @ Run Sqrl, Run

    Usually when this happens, I ask myself if I’m being a wimp or if I’m genuinely exhausted. Normally I’m just being a wimp so I tell my boyfriend as much. He reminds me that I always feel so much better after I go, even when I have a headache. I usually pout all the way to the gym but when I get there and do the workout, I feel just like you did on the way home from the gym yesterday. :)

  • Erin Weems

    I Know that feeling, I’ve had it many times and it almost always lead to me stopping working out altogether for a while. Motivation is one of the hardest and longest hurdles to jump to be healthy and you jumped it with flying colors. congrats :)

  • Tab Boren-Morgan

    I go to the gym with my husband so If I really dont feel like it I keep it to myself because I know once I get there and get warmed up I will love it. Fast Forward 6 months later it has become addictive. My body craves the exercise and I love the feeling of power it is like a natural high…endorphins kicking in. My husband and I have different workout plans so It is my ME time. I do 40 minutes cardio first because that is what I hate…I tell myself things like…dig deep you can do this…dont let the fat win…5 more minutes….suck it up…this will be the last time you have to do this( till tomorrow but SHHHH!! dont tell self that part)……got to earn that pedicure… then I strength train for an hour to hour and half(which I love by the way) then a little light yoga according to if I am sore or not from yesterdays workout. I know it isnt easy but anything worth having isnt easy. If building muscle to get toned and loss fat were a breeze every body would be doing it. For me I know I will never be a size 2 I am built different(endomorph body type-not sure if that is spelled right) but I love the way my body is shaping up and I TRY not to pick myself apart but I am human and I have good days and bad days and sometimes I want to take a hammer to the scales. But I go back and look at my pics from last year and the fact that some people dont even recognize me now!LOL! love that!! Mostly I agonize over the loose skin but I know things take time. But overall I am extremely happy with the way I look and feel . My weight loss to date 133 lbs..lost 2 lbs this week and for once in my life I weigh less than my husband!!*smile* high five myself!!  Keep on pushing forward girl your doing GREAT!!!!!

  • Devi @

    I’ve been having a similar conversation with my self for a few weeks now. You just inspired me to get off my a$$ and hit the gym!

  • Christine

    I’m terrible when it comes to having to get my daily workout in. That voice that will talk to me nonstop in order for me to justify NOT going to the gym! I have to remind myself, that once done, I always feel absolutely great!

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