H&M Plus Sizes Review

This week I was in Chicago for work. When asked what I wanted to see or do, I said: The Art Institute of Chicago, the bean, and H&M on Michigan Avenue.

H&M announced earlier this year that they were going to launch a plus size collection in select US stores. Before I had this blog dedicated to fashion, I blogged at Skinny Emmie about my obsession with the H&M plus line called Inclusive that they sold in Europe only last spring. Basically, I got excited and had a friend in the UK receive them at her house, and then she shipped them to me. When I got them, they were ALL too small. Major sad face. The largest sizes (which I ordered) would probably be around a 20/22 US.

I was honestly not that excited about the new H&M plus size collection (titled, uh, H&M+) because I thought the sizes would be the same. Plus, they don’t sell H&M online in the US, and there are no H&M stores in Kentucky. When I saw the official ranges for HM+ listed as 14-24, I got some hope up. When I did a search for a H&M store that carried the plus size (only a few of them do) and saw that the Michigan Ave. store was on the list, I got really excited.

Pardon the following awful photos from the dressing room, but I wanted to show you!

it’s a gray 3/4 sleeve knee-length dress with exposed metal zipper on the back. I have a tank top under it, thus why it looks bunchy

left: short sleeved blouse in a pale orange color. right: pink and khaki long sleeved shirt 

3/4 sleeved black lace top over nude lining in the body (sleeves are lace only). Buttons up in the back

both the same stretch 3/4 sleeve shirts, just different prints. pink stripe on left, blue floral on right

left: silver sheer 3/4 sleeve cardigan, right: oversized roll tab sleeve tee

I ended up taking back about 20 items for the dressing room, and getting the ones pictured. None of the pants or shorts came remotely close to fitting, but I’m on the high end of the 24 spectrum, so I think anyone 22 or smaller could do them easily. Was a little bummed as there was a pair of dreamsicle-orange ankle length pants that I thought could have been cute. Some of the dresses fit fine (like the one I got) whereas others would barely go over my head.

All-in-all, there was nothing extra remarkable about the clothes except the prices. I spent $200 on 8 pieces: 7 shirts and 1 dress. The shirts are all comfortable. I think the pieces I’m most excited about are the dress, the pink and tan striped top, the silver cardi, and the lace shirt.

Of course when I go to look at the H&M+ collection on the site, they don’t show most of these pieces and are showing several that weren’t available in the store I was at.

To find out if your nearest H&M store carries H&M+, go to their store locator, type in your city, then select “Ladies” and then “H&M+”

What are your thoughts? Have you tried out this collection yet?

  • http://www.laurieappleby.com Laurie

    I love the pink and khaki striped top and online I like the white dress with the blue design on the bottom. At least in theory I like the dress…in practice maybe not so much. I think the next chance I’d have to go to a store is in August when I visit my family in MN. Not sure I want to drag myself to the Mall of America though, lol.

    • Emmie

      aye. I love shopping ,but even I don’t know if I’d want to dredge through the Mall of America!

  • http://www.rainintorainbows.com Shari~Rain into Rainbows

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! The H&M just a few miles away has the + collection! When I had checked before, I hadn’t realized that you needed to select Ladies, and *then* look for the +, so I just assumed ours didn’t have it.

    I really appreciate the info, as well as the (detailed!) instructions. Woohoo!

    • Emmie

      sure thing! Let me know if you find any goodies there.

  • Sandy

    I’m nowhere near a location, so I’d have to depend on their online selection, which is just too skimpy at this moment to garner any real excitement on my end. Still, I like the classic lines of the outfits you tried on.

    • Emmie

      yes, it’s ultra-skimpy. I hope they roll it out in more stores soon.

  • Stephanie

    I went to the one at the Mall of America today. The store was so crowded I’m sure that added to my slight disappointment. I tried on a pair of dark blue bootleg jeans, a taupe cardigan, that striped shirt pictured on the mannequin in the first pic, a pair of skinny khaki pants, and black wide leg stretchy pant thingeys (lol). I am a size 22/24 right now. The jeans (22) fit AMAZING. the stretchy pants were surprisingly flattering for that style (2xl). The cardigan I tried on in a 3x and it looked like a tent, and when I tried on 2xl it was WAY WAY WAY too small. The striped shirt I tried a 3x and it was way too big and weird fitting. The pants were I think a 24 and those were a joke to even attempt to fit into.. LOL. So all in all, extremely disappointed in consistency in their fit. I could never order their stuff online but I will definitely check out the store again.

