Plus Size Fashion with Gwynnie Bee

Plus size fashion from Skinny Emmie

EDIT: I now have a full library of images in Gwynnie Bee clothes I’ve borrowed over the past year. Updated regularly! 

I played pretty-pretty-princess (or as close as I’ll ever come to that) this past weekend, inspired by some AMAZING new arrivals from Gwynnie Bee, the Netflix of clothes. You create a virtual closet on their site and fill it with items you want. You can choose from 1-10 pieces out at a time, and when you send one item back in the pre-paid package, they send out another item from your closet. Easy! Check out all my other Gwynnie Bee posts here.

There’s something about new clothes that just give an extra boost of confidence. I tend to “shop” different with Gwynnie Bee since there’s no risk of something not fitting or me not liking it. I could just send it right back and have more stuff sent to me without any wasted return shipping or hassle. Also, I don’t ever have to worry about cost per wear, so I take more risks. (Cost per wear = cost of the item divided by the number of times you wear it.) For example, there is a sequin tank top in my first look below that I LOVE, but know I wouldn’t wear it once per week to get the cost per wear out of it. Gwynnie Bee to the (fashion) rescue.

Sequin top and moto jacket via Gwynnie Bee


ASOS Curve sequined tank via Gwynnie Bee
MYNT 1792 Nolita Moto Jacket via Gwynnie Bee
Old Navy Premium Denim bootcut jeans
Olivia + Joy handbag (similar)

Gwynnie Bee New Plus Size Looks


Lands End Cowl Neck Sweater via Gwynnie Bee
Old Navy Premium Denim bootcut jeans
Olivia + Joy handbag
Torrid shoes (old)

ASOS Curve red blazer and jeans


ASOS Curve Curved Lapel Jacket via Gwynnie Bee
Old Navy Tee
Old Navy Premium Denim bootcut jeans
Hermes Birkin bag
Tadashi Shoji scarf

ASOS Curve Galaxy Print Top with Cardigan


ASOS Curve Galaxy Print top via Gwynnie Bee
Old Navy boyfriend cardigan
Old Navy Premium Denim bootcut jeans

INC plus size tunic


Style & Co. print tunic via Gwynnie Bee
Old Navy Premium Denim bootcut jeans
Elaine Turner bag

Lands End Plus Size Dress


Lands End dress – Gwynnie Bee has the green (I posted it here) and burgundy
Moon & Lola necklace
Merona pumps

ASOS Curve Studded Sweater Dress


ASOS Curve studded sweater dress via Gwynnie Bee
Old Navy leggings
Lane Bryant booties (old)
Elaine Turner bag

INC. International Concepts Printed faux wrap dress plus size


INC. International Concepts faux wrap dress via Gwynnie Bee
Merona pumps

Want to check out Gwynnie Bee for yourself? You can try out their service for 30 days – completely risk-free. This offer applies to the 1, 2 and 3 garment plans. You won’t be charged unless you continue with the service and you can cancel online at anytime. Simply sign up here and mention Skinny Emmie to take advantage of the free trial offer.

FTC Disclosure: If you sign up for Gwynnie Bee and mention my name, I get credit towards my subscription costs. This is a service I paid for before all of that, so honestly if you don’t sign up through me, no sweat! I just want people to know about it, regardless. 

Thanks to the fabulous Emily Moseley for taking these pictures and making me feel not like an awkward goofball. Photos taken around Barrel House Distillery.

Do you have a favorite look from these items?

Here are all the images:

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  • Rachael Barry

    That purple is an awesome color on you! I really like the funky 80s tunic too.

    • Emily Sandford

      The 80s tunic makes me want a side ponytail

  • goingloopy

    The purple and blue are GORGEOUS on you. I tried out the galaxy tunic also — it was fun to play with, but I didn’t like the butt flaps. I posted a photo here. I love Gwynnie Bee. So much fun…it’s like constant shopping! A question about the premium Old Navy jeans — are they worth the extra cash? And how do the sizes run, comparatively to their regular jeans? I wish I could quit Old Navy, due to their continued refusal to return plus sizes to the stores, but I have tried on every single pair of jeans in a 50 mile radius that would zip, and none of them fit like Old Navy’s.

