Wide Calf Boots

Oh boots. Knee-high boots. I have lusted over boots my entire life. (Well, at least since they’ve been in fashion.)

Enter my monster calves. Call them “oversized,” or “athletic,” or “plus sized” – they’re large and standard calf-widths will not fit.

First, I tried these thigh-high boots from Lane Bryant. I already have some black knee-high boots, but liked that these were flat and would be a little higher. Massive fail. I think it was about a 17″ circumference on a size 11W. Back to the store they went.

Next, I ordered these boots from SimplyBe. They were in-between camel and brown, which was the color I was looking for. SimplyBe has cute stuff, but they’re based in the UK, which meant shipping took a while. As you can see, I could zip them, but had spillage at the top of the calves. Not a cute look, nor was the lack of circulation comfortable. Back across the pond they went. Such a shame because the price was good, color was nice, and they would have been really comfortable on the feet.

For try number 3, I ordered these boots from Jessica London. I loved the camel color and buckle detail on the sides. I should have known that at $40, the price was too good for them to be true, and they arrived a full width narrower and a full width smaller than expected. The calf was around 17.5 inches, which of course, didn’t fit me. Strike three.

For try 4, I bit the bullet and went back to my old standby of Zappos. They have never failed me, and the fact that I get the shoes the next day is ridiculously satisfying. Free returns also, which was good considering the returns I already had to make in my wide calf boot search.

I have my black knee-high boots (shown in this post) from Zappos, which are rsvp brand. They’re big enough to wear over jeans, and even after 1 year of owning them, they’ve held up pretty well. Perhaps Zappos could pull another win out for me? I finally settled on ordering the Fitzwell Bit with an extra wide calf in dark brown. I was a little disappointed they didn’t have any in a lighter camel color, but at this point, I just wanted something to fit.


Seriously. They are real leather (unlike all the other boots I tried), are made beautifully, fit my calves with room to spare, and are super comfortable. I’ve pranced around in them the past 3 days straight with no foot pain. Plus, they make me feel extra sassy. I can’t find my tape measure, but I’m guessing it’s about a 20″ calf. Here they are with my outfit from yesterday.

Cardigan: Old Navy
Skinny Jeans: Seven7 from Ebay
Tank: Essential Stretch Camisole from Kiyonna
Sunglasses: Fendi from Bluefly
Necklace: Old Navy
Boots: Fitzwell Bit from Zappos 
Bag: Alesya Bag in Equestrian Tan

Have you found some great wide calf boots this year? Share your finds!

  • http://www.plusshe.com Moe

    It definitely takes some work to find the perfect pair of boots. ;)

    • skinnyem

      it’s exhausting!

  • http://thelafastos.blogspot.com Cassie LaFasto

    I have the same issue with wide calves and struggle to find boots, and this year I was in the market for brown boots, too! I was glad to see I wasn’t the only one going through the madness of boot shopping! But like you, I found some! Mine are Aerosoles, and they have the cutest little calf extension detail, another zipper behind the regular long zipper that zips if you don’t need the extra fabric, but looks just like a cute little detail if you do need them unzipped. I LOVE them, and they are so cute. They have a slight heel, but just barely, and they just look like a cute little riding boot. I’m so glad you found your brown boots for the season too! Here’s a picture, though it’s not the best:

    • skinnyem

      ooh, so cute! Off to look at more Aerosoles – I have some pumps from them and like them. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Lauren

    Torrid! I have amazing knee high boots from them, can’t find a link right now but they’re easy to find on their site. Bummed to hear about the Jessica London pair :( I just ordered them yesterday, and my calves are at least 19″…oh well, c’est la vie!

  • http://sorryaboutyourweight.blogspot.com Amber Michelle

    I’m super jealous! I almost burst into tears at Lane Bryant last week trying to find boots that fit. It doesn’t help that I wear a 7 and have to order online. Even Lane Bryant’s widest calf in a size 7 is 17″, and I need closer to 19″.

