ASOS Curve Plus Size Review

I’ve been interested in ASOS Curve pieces for over a year, but seeing as I’m a US 24 and the UK brand only goes to a size US 22 equivalent, I hadn’t ordered anything.

A few weeks ago they were having a big sale and I finally just decided to bite the bullet and order lots of things to try. They have free shipping and free returns, so I wouldn’t be out any money if I needed to send everything back. I have been burned with that before by ordering some pieces from the European-only H&M Inspired collection a couple of years back when I had a dear friend in London ship it all to me. None of it fit. Blah.

NOTE: This post is from 2012. I have purchased MANY more ASOS items since! Here’s a roundup of my ASOS Curve posts.

I picked some trendier pieces that I thought looked fun. Let’s go through them. All items ordered are their size US 22.

Lace Peplum Top

ASOS Curve Lace Peplum Top, $51.74
Kiyonna Everyday Stretch Camisole, $38
Old Navy Leggings, $10.94
ASOS Curve Midi Black Skirt, $25.87
Bubble Necklace c/o Bluebird on Etsy
rsvp Janna Extra Wide Calf Boots, $99

Love this one. Can pair it with a colorful camisole underneath for some more interest. The peplum flared at the right point on me and I felt pretty. Score one!

Jersey Peplum Top

ASOS Curve Jersey Top with Peplum Hem, $37.94 (the color I got is no longer available, thus why the model image is a different color)
Old Navy Premium Bootcut Jeans, $59.94
Target flats, old
Bubble Necklace c/o Bluebird on Etsy

I think this shirt is much more flattering in person, and with high heels or wedges with my jeans – the shape isn’t right on the bottom. But I feel great in it. 

Shirt Dress with Lace

ASOS Curve Shirtdress with Lace, $77.61
Old Navy Leggings, $10.94
rsvp Janna Extra Wide Calf Boots, $99

No. Just, no. Blech. And it was too blousy for a belt – looked odd all around.

Lace Dress

ASOS Curve Slash Neck Lace Dress, $68.98
Old Navy Leggings, $10.94
rsvp Janna Extra Wide Calf Boots, $99

I love this lace dress, but it’s tight and super clingy. My #1 rule of buying a garment is to feel confident in it, and while it was pretty, I know I’d be pulling at it all the time. I’m wearing leggings under it because on me it is a mega-booty dress. Like, have to cross my fingers and hope to not have things shift an inch. I don’t give those sorts of shows 😉 It was short to begin with, and with the cling and me being 5’10, it was more of a tunic length. I did want to point out that the lace is super soft with stretch, and the slip that goes underneath it is super soft as well – really beautiful fabric.

Biker Jacket

ASOS Curve PU Biker Jacket, $56.91
Old Navy Premium Bootcut Jeans, $59.94
Old Navy Black Lounge Camisole,  $7.50
Yochi Designs Necklace via Ideeli (no longer available)
Shoes: Target, old

Unfortunatley this was the piece that was decidedly too small for me. It was a little bit of “fat girl in a little coat” like. But I must say, it is impeccable for a jacket of this price. The faux leather is thick and warm, and the zippers and stitching detail on it are very expensive-looking. The neutral color is great as well. 

Sequined Kimono

ASOS CURVE Embellished Kimono With Sequin Stripes, $129.35
Kiyonna Everyday Stretch Camisole, $38
Old Navy Leggings, $10.94
rsvp Janna Extra Wide Calf Boots, $99

I mean you guys, I just can’t explain how much I love this top. I know I have a ridiculous attraction to sparkly things, but I don’t usually wear them on my body. This sequined kimono is AMAZING. It’s available in cream and black, and I chose the cream because I thought it would look less formal than the black, and pair well with jeans. The detail of the sequins is awesome, and it’s drape gives it a good breezy feel, while shining like a disco ball! I don’t care if some of you think it looks like Liberace designed it – I am going to keep this one and sparkle on.

Jersey Top with Dip Back

ASOS Curve Jersey Knit Top with Dip Back, $30.18
Old Navy Premium Bootcut Jeans, $59.94
Target flats, old

I don’t mind this super breezy top from the front, even though I typically avoid oversized tops. The back however? Ugh. No. I’m 5’10, and this goes past my knees. Return to sender.

