FitBit Zip Review and Giveaway

The awesome folks at Fitbit sent me a Fitbit Zip eons ago and I finally am writing up my review of this cute little activity tracker (but oh so much more!) Giveaway at the end of this post!

The Fitbit Zip is the third activity tracker I’ve reviewed. For other reviews, check out my assessment of the BodyMedia Fit and the original Fitbit (now replaced with the Fitbit One).

Fitbit Zip

In a nutshell, you wear the Fitbit Zip device anywhere on your body throughout the day to track your steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned. There is a display that you can toggle to see how you’re progressing for the day, and it syncs with an online dashboard as well as some mobile devices. You can use the app or website to log food, add or view activity, and track weight.

Fitbit Zip

Fitbit Activity

Fitbit Activity Example

One day of my tracking activity – 7,647 steps taken

Pros of the Fitbit Zip:

  • The thing is tiny. You can put it nearly anywhere on your body to record movement, so it’s totally inconspicuous. I preferred to wear mine at the middle of my bra where it wouldn’t show under clothing.
  • Wireless syncing. There is a tiny USB dongle I keep plugged to my laptop that syncs when the device is in range. I never had to worry about plugging anything in.
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 App. The app wasn’t available when I first got the Zip, but it recently became available and is awesome. The Zip syncs via Bluetooth with the Fitbit Android app to keep track of my activities. Just one more easy way to have instant access to my data. It also syncs with iPhone 4S/5, iPad 3, and Samsung Galaxy Note 2. All supported devices listed here.
    FitBit Android App
  • Syncs with MyFitnessPal (and other apps). This is probably my favorite feature of the Zip. When I used other devices in the past, I didn’t want to have to enter my food somewhere other than where I normally do, which is on MyFitnessPal. The Zip actually has a 2-way sync with MyFitnessPal, so my activity (from Fitbit) would populate into MyFitnessPal and my nutrition (from MyFitnessPal) would populate onto my Zip dashboard. Fitbit has their own food entry system if you prefer to use it, but I didn’t want to leave my old faithful :) (Also works with LoseIt, SparkPeople, Map My Run, and more)
  • Price: At under $60, this device is one of the most cost effective activity trackers on the market, and provides a lot of value for the money.

Cons of the Fitbit Zip:

  • The thing is tiny: Yes, I mentioned this was a pro above. But on the flip side, the thing is tiny and light and you will most likely throw it in the laundry as I did. Whoops. On the plus side, after pulling it out of the washing machine, it worked just as it had before!
  • Battery Replacement: The battery lasts a long time, however it’s a lithium ion battery (think one of those thin, round watch batteries) that are a little difficult to locate on the fly. It’s a tradeoff from having to charge the device, so this is totally a personal preference. 
  • Sleep Tracking: If you are looking for sleep tracking, you should go with a different model like the Fitbit One as the Zip doesn’t track sleep. Again, personal preference on whether or not this is important to you.
  • Weight Training: My workouts are a mix of strength and conditioning work, but aren’t on the typical cardio machines. After a workout, I would only see a small blip on my activity monitor because my work wasn’t necessarily around steps taken. It was disheartening to see that according to the device, I didn’t work much. (But my soaked shirts and heart rate proved otherwise).
  • Can’t cure forgetfulness. My biggest problem in using the device wasn’t the device itself, it was actually remembering to put it on every day. This is a common theme with me and all tracking devices, so I’m not surprised.

Overall impressions:

This is a really easy-to-use, functional tracking device at a good price. If you’re looking for something to keep you accountability with your daily activity goals, this is the perfect device. You can easily see at any time how many steps you’ve taken, and approximately how many calories you’ve burned. I have a problem with the whole calories in/calories out argument, so I personally don’t use it to see if I should lose weight this week by hitting my activity goals. It’s taken a long time for me to stop getting frustrated at the numbers that might pop up on a screen if I’m trying to hit some imaginary goal. This has zero to do with this product itself, just a mindset I’ve had to put myself in while using tracking devices such as this.

The ease of use of this device plus the syncing with multiple apps and smartphones is awesome. It  “plays well with others” which I think is a great approach to a fitness device that should appeal to a wide amount of people. When you look at your Fitbit halfway through the day and see you’ve only taken 800 steps (I wish this weren’t true, but it’s common for a desk-dweller like myself), you better believe it will motivate you to get up and move around!

