Moon and Lola

I’m not sure if it’s because I live in the South or if it’s because I’m currently in a preppy mood, but I’m obsessing over some acrylic monogram necklaces from Moon and Lola. They have a wide range of colors and sizes, and the only thing stopping me from getting one is not knowing which color to get! They also have some other necklaces and earrings I liked – here are my picks.

LeMeurice Necklace
Acrylic Block Monogram Necklace
Acrylic Script Monogram Necklace
Miller Acrylic Earrings
Cyprus Earrings 

Are monograms a Southern thing?


  • Lisa

    $78 for a plastic necklace?

  • Myla

    I think they started there, but I live in Colorado and I have definitely seen them around. I have 2, in tortoise in black. The drawback is that it takes FOREVER to get it once you order.

  • Sandy

    Thhis Southern gal was strangely drawn to the monigramming as well…but the 68 dollar price tag stopped me right in my tracks. I’d have to see one in person before shelling out that much money. For 68 dollars, the resin needs to be substantial with smooth edges, bright coloring that isn’t prone to fading, and a not-t00-cheap-to-the-naked-eye chain. Lenght is also important to me. I have a thick neck so 16 inches is a no-go and even a traditional 18 is hard to do unless it comes with a 2″ extender chain.

  • Sandy

    Eek…sorry about the misspells. Typing without glasses isn’t working for me.

  • Kelly Shatat

    We love it! Thank you Emmie!
    We love that you are obsessed with Moon and Lola and we can tell you that monograms are no longer just a southern thing! We sell them all over and love how they bring so many smiles!!!