New Line: AdoraOm Activewear

Since I am a weight loss blogger, I have written a lot about the complete lack of decent plus size activewear. I’ve got half of a walk in closet full of workout clothes, and within it is only 2 pair of pants I really like (1 Old Navy and 1 Taffy Activewear), 2 t-shirts that aren’t made any more (from Lands End), and 2 tanks (1 Danskin and 1 Taffy Activewear) when I feel like I can bear my arms. The rest are ill-fitting pants that don’t stay put in the waist, t-shirts that are either too square or too short, and lots of race tees that only go to XL. Imagine my complete optimism when I heard that a new plus size activewear line was coming, called AdoraOm.

Here is a recap of all the plus size activewear posts I’ve done:

They launched a couple of weeks back, and I love some of the pieces. These are on my wish list right now:

 1. “I Rock” Babydoll, $73. I love the look of this. My only concern is that the straps in the back criss cross, which means my ENELL bra will be way exposed.

2. “Make My Day” tee, $69. Not a huge fan of all the colorblock stuff, but if the material is right and the fit is good, I’d wear them every workout.

3. “All About Me long pant“, $98. Again with the colorblock, but hopefully my top would be long enough to cover this.

4. “I’m Outta Here” jacket, $119. A full zip jacket WITH thumbholes? Seriously rocks my socks.

If Santa is good to me, perhaps you’ll see me rocking these in my next workout recap video. AdoraOm comes in US sizes 14-24. As with all plus lines, I wish they would consider expanding beyond a 24. I first started working out at a size 32.

What are your thoughts about AdoraOm?

  • Myla

    I work out in yoga pants from Old Navy and I love them, especially with their $20 price tag. I just cannot bring myself to pay AdoraOm’s prices. $98 for a pair of workout pants? No thanks. It frustrates me that “cute” plus size workout clothes have to cost so much, while average size girls can find a cute fulloutfit at Target for less than $50.

    • skinnyem

      I hear you Myla. I would love just a few staple pieces that fit really, really well. Sort of along the lines of Lululemon or Athleta. But totally know what you mean.

  • Lydia

    I had REALLY great luck at TJMaxx, today. Granted, I’m in an XL pant, right now, so that is a bit easier to find. I got a pair of UnderArmour coldgear pants for $20 (reg. $50). I also got a pair of Nike running tights for $20ish (reg. $50ish). In the most awesome find of the day, though, was a $4 fuel/hydration belt.

    I was disappointed that the awesome, colorful Nike running jackets were all sold out of the XL size, though. There were a PLETHORA of XXLs and 3Xls.

    I have a feeling I’ll be a Maxxinista when it comes to workout gear in the future!

    • skinnyem

      1. I can’t believe you’re doing Run the Bluegrass. So excited for you. If I can miraculously fix my ankle I injured from last years race, I want to do it again.
      2. Which TJ Maxx do you go to? The one on Regency always gives me fits and I really don’t like it – I can’t ever find stuff there.

      • Lydia

        1. I can’t believe I’m doing it, either. I’ll believe it when I’m huffing and puffing up the hills on Old Frankfort Pike!

        2. They just opened a TJMaxx here in my town. I am NOT a good shopper even in normal stores, so TJMaxx and Marshall’s and the like make me want to tear my hair out. However, this one is new and clean and not as busy as the ones in Lex.

  • Nina

    I feel like 24 is seriously my new “goal” size. Right now I am stuck at 26/345lb! (Which is actually a good thing … as I was also in the land of 32 … and sometimes I think I willed the 32s to work … because there was no other option.)

    I also am not sure what 24 means … because when you get into actual designer clothing sizes are so screwed up. Like when they say 24 do they really mean 20? I am a super pear … so I am thinking I might be able to experiment with size 24 dresses soon?

    As more designers expand into plus, there are so many more lusty things out there to get … but yeah it’s sad when you still feel limited by the options!

    I do think that a 22/24 is so much more doable than a 6 – as the holy grail of awesome! (And for those of us who have gone to our upper limits seeing this number as “success” is in a weird way soooo much healthier.) It’s good motivation to strive for being all GabbiFresh and hot and healthy at every size …

    I do love all of this because finally you can actually see beautiful women of all sizes everywhere, wearing awesome clothing. It’s really changed a lot in the last few years.

  • Denise @ Do you have that in my size???

    Any way you could get them to send you a top and pants to try, Emmie? I’m worried because the size chart says the size 22/24 pants only go to 44 inches in the waist and my waist is, um, just a little larger than that. But I’m wondering how much stretch they have, you know? And since you’re my source of all truth in the plus size fashion world, I thought maybe you could help. :)