The Fitbit Zip, or any tracking device for that matter, isn’t a necessity to being successful with your fitness goals, but it’s a fun item that might help get you more excited about them.

Ready to win your own Fitbit Zip? Enter using the widget below. Open to US residents only. Giveaway closes on 4/18/13 at midnight.

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DISCLOSURE: Fitbit provided their product for review at no cost to me. As always, all opinions are unfiltered, honest, and strictly my own. I endorse Blog With Integrity. For my full disclosure policy, click here.

  • Melinda Ott

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  • Sarah

    Would love to try a Fitbit! Have wanted one forever!

  • Jen

    I’m looking for something that tracks more stuff and I don’t have to plug in. That is a bonus because I can go days with my ActiveLink not plugged in and I don’t get to see that “credit”.

  • Less

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  • Sheena

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  • Cindy Corliss

    This review was really helpful and informative. I’ve been looking into getting a tracker and now I know way more about it than I did from reading the products websites. It’s really interesting about the weights and resistance training not being “tracked.” That is unfortunate. I do like that it syncs w/ MFP. Thank you for taking the time to share!

  • Lisa Gleason

    I have wanted a fit bit for a long time! I would use it to be more aware of the activity I am getting.

  • StacyL

    I want one so bad to see how many calories I burn in Zumba!

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    oooooo, this is interesting! I haven’t considered using something like the fitbit. Might be super helpful….

  • Shauna

    Great review Emmie! Very balanced and thorough :) I am hoping they sell the wristband one in the UK as surely I won’t wash THAT one.

  • Anita Silcox Cook

    I’ve never used anything like this – sounds like something I that would help me a lot!

  • Meredith Palfrey

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    I currently use the ActiveLink through Weight Watchers. However, I’m not opposed to trying something new! I love fitness gadgets!

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    I would most look forward to seeing progress! I think it would be super motivating to see results of hard work each workout. :) Fingers crossed!

  • Rachel R.

    I’m super-curious about how many calories I burn during the day – I feel like I set it too low on MFP, so I would look forward to being more accurate!

  • Jennifer

    I would love to see how many calories I actually burn in a day.

  • T-Rex Runner

    I’d love to see how many calories I burn when I run! I currently have no idea and don’t find the estimates to be very helpful.

  • Ashley Harris

    I would love to be able to find a way to track how many calories I burn in a workout. I do exercise videos a lot of times and there’s no way to know how much you’re burning without something like a Fitbit. Being someone that has very limited income, I can’t really justify going out and spending money on one of these so winning one would be amazing! Over the last year I’ve lost 23 pounds and 2 pant sizes. I know with one of these little numbers, I could reach my goals faster and maybe one day soon, be at a healthy weight.

  • Misty

    Would love to give it a try! I’ve been doing some running lately, so this would be a great fit for me right now!

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    I think I’d like to know just what sort of movement I was doing through the day… I’m in the middle of losing weight (still much, much more to go…) and can always use help!

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    I work at a standing desk, so I’ve always wondered how much extra fidgeting I do every day.

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    I’ve been wanting to get a fitbit forever! Bonus points because it’s pink. :)

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    I love my fitbit but my fiance wants one and we just don’t have the money… would be great for us to be able to track together and as we are so competitve it could push us further!

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  • Rachael

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    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3, I would love to have a monitor like this that can sync with my phone, it woudl be so handy when I’m on the go or traveling to keep all my information in one place. That is the downfall of my current HRM that it only keeps info in the watch which I don’t like to keep on except for when I’m working out.

  • Jess

    I love the syncing features…very neat.

  • Chris N

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    I have always wanted to try this! This is a great giveaway! I am a gadget type of girl and like to see numbers (burned, walked, etc). Great blog!

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    Would love to see how much better it is than the trad pedometer. I can’t get near 10000 steps yet but I’m going to keep trying!

  • Katie

    I’ve never used a calorie-based activity monitor before so I’ve never known how many calories I actually expend moving around all day! I need something to encourage me to get up from my desk and not sit at the office all day!

  • Gryph

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    I have been looking into getting one of these! This is a great giveaway and I loved your review!

  • Jessica

    Extra motivation!

  • Randall Kowalik

    Looks interesting… sign me up! Seems like something you could stick just about anyplace, in a pocket, belt, backpack, purse, even side of your shoe. When riding a stationary bike at the gym, I’ve attached a pedometer to the side of my shoe, and it counts steps just as if I was walking.

