Testing: One, Two, Three…

It feels like ages since I’ve been able to do much on my feet with my ankle injury. If ages equals several months, then it actually HAS been ages. Super frustrating and I lost my groove quite a few months back.

This past week at physical therapy, my ankle pain has significantly lessened. Instead of working on strengthening the tendon in my ankle, we’ve worked on stretching my back like crazy, which has relieved pressure from the nerve that is attached to that tendon. Crazy how two weeks of working on my back has brought more relief than 7 months of anything else. I’m just glad we’ve figured out what was wrong – I was losing faith fast.

My physical therapist suggested that I test out my foot on a walk this weekend, and also try to jog to see how it responds. I was so scared. The thought of doing anything to derail progress makes me queasy – literally.

Anyway, hubs and pup were going for a short walk, so I joined them. I was glad that I didn’t seem to lose my cardiovascular conditioning and end up huffing and puffing on the short walk. There was pain, but it wasn’t excruciating as I thought it might be. We only went 1.11 miles, and stopped partway to say hi to someone we knew. I jogged past a few houses at the very end of the walk, and the pain was a little worse, but not awful. Now, a few hours later, the pain is about how it was before walking, and I am pretty excited about that.

I know it seems slow, but between the pain and stopping to talk to a friend, I'm very happy with it.

You know the old saying, “You have to walk before you run?” I’m happy to be walking again :)

How was your weekend?

  • http://biglifelittleblog.blogspot.com/ Emily

    This post seriously makes me so happy! Yay!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TLVU4BKDE5CGJ3MPFUNE6UU7B4 Merry

    So glad you are getting back out there!  :-)

  • Marianne Parker

    My son, who is a cheerleader, has been dealing with a pinched nerve in his ankle since December.  The real problem is actually in his hip flexors which are weak.  Last week was the first week since December that he cheered, tumbled, jumped, etc. without his brace and without pain.  Must have been the week for ankles to get better, huh?

  • Holly

    Great job and it can only get better from here! Go Girl!!

  • Lauren

    What ap or website did you use to make that map? It’s so helpful! Congrats on getting back out there!

    • http://www.authenticallyemmie.com/ Emily Sandford

      Hi Lauren – it’s called Runkeeper – it’s on iPhone and Android devices and it will track you via GPS. Pretty handy!

      • Lauren

         Thanks, I’ll definitely download that now!

  • Jessie

    I’m a new convert to your blog, so I just read a bunch of posts in quick succession. It’s amazing how after a multi-month setback like this, you are still SO FAR AHEAD of where you started. The most inspirational thing about this post is that what once would have been a major victory (a mile! no huffing!) now seems slow. Rock on!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jody-R-Goldenfield/100000069514057 Jody R. Goldenfield

    How exciting for you! Yes, we do have to walk first! :-)

  • http://carolinecalcote.com/ Caroline Calcote

    So glad you were able to get out there and walk again! Never give up!

  • http://jogonjules.wordpress.com/ Thealias

    A step in the right direction :) nice one Emmy!