Beaded Top

ASOS CURVE Tank With Diamond Embellishment and Dipped Back, $60.36
Old Navy Black Lounge Camisole,  $7.50
Old Navy Premium Bootcut Jeans, $59.94
Target flats, old

This is a gorgeous beaded top, and is really heavy and substantial. Even though it’s somewhat sheer, it’s still got coverage if you’re brave and want to wear without a lining top (see below). I liked the length of it in the front, but in the back it is cropped, which I knew from looking at the photos, but was hoping I could pair it with a black cardigan to make it look right. It just wasn’t meant to be. Even though I love the beads. 

Wrap Dress

ASOS CURVE Exclusive Wrap Dress, $60.36
Old Navy Leggings, $10.94
rsvp Janna Extra Wide Calf Boots, $99

This fabric is really luscious feeling, but the shape is wrong for me since I have a long torso and carry my weight in my lower stomach. If you’re more of a true hourglass shape, this would be gorgeous.  Also would be super fun with bright tights and platform booties.

In summary, I am super excited that a lot of the ASOS Curve line fit me, even though I’m a US24 (and on the larger side of it). Even the beaded top, which had zero stretch, fit well. The jacket was the only major problem piece, but I have trouble with jackets in general, so it wasn’t surprising. I love that they have free shipping and free returns. It took about 7 business days for me to receive my order, which shipped in 2 shipments (jacket in 1, everything else in another). Every piece far exceeded my expectations with quality. If you need me, I’ll be installing a block on the ASOS website so I don’t buy lots more things to try.

Edit September 2013: I am quite addicted to ASOS Curve now! Here are a few other posts featuring ASOS plus size clothes. Search the site for ASOS and you’ll find many more!

Have you bought from ASOS before?


    YES! I LOVE the clothes. I’m a 20/22 right now and in LOVE with the dresses I’ve bought! For some reason they hit just right and make me feel so girly and lovely! So many of these clothes look fantastic on you!!! I’m gonna have to explore outside of dresses and try some shirts! :)

    • Emily Sandford

      They do make you feel girly, but without being too flowery, you know? Yay!

  • CurvyGirlInL.A.

    Omg! This was a great review, and I can’t belive I missed that sale. I’ve been wanting to get a few items from curve, but i’ve been afraid. I’m also a us 24 right now, (also on a weight loss journey :D)and I saw they had 22, so I was so scared to get anything from there. I was afraid that it wasn’t going to fit right. Everything look so amazing on you, but I really liked the black lace on you. It really showed off your curves, but I know what you mean about it being too tight. Awesome Haul 😀

    • Emily Sandford

      Thanks! My advice is to ORDER AWAY! If it doesn’t work, just move on to the next piece. I was surprised that even the non-stretch beaded top fit me. I’m keeping an eye out for more sales. My poor wallet!

  • MsSafire

    You have wonderful taste! I love your choices to try on especially the last embellished tank is extremely flattering and sexy.

    I love ASOS and all other online shopping sites. They make it so easy to return stuff too so it can get addicting :)

  • Amybeth

    Honestly, I think you should keep the jacket and black lace dress for later (they WILL fit) because they both looked FANTASTIC on you! The black lace looks better on you than the model. Hang onto it!

    • Emily Sandford

      The lace dress is the hardest thing to decide on. The jacket is quite a bit away from being able to zip, and by the time I get there, I’ll want something new, you know? I’ll chew on the lace dress some more…

      • Amybeth

        This is true, it won’t be new and exciting anymore.

  • Azure Skye

    lack lace dress- absolutely stunning on you. Keep it! :)

    • Emily Sandford

      thank you :) I’m still trying to think about it. Toughest decision of this group by far!

  • MsPeachPlus

    I love ASOS! I’ve found that their sizing chart is a little more “forgiving” than some US stores, so I would suggest anyone who is US 24 definitely check it out. Love these. (Especially the sparkly kimono!)

    • Emily Sandford

      If I ever get stranded on a desert island, that sparkly kimono will be one of my items you’ll find me with, LOL

  • frocks that rock

    I love ASOS! I’m a size US 22 and I find their sizes do run a little big. My rule of thumb is that if it’s a stretchy knit or denim, I order the 20. If it has no stretch, I order the 22 to accommodate my ‘girls’ but sometimes I get surprised. I also have that lace peplum top and I ordered the 22 since it has no stretch but after trying it on, I probably should have got the 20. I was too impatient to wait on exchanging it so I just ran with it. I love it that much… it’s so pretty. (Here’s a link to my post about it… — you can delete it if you want, I don’t want to be spamming up your comments, lol)

    Great post!

