Celebrate 2011: Trying New Things

About Celebrate 2011: This year has been full of ups and downs for me. In January, I certainly didn’t think I’d have health issues and then end up losing less than 20 pounds in the year. It seriously, seriously had me down in the dumps the past few months. Instead of focusing on the pounds lost, I’ve decided to write a few posts celebrating all the great things I did in 2011. 

In May, I got a Groupon and tried Bikram Yoga. I honestly have no idea the differences between types of yoga (my sister practices kundalini yoga), but I knew Bikram was hot yoga, and in my mind, it seemed like something really fit people would do. This ironically made me want to try it.

Here is my recap. I think I ended up doing about 8 sessions total. The awesome folks at Bikram Yoga Lexington offered me sessions even beyond my Groupon, but I was just not in the right mindset at the time to continue. If I’m going to spend 90 minutes exercising, I want to enjoy it. I think it’s definitely something I’ll do more of as I get further into my journey.

The one myth I want to debunk about Bikram is that there are only really tiny, flexible people who practice it. I seriously saw bodies of all shapes and sizes in the sessions. Some people were very advanced in their practice, and some that “looked” conventionally the fittest had trouble doing some of the postures. It’s definitely all about the individual and not about anyone else around you.

Just for fun, this is my sister doing one of her yoga poses. How 2 siblings can be so different physically is beyond me! And if you’ve done Bikram Yoga before, you have to read this Best of Craigslist ad for a yoga mat – hilarious.

Did you try something new in 2011?

  • http://margaretedith.wordpress.com/ Maggie

    It really, really is impressive the way you’re willing to try new things.  You are truly very brave and open minded and just fun to be around, even if being around you means a slight exposure to your presence on the interwebs.  

  • http://dietschmiet.wordpress.com/ Deb (Schmiet)

    Like Maggie I think it’s great you try new things. I’d be the same as you… thinking only skinny fit people who look like Madonna or Gwyneth do Bikram Yoga!

    I restarted exercise this year so on one level EVERYTHING was new. I did my first ever Zumba classes though and I love it. I only get there weekly but I find it so much fun. I’m also doing a learn to run (C25k) program, which I’m not loving at the moment, but perhaps I’ll get there. (Like you, if I don’t learn to appreciate it soon I’ll do something else instead. Life’s too short!!!)


  • Anonymous

    Yoga is something we want to incorporate in the coming year.  This year we added Supreme 90 Day and my body has been cursing that decision ever since!

  • Jody – Fit at 54

    I hope to try yoga & Pilates in 2012! For me, I am a change it up person in my current routine so I have tried new exercises & things but not a big change like something new I have not done which would be yoga or Pilates…  I love that you tried what you could & are working thru this. I have a couple nagging issues so I may be forced into this! 😉

  • Karilynne

    I think you would like regular yoga…I wasn’t sure about it when a friend at work made me sign up…but now I am hooked. 

  • Anonymous

    I want to become a regular yogi and have been experimenting the last couple of weeks with DVDs until I find the right one for me. 

    The Craigslist’s yoga mat ad best and funniest thing I have read in a month!!!!! 

  • http://twitter.com/ItsTheLadyKeks Lady Keks

    I tried spinning six weeks ago and have been there every thursday since. Going to try fitting it in three times a week.

  • http://twitter.com/prettycanhurt Debra Wilson

    LOL! That CL ad is hilarious! Wow! I’ve heard of Bikram yoga but have no desire to try it- anything over 80* and I feel really nauseous just laying around, forget about working out!

    The one thing I tried to do this year different from last year was that I started decluttering the physical stuff in my life. I got rid of a few boxes of books, and I started getting together CDs I no longer want. I also plan on going through my clothes again soon and doing a clear-out of that too. Seems like my whole life I’ve been acquiring stuff but never really getting rid of it.

    I also tried to get back on track with Weight Watchers, and I think this last time, starting a few months ago, I managed it. You can see my journey at http://debslosingit.com/. I am in the process of shutting down my regular blog of 8 years as well. Just don’t need it anymore! Yay!

  • http://carolinecalcote.com Caroline Calcote

    My “new” thing in 2010 was to start running and I did Couch to 5K and haven’t stopped running since. My “new” thing this year was to try a spin class (big irrational fear…all those super fit super sweaty women exiting the class are kind of intimidating). Well, I did it and loved it and have spun my heart out this year. Next year? Well, I’m really scared of Zumba (klutz), so maybe I’ll have to try that. I would also really love to try stand-up paddle-boarding, which is really big here in Tampa Bay.