  • Jessica

    oh wow, love them all. That green and black dress though, I want it. It’s fantastic!

  • Angel in Tx

    I loved the wrap dress and the 80’s top. You look great!

  • pam

    You look gorgeous! Have you considered being a plus size model? You are just beautiful!

    • Shelladawn

      Ditto with Pam, you should be a model. Gorgeous.

      • Catherine

        Another ditto. I love looking at photos of you in these outfits!

  • The Asian Pear

    I LOVE that moto jacket and the cowl sweater. Lovely. You look great in everything!

  • Jennay

    Lovely outfits….I especially <3 the moto jacket and the studded sweater dress!! You look great, Emmie! I'm enjoying your blog so much! =)

  • Rachel Rogers

    The purple sweater is great and looks FANTASTIC on you.

    Do you ever buy pieces that you’ve tried through Gwynnie Bee?

  • Anna

    The purple, red and blue are looking great on you. Great work. Keep it up.


  •!/pattyaizaga Patty

    Love the purple sweater and the green and black dress. All looks are fantastic on you but those two are my favorite. I think as a treat to myself Im going to sign up for Gwynnie Bee when I am debt free in August! :)

  • Kirsten

    Love the wrap dress. So many wrap dresses are just a smidge too short for my liking though (I’m 5 ft 9). My knees are not my favourite thing, so it would be nice to cover them and not lose even more length when you sit down. Tights and boots solve the problem in winter, but even so…

  • You Losing Weight Program

    Good job. Those are nice pics.

  • Julie Long Donahue

    What an awesome idea! Especially when I start dropping sizes and need new clothes constantly!! My only complaint….I don’t see any pants?!?!

  • Emily Sandford

    OMG, I’m laughing so hard at the “butt flap” comment! Never looked at it like that!. Love the purple skirt in your photos as well.

  • billiebawb

    Thanks for sharing friend, so much fun!

  • Shelladawn

    All look great, but the purple top is stunning on you, and I have a thing for blue this year, and that blue dress looks fabulous. Wish we had something like that in Australia, it would be amazing to take risks cos you never know what suits you till you try it on.

    • Emma

      We’ve got Asos Curve in Australia at least though :-)

  • Catherine

    Love all these but I think my favorites are the galaxy print top and the faux wrap dress – you look fantastic! I love the Lands End knit dresses too – in the fall I bought purple, blue and red in the sleeveless version and I’ve worn them all winter with sweaters, tights and scarves. They are SO comfortable!

  • BNandcompany

    web link are very useable and thanks for contacting us.

  • Kenlie

    O.M.G. You look incredible in every. single. outfit…..You are stunning, lady. I hope you know it!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I am a sucker for a good leather (or leather-esque) jacket, so the brown one is definitely my fave!

  • Alyssa Lofgren Curran

    WOW – esp love the red blazer!!! Hot stuff, Em!

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  • Lindsay Hess

    what an awesome idea! I was really sad to discover rent the runway only went up to a 16, I often don’t go to big fashion events here because I don’t want to buy a $300 dress from Nordstroms for one event.

  • Aly ~ Cooking In Stilettos

    I love love love Gwynnie Bee. Fantastic selections and that jacket in the first pic – to die! I love your CPU analogy – I use that all the time, not only for stiletto purchase justifications but also for cookware. It takes away the guilt 😉

  • Molly Pfister

    Your boobs look awesome in the faux leather jacket…

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  • Laura Burks

    I’m OBSESSED with that brown jacket and that GALAXY SHIRT OMG. <3

  • Andreea Claudia Ionita

    hey. what uk size is the jacket?