  • Teresa O.

    You look like a doll!

    • Emily Sandford

      Thank you!

  • LaDonna Murphy

    I love that you do this. I don’t order a lot of stuff online because I can’t tell from the model how it will look on me (I’m 5’2″ and a 18-24 depending on manufacturer). I’ll have to look for places with the free shipping either way. Maybe it will get me out of my boring fashion rut.

    • Emily Sandford

      Thanks :) No need to be boring – it’s amazing how clothes can boost your confidence, you know?

  • StarvingDiva

    Are those models considered plus size?

    • Faith Westwood

      Yeah I noticed this today when I was on asos. They used to have curvier models but looks like they have just used the models from the smaller size range for these.

      • StarvingDiva

        I think it’s so unfortunate when they use models that are definitely not big to model clothing, they really should opt for a curvy, heavier girl, as it would help those shopping to picture it on themselves. But the outfits are fantastic!

  • Emily Smith

    Just heard of ASOS through a friend- love their stuff and it looks GREAT ON YOU!!! Glad you found several buys to keep :) Worth the risk in my opinion! Love it!

    • Emily Sandford

      Thanks Em!

  • Susan Ito

    That sparkly top looks like Mithril! (Elvish fabric from LOTR! HA!) – It’s beautiful. I WANT! (I also want that biker jacket) You look totally awesome in these clothes. Gorgeous!

  • Johanna Eppley

    I saw ASOS on pinterest and they look like they have great things. I also think the sequin top is AWESOME but I can’t do $120 for a cardigan haha. You look so pretty in all of these- I think you look really good in that biker jacket but if it feels too small I can see why you would want to return it HOWEVER for looks it looks AWESOME.

    • Emily Sandford

      oh believe me, that cardigan is a mega splurge. It distracted me with its glittery beauty long enough for me to forget my wallet! And thank you!

  • Faith Westwood

    Hi! I am from the uk and have never ordered anything from asos before and your posts have inspired me to do so. The rule that uk sizes are 4 numbers bigger than the same US size doesn’t seem to hold true for plus sizes. When I have shopped in the US I have more or less worn the same number. I.e. size 22 in UK and size 22 in US. I follow a lot of bloggers in the UK who wear a UK 26 (supposedly US 22) who are a lot bigger than you and shop in asos. H&M is a French brand though and is notorious for small sizing. Anyway, I love the peplum tops and think I am going to try a couple for work for the winter. Love the lace dress too!

    • Emily Sandford

      Isn’t it crazy how sizing is so different everywhere? It’s so frustrating. I hope you find some awesome things!

    • Jae

      I agree I am the same size in the us and uk. I live in the us and buy uk clothes and order the same size as I would in the us. I find it to be the same pretty much. The uk clothing is usually slightly roomier by a half of size. I also notice uk necklines are cut larger than us ones.

  • Erin Davis Miller

    I LOVE the black lace dress & kimono top! Like I said (on twitter),
    my ASOS experience has been tts, but sometimes lacking in quality. I
    guess I failed to mention I buy lots of clothes on sale, which tends to
    end in disappointment (“no wonder it was on sale” I always say) more
    often than not. I should know better by now–especially online. I have
    to say it again. You look absolutely gorgeous in the black lace dress,
    but at 5’3″ I’m not very familiar with items being too short!

    • Emily Sandford

      I worried that some of the items would feel cheap – the lace peplum top and lace dress in particular. I was really shocked with how nice they were. Like all stores, you win some, you lose some!

  • metheist

    When I lived in the UK, I found that the comparison to US sizes depended on the brand. I was amazed at how ‘smaller’ I was at M&S, but almost the same at Evans.

    Regarding your choices here. They looked nice. You should definitely look into black lace, because it looked very nice.

    And being a size 24–Congrats!!!

    • Emily Sandford

      thanks :) So M&S runs large? I think SimplyBe runs large. I haven’t ordered much from Evans.

