Plus Size New Years Dresses

Leading up to Christmas, an old post of mine about new years eve dresses was getting a lot of search traffic, which led me to believe people are looking for fancy items to get gussied up in! I love fancy dresses and things (as evidenced by my most recent Gwynnie Bee selections) and New Years Eve is the perfect time to bust out some lace or sparkle. I’m not sure what I’m wearing this New Years, but these are some of my top picks from my favorite designers:


These are all items I’ve worn and loved. Kiyonna is also running a 50% off special on all sale items, through 1/2/13 (use code SALE50), and free international shipping on 12/26-27.
1. Sweet Luna Lace Dress, Black – $158.00 (my dress review here)
2. Winona Hi-Lo Wrap Dress, Green – $108.00  (my dress review here)
3. Desert Rain Dressy Casual Long Maxi Dress, Burgundy – $128.00  (my dress review here)


IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel
I  haven’t had the pleasure of trying any of these dresses yet, but I’ve loved my most recent IGIGI items. They are running a free ground shipping and free returns for items ordered by 12/31/12
4. Felina dress in red, $160
5. Francesca dress in black, $160
6. Margarita gown in caviar black, $250

tadashi-shoji-new-yearTadashi Shoji
I have such amazing love of Tadashi Shoji dresses. They’re show-stopping and fit beautifully. I haven’t gotten my hands on these particular Tadashi Shoji styles, but here is one that I do have (and adore). Unfortunately, these dresses aren’t available to ship until January 3rd, but still wanted to include them in case you had any other special occasions coming up.
7. Ruched Mesh Cocktail Dress in Tripleberry, $348
8. Paillette Embroidered Lace V-Neck Cocktail Dress in Brown, $368
9. Chiffon Draped V-Neck Gown in Blueberry, $448

*Disclosure: The Kiyonna and IGIGI links are affiliate links. Tadashi Shoji links are not. 

nyeThese are my top 4 outfits on my list for New Years Eve at this point.

What are you planning on wearing?

  • meaghan

    of your top pics – 3 & 4 are my favorite – they are very flattering, #1, is also a great dress, but looks more like stylin’ at the office as opposed to ringing the new year in in style :)

    • Emily Sandford

      Totally hear you about #1. I’m leaning towards 3 – sequins!

  • Rach

    I have #3 from Gwynnie Bee right now, & it’s absolutely stunning. I wore it to sing at a concert earlier in the month, & I got almost as many compliments on the dress as I did on my singing! I think I need to come up with more occasions to wear it.

  • Rachel

    This is a tough decision! My faves are #4 & #8. Can’t wait to see what you choose.

  • thecarbmonster

    Sweet Luna is my style. Love it! You look awesome in all your outfits!

  • Kristi Mout

    go for sequins!

  • Yasmin Alberto

    I’m probably wearing a pair of sweats so I can run around after my four kids and then just fall right into bed at 12:01am!! lol But I think YOU should definitely go for some sequins! NYE is all about the sparkle and the fun – and that outfit is both! You look fabulous!

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  • Becky C

    This is wonderful – I’ve been helping my plus-sized sister look for a formal dress and we’re having trouble finding anything as amazing as she deserves. Thanks for sharing!