  • Krissy Rick

    Being able to better calculate calories burned and being able to sync with mfp.

  • Pam Culver

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    The accountability and goal reaching that it would have me strive for :)

  • Patricia Mitchell Presley

    Thanks for your review! I’ve been wondering about these little trackers.

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    I love that it syncs wirelessly!

  • Patricia Mitchell Presley

    The thing I would look forward to most is the convenience of having my calories in and out tracked.

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  • Emily

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  • Brooke: Not On A Diet

    I currently have a Weight Watchers ActiveLink but hate how it doesn’t track my steps. I’d love the Fitbit Zip to aid me in reaching a step goal.

  • Ames

    I have friends that swear by their Fitbit. It is free to use unlike Weight Watchers version.

  • Laurie

    A co-worker of mine has a FitBit One and she loves that thing. Sad to say I think I would actually be more motivated to work out if I had something like this…Especially if it played some kind of musical fanfare when I was finished! Yay me!

  • Lindsey Marquez

    Goals. They are something I think we all have but for me personally, I don’t always work hard enough to achieve them. The Fit Bit would give me the extra push I need to make my goals a reality. The convince of it is an extra bonus. Thank you so much for this give away opportunity!!

    Love, Lindsey

    My blog~

  • Lisa Gaska

    I’ve heard about FitBits, I would love to try it! Def. would motivate me!

  • Kerri

    Love that it syncs to My Fitness Pal!

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    i would love more accurate calorie output!

  • Ginny

    lose weight, thanks!

  • Denise Elliott

    Not entering because I have a Fitbit One but weighing in to say that the combination of my Fitbit with MyFitnessPal has really changed my life. I track my food, activity, and weight – we have the Fitbit Aria wireless scale, too – consistently now and have found it really helpful for pinpointing where I can improve my behavior in order to get a healthier result.

  • colleen boudreau

    Getting fit!

  • Angela

    I have heard about this device. Would make me more accountable !!

  • ::stephchows::

    I’d be interested in seeing the calories burned, just for curiosity sake. I get why you didn’t use that part though

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    Since having started counting my calories I would really be interested in seeing how much I burn through out the day. Especially on days I work out verses days I don’t..

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    Ive wanted one of these things for so long. I would love to have some real accountability!

  • Katie

    I am also a desk dweller but try to get up as much as possible. I think seeing my steps increase will definitely encourage me to take the long way. :)

  • Lizabeth Arena

    I’ve never seen this tiny one! Perfect for my everyday!

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    I would love the accountability that comes with a device like this. Plus, I love all sorts of tech-y gadgets and all things health and fitness, so when they are combined I get uber geeky about it!

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    I would love to be able to keep track of general movement to get an idea of just what I do do.

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    • Melinda W


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    I would be really interested to see when I’m most active (besides in the gym) and how many steps I take. I use MFP so not logging something else would be marvelous!

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    I love that it works with MyFitnessPal and the wireless syncing is awesome!

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    I think the accountability would help to motivate me.

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  • Vicki Hale

    I really need to see the number of steps I don’t take. How unexercisable I am! Vicki

  • Stephen Miller

    This looks like fun! I have a similar device from a sports company, but I use it only for workout, since it syncs automatically to my iPhone and would drain my battery totally if used through the day. I always wondered how many steps do i take :)

  • Christine Mayfield

    I would look forward to seeing how many daily steps I have taken and beating that goal the next day if I had a fitbit zip

  • Arlene Hittle

    I’d love to have the computerized feedback to compare/contrast. I currently wear a pedometer that tracks my steps, and will store totals for 7 days, but there are no fun charts or anything.

  • Nikki Greiert

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  • wendy budrow

    Denise sent me. I would look forward to seeing…in black and white…how inactive I really am. Room for improvement.

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  • Bobbie W.

    I would love the personalized feedback.

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  • Steffers516

    having a reminder to continue moving !!

  • Karen H.

    Seeing my progress throughout the day.

  • Denise

    I would look forward to not hearing my husband say anymore, You really ought to get a Fitbit! (He has one and has become something of a missionary about it!)

  • Cindy Houser

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  • Almadden

    I would love to win this to wear to work everyday!

  • Guilt Cookies

    You had me at wireless

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  • Nikki

    I would love to know how many steps I take a day. It would give me motivation to get to 10,000 steps and incorporate more workout time if needed.

