Spring Aerosoles

After dealing with foot issues and an ankle injury that had me spend much of 2011 in a cast and walking boot, I’m all about finding comfortable, yet stylish shoes. I have raved about my Cole Haan findings, however I don’t have the budget to fund my shoe wardrobe entirely with Cole Haan.

I got an Aerosoles catalog in the mail, and I almost disregarded them as “old lady shoes,” but the ones on the cover were cute. Turns out there are several styles that I think are quite fashionable and would be comfortable, at about half of the price of Cole Haans.

1. Opalescent in silver metallic, sizes 5-12, $79. I like the beads.
2. Track Star in Faux Yellow Leather, sizes 5-12, $79.00. Who doesn’t like a colorful wedge?
3. Plush Sign in Tan Fabric, sizes 5-12, $79.00. Something slightly different.
4. Web Browser in Blue, sizes 5-12, $59.99. Fun colored driving moc.

  • Jessica

    I love your website! I recently came across it and have already been so inspired to dress up! No matter what my size :) I love the shoes, but my problem is I have wide feet. Do you you have wide feet and/or suggest places I can buy cute shoes that come in wide? I know of Lane Bryant but I’ve had bad luck w/ them and their cheaply made shoes.

    • Emmie

      Hi Jessica! So glad you like the site!
      I have wide feet as well, so I totally understand where you’re coming from. I think there are lots more options than there used to be, so that’s good! I typically buy most of my shoes from Zappos as they have a filter where you can search only wide-width shoes. My favorite brands from there are Fitzwell, Clarks, and Sofft. I love Cole Haan shoes – some do come in wide width, but I’ve found that I can wear most of them in medium width as well. For more budget-friendly choices, Naturalizer and Aerosoles (although none I showed here, unfortunately) both have wide width options as well. I am not a fan of Lane Bryant shoes due to the quality issues you mentioned, however I’ve had some good results with Cloudwalkers at Avenue. Hit or miss, really.

      Last but not least, Old Navy shoes sometimes work for my feet, but again- hit or miss. For style and budget though, they’re worth a shot.
      Hope this helps!

      • Jessica

        Thank you! This helps a lot! I went on Zappos and found a lot of the brands and some cute shoes. Going to buy some now. Thanks again! :)

  • Sandy

    I love the Cole Haan shoes I purchased after seeing the review on your blog; however, I am also budget conscious right now. Personally, I love Clarks. However, I’ve had good luck with Naturalizers too…though I wish more of the cuter styles came in wide. I swear, wide seems to be to the shoe what plus size was to clothing a few years back: mostly utilitarian and in shades of black or brown. Can’t wide feet gals get ribbons, bows, and an influx of this years’ hot colors too?

    • Emmie

      YES – Clarks are awesome, but even some of the cuter ones aren’t available in Wide, and when they are, they’re still $125+. One of my favorite pairs of shoes are some yellow jute wedges from Naturalizer, but haven’t been super excited about other styles lately. I’m 100% with you on the colors and baubles also. Annoying.

  • http://www.laurieappleby.com Laurie

    I’m recovering from a broken ankle so I am looking at those yellow wedges, drooling, and wondering if I’ll ever be able to wear shoes like that again! I’m crossing my fingers!

    I don’t have wide feet but I have BIG feet, size 11. Not always the easiest to find stylish shoes. It’s always such a bummer to see the cute tiny shoe on the display shelf and then realize they don’t carry it in your size. :(