Anna Scholz Black Label

I have long-admired London-based designer Anna Scholz‘s designs, however her price points are high for my budget. She has a “black label” though that is at a lower price point than her classic “white label” line. The latest black label collection came out today and it’s gorgeous (which I had no doubt it would be). Here are my 2 favorite items.

Left: Tile Print Jersey Cowl Neck Dress, £159.00
Right: Georgette Tailoring Maxi Dress, £229.00

View the entire black label collection here. Do you have a favorite?

  • Emily

    That maxi dress is gorgeous, but yikes isn’t a pound = to almost $2 US?!

    • Emmie

      Yeah, it’s like 1.50, so with today’s conversion rate it would be $362.42. One of those times it’d be great to be independently wealthy :)