Chevron Confusion

I love the chevron pattern trend – it’s everywhere from clothes to accessories to shoes to home decor. I hadn’t found any great plus size chevron pieces though, until I stumbled across a couple of dresses from Old Navy.

I just tried them on and am confused. I like them in theory, but they’re not really flattering, and definitely don’t make me feel half as good as any Rachel Pally dress – although they’re a fraction of the cost of a regular priced RP item. Wonder if chevrons and plus sizes don’t go together? Or perhaps it’s just my shape where I carry weight in my midsection?

Navy and White Chevron Dress from Old Navy, $36.94. I’m wearing a 3x.

A light 3/4 sleeve cardigan might be cute, but I don’t have one to try with it right now.

Blue Chevron Maxi Dress from Old Navy, $44.94. Wearing a 3X.
Belt: old from Lane Bryant

Without the belt, this dress was way horrendous.

They’re not the worst things ever, but as far as feeling super confident in them, I just don’t think it’s going to happen. Verdict still out if they’re going to be kept or if they’re going back to Old Navy.


Old Navy is having 10% off their entire site through today, or 15% off if you are a card holder.

What do you think of chevron print on plus size?

  • Melissa

    I wear a 2x, and I actually went with the chevron dress from the regular section (multicolored fit and flare).It’s super cute. Although now that I’ve seen the navy and white…it’s got to come home, too. I’ve found that you have to try on everything at ON in multiple sizes. So I’d say keep trying until you find one that makes you smile. I think the simple, bold chevrons look great.

    • Emmie

      Thanks Melissa – I’m going to keep trying, but these particular ones are going back.

  • Maia

    I really like the top one! But, if you are that questionable about them now, will you wear them? That’s the question I’ve started to ask myself… unless I absolutely love it from the moment I put it on, I won’t wear it enough to make it worth it.

    • Emmie

      you’re totally right. I packed both up last night to send back today. My rule is I don’t keep it unless I feel amazing in it, and I decidedly don’t feel amazing in either of these.

  • Bella

    I think the b/w chevron dress looks great, and actually helps to make your midsection look smaller. I’d definitely buy it. In my personal opinion, maxi dresses aren’t flattering on plus sizes, no matter the pattern. Of course, I may be biased because I’m a shorty at only 5’3″ and I can’t wear them at all.

    • Emmie

      I like some maxi’s as I’m 5’10 and they feel like nightgowns, LOL. These are going back – they don’t make me feel great.

  • Misty @ The Family Math

    I actually really like the second one, but if you aren’t comfortable in it, then get rid of it! I think the fit on the first one may be a little off. That’s the tough part about Old Navy. They are inexpensive clothes, but they are inconsistently made.

  • Denise

    I think you look wonderful in that black and white dress! Makes me want to get one.

  • Heather

    I like a chevron print done right. I think they are more casual than the other dress you loved. I liked the navy and white one, but I don’t care for the cut of the second one. The bust doesn’t seem to be cut properly.

  • Cathy Benavides

    I think they look lovely on you, but I understand what you mean; if you don’t feel good, it’s hard to get excited about wearing it. I’ve actually been eying those on the Old Navy site so thank you for letting me see them on a real person!!

  • Laurie

    Perhaps it’s not the pattern itself, maybe it’s just the quality of the garments in questions. ON is SO hit and miss. Sometimes the fabric is so thin and has no structure whatsoever which I think is really important. (This doesn’t keep me from ordering stuff from them though, I have a package on the way including green crop pants that I am SUPER exited about) The most important thing is that you feel good in the dress. By returning the two dresses you’ll have a major chunk to put towards another RP dress!

  • Sandy

    We’re about the same size and build (though I’m a more extreme apple shape…I often get mistaken for a pregnant woman). Though I’ve completely eliminated dresses from my wardrobe, I have been able to indulge in the chevron pattern via an occasional cute top. I thought at first that it would be very unflattering as most plus sized women are given the advice to stay away from busy patterns and horizontal stripes, but it actually seems to do a good job of hiding my large mid-section. It’s a Charter Club tunic with alternating stripe chevrons in black, purples, and white. So I’d say it’s definitely do-able. I actually don’t dislike the black and white dress you are modeling, though I prefer the cut of the blue one. I think the blue dress’ striping pattern makes it look chunky b/c the colors blend together to look like really large stripes/geometric shapes.

  • Aislin

    I found your blog searching for chevron dresses. I plan to sew one for myself. I thought you looked lovely in both of the dresses, but understand the desire to only own clothing that you feel fantastic in.

    I wonder if the issue with chevrons is the direction they point. Strong linear patterns create optical illusions. I wonder, for example, if the chevron points were facing down in the navy and white dress then it would have felt like a better fit? Same with the blue on blue. I am very pear shaped myself and plan to have the chevron points hitting at my waist creating a triangle look to accentuate my smaller waist compared to my hips.

    Anyway, love your style!

  • Faith Weru

    I know this post is ancient now but I had to say that both of those dresses are gorgeous on you! Did you end up keeping them or returning them?

    • Emily Sandford

      Thanks! I ended up returning both of them. Just didn’t feel great in them.

  • pinkpuff7

    I cant NOT find the chevron dress I want…Of course they have it in all small sizes…anywho I think you look good in both of those print…the first one most:)

  • pinkpuff7

    O and I might have one made, but fabric is NOT cheap….lol So I don’t know what to do, once I get something in my mind how I want to look I cant let it go..sooo lol