Orange Crush

I have a new favorite shirt in my closet right now:

Seriously: IGNORE THE SHOES! I know they’re bad. They are the only flats I had that I could put my sexy custom orthotic insoles in. Since I’m still in physical therapy for my ankle, comfort had to override fashion.

I love the top though. It’s from eloquii by The Limited, the split sleeve colorblock shell. I worried when I first bought it because it is a silky non-stretch material, however when it came in, I was thrilled to see that while the front has the silky/drapey/non-stretch fabric, the back is a soft stretch knit, so it fit great. Here are the eloquii images of the shirt, plus the 2 other colors it comes in, which I now want.

I got compliments on the shirt from 2 people at the doctors office as well as the Starbucks barista. Not bad for a 3 hour span of wearing it, right?

I felt so happy in the orange, that I got my nails done in OPI Cajun Shrimp – a perennial favorite of many, but a color I’ve feared for being “too loud” on me. As always, I got the OPI Axxium no-chip gel manicure by my girl Koula at Bak 4 More Studio in Lexington.

It’s safe to say I now have an orange crush.

  • Melinda

    Shouldn’t those be Blue nails, lest someone think you’re rooting for another #1 seeded team whose mascot is the Orangemen? :)

    • Emmie

      Nah, when you bleed blue, it doesn’t matter what color your nails are ;)

  • Laurie

    Awesome. I just bought the green one yesterday after exploring your clothing directory! Have you checked out ASOS Curve? It’s from the UK and has some pretty cute stuff.

    • Emmie

      Hi Laurie – I want the green one badly!! Or the purple one. Or both!

      And yes, I love ASOS Curve, but I’m currently sitting at a size 24, and they only go to a 22. I check their site about once a month though just to oogle – such different, and pretty, stuff!

  • Melodious

    I just bought this in green, and seriously considered the purple, as well. Can’t wait for my order to arrive, so hearing your raves, and seeing how great it looks on a real person, settles my worries a bit.