• http://kyrac.blogspot.com kyra

    I say yay!!

  • http://www.FitandFreeEmily.com Emily

    I ADORE that watercolor dress from Talbots. So feminine and flattering! I say YAY to floral!

  • http://www.laurieappleby.com Laurie

    In general I avoid floral patterns but I am not ‘against’ them per se. I just have a hard time finding the right pattern. I’m not really a girly girl look for a more abstract floral pattern or something more subtle, like the orange ON dress.

  • iBirgitta

    I LOVE it when people (especially strangers) compliment on an outfit. It really makes me feel like I can handle the world (at least for that day)

  • http://bellaonthebeach.wordpress.com/ Bella

    The only ones I really like are the Old Navy ones, which I really love. I was surprised by the Nordstrom choices – to me they look too much like lounge-wear.