Reflecting on Great Changes

I can’t believe it’s December, yet I CAN believe it. It feels like there has been zero time that has passed between this year and last, and the day-to-day always feels like there’s not much going on as far as big changes or news or excitement. My nature is just to do one thing, and move on. There may be the occasional crossing off an item on a checklist, but there is rarely (if ever) a moment where I sit down (or stand up or jump or dance) and go “hell yes! I did something great! I’m awesome! Woohoo!” Instead I tuck it in my pocket and move on, which quite frankly, isn’t all that fun!

My weight loss has been off this year – it got lost in the midst of lots of change, loss of focus, and some mental fatigue. I feel wonderful right now, and my accountability updates are helping keep me focused on the items that need to be in alignment for my fitness journey to continue: food, exercise, and mental state. I have no doubt that I’ll keep trucking along on the path to a long, healthy life.

Other things happened this year though. Big things that I can’t even believe I did. I am fortunate to be in the current issue of Business Lexington (local business newspaper) where I was profiled by the wonderful Kathie Stamps. It was almost like reading the story of someone else.

Emily Sandford of Authentically Social

Would you be so kind to read the article? Clicky! 

See? Big changes. Changes that I never went “woohoo” about, but I mean, leaving my corporate job for the uncertainty of starting a business was a giant, scary, hairy leap!

So how did I end up being able to finally jump? I took a 10 week class from Jenny Blake called “Make Sh*t Happen.” (YES it’s an affiliate link. Don’t click if you don’t want to. I would share this story with or without the link.)


For years I’ve had things on paper that were little glimmers of what I wanted to do “someday.” As time went on, I realized that “someday” would never come unless I turned the ideas into reality. I signed up for the inaugural Make Sh*t Happen course in October of 2011, when I was grasping at straws and so worn out and stressed that I knew I needed to make a change. I didn’t know what that would be or how it would look, but I was looking for coaching beyond the “woo-woo” – the stuff that makes you feel warm and fuzzy, but doesn’t lead to any action. I wanted action and change. I was terrified and didn’t have a plan. I had been a long-time reader of Jenny’s blog, Life After College, and knew she had gone through major changes and made it all work.

It was 10 weeks of tons of reading, watching videos, introspection, and planning. There was constant interaction and hard questions with other people in the course. We all worked on different things, but the process was the same, and it was an amazing experience. It took 4 months for me to sign up for the class, complete it, and launch my business. Forget waiting years until everything fell into place – it was truly a Make Sh*t Happen moment. (Here’s the blog post from that moment if you’re interested)

Fast forward and 3 months later I got to meet with some of the awesome course participants in New York City, where it was really a crazy aha moment for me.


There is a whole bunch of awesomeness in this photo.

Since then, there have been new goals set, lots of accountability emails, calls, and Facebook messages. I cannot imagine for a single moment that I would remotely be anywhere near where I am fulfillment wise without the class, and the amazing people in it (and amazing leader, of course). It’s all led up to the article from this week, and a flood of thankfulness that has come with it.


Everyone else, I can’t recommend the program enough. Anyone who knows me “in real life” has heard me ramble on and on about Make Sh*t Happen. The next class starts in January, and there are only 50 spots available. If you want to learn more about it, visit the Make Sh*t Happen site.

If you have questions about the course, feel free to ask me. If you don’t want to use the affiliate link, that’s totally fine. If you skipped that whole part and just read the article, that’s fantastic. Thank you! 

  • Jill (Lady Lazarus)

    You’ve done amazing things and should be so proud of yourself!

    And that MSH is something I may have to look into. Like you, I have a whole list of ideas and journal scribblings of things I’d love to do but I never know how to actually get them done.

  • thecarbmonster


  • Alexis

    I just found you blog! I’m super excited to keep reading!

  • melissalywc

    Emily – What a great recap of how amazing and life changing MSH is! I am so very honored that I was able to meet in through this course, and count you as a friend now. THANK YOU back!!! You inspire me everyday, and you know that I have an “action item” with your name on it forever now.

  • Ben

    I participated in MHS this year and would also highly recommend it. Not only is it a great way to kickstart a big goal but it also helps establish a new way of thinking that can be applied over and over with those challenging choices and decisions that we all face.

  • Kristi Mout

    So happy to see you are letting yourself enjoy this ‘moment’. You are always so hard on yourself, please truly be proud. YOU ARE AMAZING! and I would’ve rated your performance last week as mostly 9’s not 6’s.

  • Obese Traveler

    Great article! I found you on Igigi I think and have been following your blog for a while. Congrats on the article and you are wearing that dress and smile girl!

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  • Anthony Aadam

    concept is very unique and superb. its different from other I read.

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