    I ordered a pair through Amazon (even though I wish I could afford those incredible Fitzwell boots!). They’re supposed to arrive tomorrow. I’ll report back on how they fit! If they don’t fit, I might actually cry.

    • http://sorryaboutyourweight.blogspot.com Amber Michelle

      Updated: they fit! I bought Ros Hommerson Women’s Shaft Boot through Amazon, and they fit! I even have room to zip them over jeans. I had to order them a half size up to be able to get the incredible discount and to get them through Amazon Prime (free, two-day shipping), so they’re slightly big. However, I’ll wear them with thick socks so my toes don’t get cold this winter anyway. Yay!

  • Yicke

    Nice boots!

    Personally, I’m a huge Duo-boots lover (duoboots.com).

    Goregeous boots, all real leather or suede, you order by calf width, and for me they always fit! I own about 7 pairs allready and they keep looking very, very good throughout the years!

    • skinnyem

      I LOVE Duo boots, but the ones I wanted were approaching the $300 range and I had to scale back.

  • Carrie

    I love the boots I bought from Torrid- they’re much nicer in person than in the photo. The material is supple, so even though they aren’t leather, they feel like they are. The heel isn’t too high, so I can wear them all day. They fit at least an 18″ calf, with room for more due to the stretch panel. I can wear them with skinny jeans or skirts/dresses. Highly recommend! http://www.torrid.com/torrid/Shoes/Boots//Lulu+Cognac+Knee-High+Boot+Wide+Width-587873.jsp

    • skinnyem

      those are super cute! I’m hesitant at a 3 inch heel, but might try them…

  • Myla

    Aww, sorry the Jessica London boots didn’t work out! I also bought a pair of dark brown riding boots from JL last week and I’m not happy with them, so I’ll need to send them back. They must have changed their sizing because I have a black pair from last year that still fit great. I’d hate to pay more for boots on Zappos because in the back of my mind I always think “Well, MAYBE they’ll be too big for me to wear next year…”

  • http://successalongtheweigh.blogspot.com/ The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh

    I cannot wait for the day I can wear boots/booties. My calves are one of the banes of my existence. It feels like I NEVER lose from that area (and I have the measurements to prove it!), I just pray by the time I do they’re not horrible out of style.

  • http://sashalosesit.com Sasha

    *happy dance*

    I *just* posted a few days ago about a rather embarrassing boot-shopping incident (http://sashalosesit.com/2011/10/20/crisis-of-confidence/). I had never tried to buy tall, styley boots, but I’ve been trying to step out of my comfort zone and start dressing with attitude. Can’t wait to follow up on the links here!! And I will be keeping an eye out for free return policies :)

  • http://www.nikkianne.wordpress.com nikkianne

    I have never found a pair! You are giving me hope though!

  • http://Buffalopeach.com Sarah

    I ordered the http://zapp.me/7578588 boots after reading your review. I have been in search of good boots and I was giving up hope after I previous failed attempt. Now thought I can say I love love love love these boots. I am currently wearing them around the house in my gym clothes because I found them at my door when I got home tonight. Yay.

    • skinnyem

      YAY! I’m so glad you love them as much as I do. They’re amazing

  • http://Www.lifeandstyleofjessica.com Jessica Kane

    And I share my 20″ calf boot finds! Check my blog :)
    Xoxo jess { http://www.lifeandstyleofjessica.com }

  • http://mynameislaurie.com laurie

    omg! i’ve yet to find some boots to fit my big ol’ calves! thanks for all links though! I’m definitely gonna check them all out!

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  • Denise

    I just found your blog today, and am in love! I’ve been looking for awhile for a good fashion blog that mirrors my body type. On another note… are these boots still available online? I have been searching for a pair of dark brown tall boots that will fit around my calve for a while. Thanks and your site is wonderul! cheers!