  • Chelsea Ann

    You look stunning!! The makeup, the hair, the clothing- all of it! Thank you for your amazing fashion for us bigger ladies, and for being so motivating! I love you style and you in general <3

    • Emily Sandford

      thanks so much!

  • Debra Leigh Wilson

    OMG! I LOVE the dresses, especially the shirt dress. Also loving the kimono top even though I generally despise sparkle in my clothing. Great finds!

    • Emily Sandford


  • Emily Sandford

    Dude, that shirt is so cute on you. I just subscribed to your blog – awesome style!

  • Sara Davidson

    I bought a ton of maternity stuff from ASOS, they’re so great. I thought the jacket looked great on you! Also the blue dress – did you send that back???? It’s beautiful!

    • Emily Sandford

      Thanks :) I haven’t sent anything back yet, but think I’m sending the jacket and blue dress back – just don’t feel as confident in those as I do in other things, you know?

  • Jacki

    I’ve never even heard of ASOS before. I’ll definitely be giving them a try! Thanks Emmie! PS: I think the grey beaded top looks amazing on you. Are you sure it won’t work one way or the other?

    • Emily Sandford

      I haven’t sent anything back yet, hoping to find ways for that top to work specifically. It’s just cropped in the back, so it seems like putting a big cardigan over it to cover the skin makes it look dowdy, you know?

      • Faith Westwood

        Could you wear a very fine camisole underneath for some coverage at the back?

  • Misty

    I’m having to like scroll up and down to name all the things I love. The first top looks so good on you! I also LOVE the lace dress and the beaded top. Bummer about the jacket not fitting well, because it looks awesome!

    • Emily Sandford

      I know! It’s quite small, so no way to make it work right now. I’m sure they’ll have some other awesome things I can try instead!

  • Melissa

    Great post! I think the black lace dress looks really good on you, but I totally understand what you are saying. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind telling me what size you ordered from ASOS? I understand if you don’t want to, I just am having a hard time deciding even with the size chart! Love your blog :)

    • Emily Sandford

      don’t mind at all! I ordered US 22 for everything – their largest size.

      • Melissa

        Thanks! It is so tricky having to order online, I appreciate the feedback!

  • Shauna

    This is why I love you and your blog so much! You are so good at putting outfits together in ways I’d never think of. I have looked at ASOS Curve for YEARS but always said “oh that’s too trendy/scary for me”. Like that dress at the end, I was eyeing it up but thought it would be too short, never bloody thought of boots and leggings. You’re good baby!

  • Crystal Robinson

    You look stellar & so pretty in your outfits! I’m really loving the first outfit with the boots and the necklace. I’ve never heard of ASOS either, but I have it bookmarked now. :)

  • katty

    you look so pretty! And thanks so much for doing this post! I hate it when I am trying to buy plus size and they show the clothes in models who are far from plus-sized! We can’t know what we would look like in those clothes from them! But we can if we see you in them. The only two items I don’t think flatter you are the white shirt dress (even if it makes you feel great) and the coral jersey top. I love all the others on you, especially the peplum top and the sequined kimono. You rock in those!

  • Jamie Pyle

    Weird question but I’ve been thinking of buying some Old navy Leggings. Are they “True to size”?

  • ashley i the shipping.took?

  • LaLa in DC

    This is extremely helpful! Thank you so much. I’m guessing the coats are tru to size but everything else is way big….. thank you again!

    • Emily Sandford

      yeah – I think the coats are true to size, and anything with stretch is probably 1 size big

  • LaLa in DC

    BTW- you look amazing in everything exept that dip back way too big pink shirt. It’s not that flattering on the model either. 😉

    • Emily Sandford

      thanks! I have no idea what I was thinking with that pink shirt – ha!

  • Ashley Doran

    I’m an 18/20 US so I must say I appreciate seeing the asos clothes on a non model (boobs! I got ’em). I am getting the gray beaded top knowing that it still looks really good and not to pattern-y as they sizes go up.

  • Tovah

    The kimono and the beaded top are my favorite. I really think you look great in black. I know you didn’t like the black lace dress on you, but I still think it was a great style and color.

  • WC

    Hi, The kimono does look great on you. The jacket looked great too – didn’t look small but I guess it’s always about how you feel (I understand). I just ordered two things from there b/c of your blog. Thanks!!

  • Patty

    Thank you SOOOO much for this! My coworkers are OBSESSED with ASOS and as the lone plus-sized gal in my office, I’ve always wondered about their Curve sizes.