    • Emmie

      I’m glad the jeans fit you! They didn’t have any of the jeans in my size, so I didn’t get to try them. That’s interesting the shirt in a 3xl was a tent and a 2xl was too small – I noticed that in the hot pink/tan striped top I got, it’s sister in the black/white color in the SAME SIZE was massive. I hate inconsistency like that.

  • brittle_star

    Can you post a link for finding H&M+ store locations? My Google-fu is not fantastic, and despite several Google searches, I can’t seem to find what I’m looking for. Thanks.

    • brittle_star

      I’m asking about a link because when I try what you suggested, using the H&M store locator on their website, there is no filter for H&M+. I can search for “ladies'” sizes, but no H&M+. I’d love to find a link online that lists the stores in my area that carry H&M+ so I don’t end up being disappointed with H&M yet again. It’s no fun to make a trip to a store, only to find they don’t have what you’re looking for.

      • Emmie

        You have to go to the store finder: http://www.hm.com/us/store-locator then find the city you’re looking at, then click LADIES and THEN it will bring up the sub-menu to select H&M+ – see the last screen shot on this post

        • brittle_star

          I did exactly as you wrote in your post. I went to the H&M store finder, entered my zip code, found the store listed in my city, clicked ‘ladies’… but no sub-menu showed up to select H&M+. That’s because, as I discovered this weekend, the H&M store that’s located near me is not stocking plus sizes. I went there on Sunday afternoon, hoping against hope that I’d be proven wrong… but again, H&M has disappointed me in a major way and shown they don’t see fat people as a viable marketing option – at least not where I live in Los Angeles. So many clothing retailers here just don’t seem to believe that anyone in L.A. can be fat.

          I checked the other H&M stores in the L.A. area, too. None of them seem to carry the H&M+ line, lending further credence to the fact that H&M most likely told their SoCal marketing team not to add plus sizes to their L.A. stores because they “wouldn’t sell.” When H&M first opened their stores in the L.A. area back in 2005, they only chose very wealthy neighborhoods (oldtown Pasadena, and Beverly Hills) and seemed to care less about the rest of L.A. It took another several years before H&M opened a few more stores in some of the larger malls in the L.A. area. I happen to live near one of those larger malls, where there’s been an H&M store for 2 years.

          In fact, there are THREE H&M stores at my mall. Because of the way the mall is set up, there wasn’t a big enough retail space to open one large H&M store, so they divided it up into 3 storefronts – one for women; another for men and, strangely, maternity clothes; and a smaller store for kids. The women’s only store is by far the largest of the three, so it’s not like they don’t have room to add a section for plus sizes. They’ve simply chosen not to because, again, “no one in Los Angeles is fat.” Or they’ve at least chosen to believe the b.s. that “plus sizes won’t sell” in L.A. H&M = epic fail. Yet again.

          • http://www.lottalatte.com Denise @ Do you have that in my size???

            Actually, the store in Culver City stocks the H&M+ line. I haven’t been there yet (it’s several hours from San Diego) but will definitely make a point to stop there next time I’m driving through Los Angeles.

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  • Lori

    HOLY COW! A store near me has it! I’m shocked, stunned, almost fell out of my chair. ;-) I’ll be checking it out this week! Can’t believe Indianapolis, IN has it! Way to go Indiana!

  • http://100lbsoffat.blogspot.ca/ Crystal

    I’m so sad! There isn’t an H&M store which carries the Plus line anywhere near me, in Canada or in Washington State. It isn’t even that the clothes are all that spectacular, but I think any mass market chain that starts carrying plus size lines opens up the selection available for plus size girls to choose from. It also allows us to be able to shop with our thinner friends in the same store. It never is fun to go shopping and not be able to try on clothes (that fit!) at the same time as your friends.

    Thanks for posting about it! I LOVE the clothes you selected! Hopefully they will expand out to Canada and more stores soon.

  • Goddes5482

    I bought a couple things online recently. I am currently a 16/18. Size 18 is usually a little big on me. I bought a couple pairs of 18 pants thinking it would work out fine. They fit very small and none of the pants fit me. I was wondering if these are UK sizes? I returned them for a 22, because I figured by how tight they were I should need to size up twice. The pants should be coming in the mail soon. Its really a terrible misconception to think a store is selling plus sizes when they running very small. If the size 22 fits more like an 18, than in reality that is the largest size H&M carries.