I Spy IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel

Not sure why, but I’ve never been extremely into IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel. I actually think it might have to do with 1 dress I ordered and it was way too small. I got upset and instead of blaming my expanding waistline at the time, I blamed the dress, and therefore IGIGI. I still get their emails regularly, and eagerly open to see what they’ll have next.

Today, there were several things that caught my eye.

1. Isolde Belted Dress in Parisian Green, $135 (belt included). I haven’t seen that tone of green much, and really love it with the belt.
2  Odette Dress in Black, $130 (belt included). I like that it’s a wrap style but has a higher neckline. And as always, love the belt.
3. Ali Dress in Multi, $170. A colorful print that I could wear over tights or leggings.
4. Lynnette Sweater Dress in Navy/Grey, $128. I’m all for a sweater dress, and love that it’s solid on top and print on bottom.
5. Edith Wool Wrap in Black, $95 (belt included). How chic is this? Love it exactly as they styled it.
6. Sabine Clutch, $55. I love this kind of neutral clutch with a basic closure that is still interesting.

I have always appreciated IGIGI because they sell sizes 12-32, whereas most plus designers don’t go above a 24. I also love right now with all of these looks that the belts are included. I don’t believe they always used to do that, and the price of the dress plus belt would scare me off. If I buy something, I want to be able to style it as advertised on the site without buying all the extras, you know? Maybe it’s just me :)

Are any of these calling your name?

  • Maia

    I REALLY love #2 and #4. Super cute!!

    I bought a couple of dresses from IGIGI before. One for a wedding and another just to have. I enjoyed them and always got compliments on them. I think they might be worth another go for you!

  • http://fashioncurvesandlife.blogspot.com/ S xo

    Loving #3! Must have!