    BTW, you look great! I really love love love the lace dress, the biker jacket and the sequined kimono on you :)

  • Deej

    Are they true to size? Im in between sizes 18-20 should i go up or down?

  • mdmfashions

    I’m terribly sorry to say so, but that was awful! Nothing had the right fit. Way to big or way to small. I know how hard it is to find something beautiful for a plus size. Because I myself am a plussize, so I know. But you should not just buy things, because you like them so much. You should consider your figure and try to find something that has the right fit for your body. Since you are an obvious apple shape. I’ll give you some pointers. It’s of course your choice to follow them or not. Just trying to help you.
    So for 1: avoid clingy fabrics, it’s emphasizes everything you want to hide. So no skin tight lace dress. Too loose fitted tops, make you appear larger. You do not want to drown in your own clothes. So don’t wear clothes like “Jersey Top with Dip Back” It’s all about the balance. Not to loose or to skin tight.
    2: Simple designs are a must. There is no need for things like a shirt dress with lace. Which is by the way huge. And should be at least in reverse colouring. So white lace details and a black shirt. Even better would be one colour. It doesn’t have to be black. You do not need to hide yours. From what I could see in the pictures. You have a somewhat redish colouring of the skin. Sou you should avoid colours like red (obviously), pink, salmon, yellow. Colours like kobalt blue, silver/grey and deep purple would look great on you.
    3: Jackets should fall right below the waist to mid-thigh and never at the widest part of your hips because it will make your hips look wider. Just like with the peplum top, the biker jacket (which had a wrong colour anyway) and the beaded top. The sequined kimone has the right length, it makes you appear slimmer. Just like the wrap dress (however do not over do it with the wrinkels around your tummy. It gives more volume. And that is the last thing you want. A good wrap around top or dress creates some folds over the stomach area and helps you camouflage the tummy.
    4 The best waistline for your apple shape is empire style (which is just under the bust) A line skirts and V neckline make the body appear less rounded. Stay away from halter neck and puffy sleeves. They only make you appear wider.
    5 Wear jackets and blazers open, the vertical lines make you appear longer. So obviously avoid horizontal stripes, which make you rounder. Dress in monochromatic or just a single colour with different shades rather than many colours. Different coloured top and bottom cuts your body in half but monochromes will make you look longer. Darker solid colours tops with small designs make your top half look slimmer. If you really want a top with some pattern, choose ones that have darker colours around the midsection with the pattern along the top to bring the eyes towards your chest and face and away from your tummy. Avoid bold patterns, large checks and light colours above your waist unless you want to look bigger.
    And at last. If you just love a top or dress or what ever clothing piece. It’s to big or to small. A good tailor can always make this clothing item fitting. A good tailor is a womans best friend. Because it’s someone who can make you look amazing. If you’re low on money (which I am most of the time, do to shopping). You should find a sewing course. Where they will learn you the basics of making clothes.

    I hope you take this few tips to heart, because everyone should look great, no matter the size.

    • Alycia

      If you want to be viewed as an authority figure on a particular subject, it’s always a good idea to use appropriate grammar and punctuation when writing about said subject. Failure to do so results in coming off as a less credible source. It was hard to take your comment seriously.

    • Janettwokay

      To MDMFashions: I really enjoyed your comment. You gave some wonderful tips and I’m going to remember them the next time I pull something out of my closet. I oftentimes don’t give a second thought to what I look like to others. For the most part that is okay. But I have a very important function coming up and I need to pay closer attention to clothing that suits my body type. You gave me a lot to think about.

    • MK

      Oh my God. 1960 called, it wants its plus-size style tips back. No lace? No stripes? Monochromatic color schemes?

      Just let her feel good in what she feels good in. Holy heck.

  • Alycia

    Holy moley! So glad your blog popped up when I googled “ASOS clothing true to size?” …I spent a pretty penny on ASOS a few days ago trying it for the first time. As I’m anxiously awaiting my package it hit me that I never read reviews on the fit. Your blog put my mind at ease! Thank you so much!
    PS I think you’re pretty badass for rocking that sequined kimono. :)

    • SandyG


      I just did the same thing…ordered with reading the reviews. I was worried sick too until I found this blog.

  • Mary G.

