Searching for peace

The more I share, the more I find people who seem to find some value in what I am saying. While that’s great, what you all help me most with is realizing that I’m not the only one out there that feels this way.

This week, I’ve struggled with peace. If you’ve read my blog before, you might have read about my anxiety and depression. This week, it wasn’t so much that either were out of hand, it was just that my mind was misfiring. My stress responses were up – everything seemed like such a big deal, yet some weeks these same things would have not caused any stress. My sleep was poor (which isn’t anything new, but this week I felt it more). This resulted in just feeling overwhelmed.

My mind likes to work non-stop, and just goes on and on and on until I’ve got a headache at all of the ideas or yelling that my brain is doing. This week, it was shouting at me for some reason.

Some of you read my guest post over at MizFit’s blog, and it sounded so clear and focused. It was written in a moment of clarity a few weeks ago, and even though I wrote it, I read it today with very different lenses on – the lenses of someone unsure, unconfident, tired and emotionally drained. I didn’t make poor eating or exercise decisions this week, so no worries there, but my restless mind created discourse in my brain.

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I am rambling because I realize that you can’t have it one way or the other all the time. There are peaks and valleys. While the stress I write of here on this particular day isn’t directly tied to weight loss, it is so similar. No 2 days or even 2 hours might be perfect. The struggle to make everything perfect is something that is a losing battle.

So tonight, I’m going to sleep hoping to wake up tomorrow with a little less noise in my head, and the feeling of peace, not the struggle for perfection.

  • Julie

    Roses on your pillow Emmie!

  • PlumPetals

    I can totally relate to what you’re saying and went through something ,a href=’’>similar just a few days ago. Sometimes things seem so easy, straight-forward, and clear … and then everything gets fuzzy again. I wish I could hold on to those moments of clarity for longer and not be so schizophrenic with my thoughts. 
    I hope you had a restful night and feel calmer and more centered in the morning. 

  • Lydia

    Oh, man. It’s like you really did read my mind and see that I needed to read this. Funnily enough, I’m feeling like the while diet and exercise rigamarole is the ready part lately.

  • erinsgobragh

    I am living through the most stressful time in my life right now and find it very hard to reach any sort of peace. Hoping that in a few months things will be better and I can be truly happy again.

  • Tara from Born This Weigh

    I hope you find the peace you are looking for girlie. I also struggle with depression and anxiety and sometimes I have to remind myself to just relax. It’s really hard sometimes. <3

  • Laurie

    I’m sorry you are having such distress. I absolutely LOVE that quote.
    I hope today was a better day.

  • Sarah

    I can absolutely relate to this post. Often I find it’s my ‘struggling for perfection’ that is causing me to feel like this. Hope you feel calmer soon!

  • Lara @TresLaLa

    I vacillate between calmness and calamity on any given day.  Just depends on what time you ask…  I think it’s completely normal, and makes me feel better knowing that I’m not the only one!

  • Lisa

    I struggle with the same anxieties Emily.  My mind never stops either an it’s starting to take it’s toll as well. 

  • Allyson Bunker

    I have a brain that is “speedy” as one doc has called it.  The things they usually say to do are depth breathing and meditation techniques.