The Webster for Target Plus Size

When Target does designer collaborations, they often overlook the plus size customers. I was really disappointed with the Missoni and Jason Wu collections at Target were completely devoid of plus size options. This morning I got a text alert that The Webster for Target was now available online, with some pieces in plus sizes.

I love prints and colors: for those in the south, think Lilly Pulitzer. The Webster is reminiscent of those types of clothes, but of course this collection (part of The Shops at Target) is much more cost conscious. Here are my top looks from the collection. I ordered all of them except for the wedges as my 2 injured ankles won’t be able to do 4.5 inch heels for a LONG time.

I do wish the clothes were available in stores, but I don’t really mind online shopping since it seems to be the best place to find plus size clothing these days.

What are your thoughts on this collection?

  • Lsia


    But $40 for fabric wedges from Target is absurd. (And I say that as someone who does okay with Target shoes.)

  • arlene britt

    Love it!

  • caroline k

    i was so excited because i got to buy a matching dress for me and my 2 year old daughter which i’ve been dying to do since she was born but never found a perfect match (esp in my size) . yay for the webster @ target!!! i love your picks. can’t wait to see how they work out!

  • Katie @ TheNerdyKatie

    I just saw this collection today at Target! It runs big, which I was not expecting. I actually got the first dress and was able to get it in a XL, it fit perfect (I normally wear an 18). Now I am going to have to check it all out online!

  • missmarisol

    I love that tunic. I think it will be mine.

  • Nicole

    Thanks for the tip, Emmie! What does everyone think of this puff sleeve one? I’m torn on puff sleeves–I feel like they can make me look even wider than I am:

    • Emmie

      I think puff sleeves are cute on some people with narrower shoulders, smaller waists, and larger hips. I’ve got broad shoulders though, so they’re a little iffy on me. You can always return it if it doesn’t work!

    • Kel

      I rock the puffed sleeve all the time (via City Chic) and I love it… even with wide shoulders! :)

  • Sandy

    I’m a bit iffy about it, but that’s just personal bias. Not thrilled with the quality of Target clothes. The item usually loses shape quickly in the wash. Ruffles flop and sag, lace rips, and hems come undone. On just style, I’m not as awed as I usually am with your selections. The light melon dress looks like the Zip n’ Dash we use to carry at Sears, and the blue Easy Waist dress has a pattern that looks exactly like the wallpaper in my grandma’s Florida condo…though I do find the 3/4 sleeve dress to be cute. I’m curious to see what they look like on. My fear is that they would look very matronly. Tell us how you like them after they arrive. Your blog has led me to take fashion risks that have all paid off, so maybe I’ll be completely wrong in my impressions.

    • Emmie

      I hear you completely, Sandy. I ended up not ordering the tunic or the lighter dress – just the 2 darker dresses and then the green flats with the blue toe box. If they don’t work, I’ll just send them back. Will post photos for sure though!

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  • brittle_star

    Thanks for keeping me up to date. I was completely unaware that Target is finally allowing plus sizes in one of their designer collections. I’m disappointed the collection is so damn small, though.

    I like the dresses and the prints, which have a vintage-inspired feel to me. Unfortunately, I’m one of the few fat women out there who’s not a dress wearer. That’s not to say I don’t own dresses and don’t wear them, but they’re not part of my daily wardrobe as they are for other plus size women. Dresses are “special occasion-wear only” for me. Point being, I’d love to have seen a couple of tops with the same prints as the dresses in the collection.

    The flats are cute, but nothing special. I have similar flats already in my closet. And I’m not a fan of ginormous wedge sandals with big ties. So in a nutshell, I’m glad Target is finally starting to be inclusive of more sizes in their designer collections, but their first try falls a little flat for me.