    I just came across your blog after I placed my order with ASOS. I too ordered a US 22 and I hope I have just as much luck as you did with the fit!

  • Elisa

    Wow, what a great post! Thank you for posting all these different outfits right alongside their counterpart on the ASOS website.

    I LOVE ASOS. I firmly believe that they plus-size line is the best. That isn’t to say I love every piece, but I do like a lot – only wish I could afford to shop there all the time!

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  • Stephanie

    You are awesome. Thank you so much for doing this because I had the same concerns. I will definitely be buying from them thanks to you!!! Have a good one.

  • Taylor

    You are so gorgeous and I loved seeing all these things on you before ordering. Im a little bigger than you and can never tell how it will fit on my body type rather than the “plus size” models that wear it. Thanks!!

  • Beatrice Im

    I love love LOVE this!! Thank you! Sometimes I feel like I have an identity crisis since none of the models look like me and when I wear the clothes I can’t see what I look like. Very cool.

  • Janettwokay

    Emmie, I loved your post. I haven’t purchased much clothing for myself this year but am planning on doing so soon. Your post gave me a lot to think about. Thank you for sharing your purchases with us. :-)

  • Deb

    I have been considering ordering from Asos. Thanks so much for the comparison photos. I am anywhere from size 18-22, so it’s wonderful seeing someone wearing the outfit that actually is a plus size. You look beautiful.

    • Emmie

      Thank you! For most people, myself included, ASOS seems to run quite large. Love the free returns!

  • redfear

    Thank you, thank you for posting pics – makes it SO much easier to decide when can see on a very pretty, real woman!

  • Legs

    I am halfway in love with Asos…..still, the size thing is so weird. I’ve just decided to order everything in the size I think I might wear and the size under and over. They have been really good about all my returns but I have been extra careful in getting proof of mailing and making copies of all the shipping info…even with that little charge for the international money swap, it’s totally worth it IMO…no real shipping costs and no tax. I wish they were more standard on their lengths….I watch the runways, but it tells me nothing. I am 6’3″ and the skirts are longer on me than their 5’10” models.Bizarre. But I want to thank all the bloggers who turned me onto Asos. If it wasn’t for your reviews, I’d never have even tried it.

    • Emily Sandford

      That’s a great idea to just order everything and return what doesn’t work. I tend to do that as well since their sizing is so off. I totally hear you on the lengths. There are some that come to the models knees that are super short on me (and I’m 5’10, so around their height), while other that looks like they’ll be barely covering my rump actually go past the knees. But you’re totally right – little risk. I personally keep some extra shipping bags on hand because I noticed the bags they ship in sometimes for smaller orders seem to fall apart before they get to me.

  • ReaderV

    The Asso top with the embellishments is the #1 selection as far as I can see. Second would be the peplum top. There are getting to be more and more places for plus size women to shop two catalogs to try are Simply Be and Marisota. When the clothing is designed and styled for a larger person, it makes a huge difference. Best ‘o luck to ya!

  • SandyG

    Love your outfits! Quick question, when the item size says US 20 (for example), is that a true US size? I’m confused and super worried as I just ordered some dresses.

    • Emily Sandford

      Hi Sandy – If it says US20 and the brand is ASOS Curve (ASOS carries several brands in plus size), it’s likely to fit like a US18 as ASOS Curve items typically run large. Their New Look items run small (in my opinion), and Carmakoma is true to size. I haven’t tried the Little Mistress brand yet.

  • ro ro

    I am undecided on rather to buy something from Asos I am normally a US size 18w so a little confused please help

  • Tinse

    Wow, what a fantastic post. It’s so nice to be able to see the clothes on someone of my size and shape! (I’m 5 foot 6, a UK 24/26 and I also carry my weight in my lower stomach). I’ve been toying with the idea of ordering from Asos for a while because I’m *so* bored with Evans and their frumpy offerings but I’ve been afraid of wasting money if the stuff doesn’t fit.

    For the record, I think the last picture is the most flattering on you – it’s odd how we see things differently!

  • Judith Foreman

    Hi can anyone help me if you are a retailer? I am looking to find out if anyone knows whether this company is a wholesale company also? I love to sell theses clothes as I will launch my website in November. I have a boutique and really would like to get my hands on theses garments if they are sizes right and well made. Help Please anyone who knows.