  • Mia

    I would love to have constant updates on what I am doing to help my body throughout the day!

  • Karen Banken

    I’d love the motivation to move more (and the fact that it automatically syncs with MyFitnessPal)!

  • Leslie jordan

    I would like to know exactly how hard I work while at work.

  • Robin Holt

    I love that it automatically syncs with MyFitnessPal and that it’s so tiny. :)

  • JenM

    Syncing with MyFitnessPal is awesome! And I like that it sounds like it would work far better than the typical pedometer does. I’ve never found one that’s even remotely accurate, and I’m pretty sure that’s because they just don’t sit in the right spot on my large body :(

  • Melissa McMurchy

    Would love to have a fitbit. I have heard they are wonderful and love how small and compact they are.

  • Lisa T

    What a great device. And I get all tiny batteries like that online. Battery Bob is pretty cheap though I suppose there are others.

  • Lisa T

    Oh – and I would look forward to seeing how I am really doing in exercise each day. I don’t currently have a tracker of any sort.

  • Jennifer Stewart

    I would love to give this a try and see what I actually burn throughout the day!

  • Jennay

    I would so love to be able to keep track of my activity everyday! Right now I’m using a app on my android…but it doesn’t always work correctly. Thanks for the opportunity to win one! =)

  • Hillary

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  • Maeve

    This is awesome! I love numbers…always have my runkeeper on and am one of those crazies who counts how many monthly subway rides I take so that I can see what my cost-per-ride was on a monthly pass. I’d love to use my number-love to improve my health, so the Fit-bit would be awesome to win!

  • Amanda

    This would help with tracking everything in one place!

  • Maryke

    I would love this! I bought a cheaper pedometer a while back, but it was far from accurate

  • Jill (Lady Lazarus)

    I’ve always wanted a FitBit! I need to move more during the work week (I have a desk job) and feel like this would be a great motivator!

  • Helen T

    I’ve never used a tracker of any kind, and wasn’t ever all that interested in investing in one, but this one definitely has me tempted because of the whole syncing with MFP and other apps – and also the wireless bluetooth sync to computer, etc. The less I have to think about it, the more likely I’d actually do it, lol.

  • Khaleef Crumbley

    I have tried to use pedometers in the past, but I have always been too fat (my BMI has always been too high)! I need to work on becoming more active on days that I am not actually working out. I want to have a more active lifestyle

  • Chelsea Ann

    Would LOVE this for work and working out! Every pedometer I have tried hasn’t worked well :(

  • Andrea

    I would LOVE to win this. I just had my second child a month ago and would love to hop back on the fitness wagon and get in shape! This would be so much help!

  • Jen

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  • Terry Sz

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  • Laura Gould

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  • Dominique

    I feel like the FitBit would be a bit more accurate than my WW Activity Tracker.

  • SaraKayKay

    I would most look forward to being able to know exactly the level of activity I put in each day. I have a sit down job, but go to the gym 5 days a week, and never really know my calories out or even the distance I get to, besides the machines that give you distance. I started at 362lbs in January and am down to 315lbs as of Saturday doing WeightWatchers, and would totally love one of these! Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Marsha Perdue

    I would most look forward to being able to finally have something tell me about my exercise and how I am really doing in my journey to burn calories and raise my heart rate. I would also love to track my activity throughout my day. This would be so wonderful to have and I can only hope that I can win it :)

  • Heather

    I think this would be more accurate than the traditional pedometer that I’m using. I’ve tried many and I feel like this would help me be more accountable with the daily numbers.

  • Liz

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  • becca

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  • Vera K

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  • Lori K

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  • j

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  • Asmaa

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  • Chelsey Lewis

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  • Mending Jen

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  • Noel Depp

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  • Kendra

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  • Kelly (with a y)

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  • Jean

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  • Brittney Luna Marie Bertrand

    Awesome Review! I look forward to counting my steeps!

  • Alexandra

    I had the original FitBit, and now I have the FitBit Ultra, and while I like the devices, I’m not a fan of having to charge them on the base station. I think I’d actually prefer a battery-powered device like the Zip. Thanks for the review! :-)

  • Guest

    Great review. I have been wondering about the Zip.

  • Mary Ann Hawthorne

    I would love to be able to just keep track of my daily activity and use the FitBit as a tracker but also a reminder to be active.

  • Kelly Olsakovsky

    I think I’d really enjoy being able to see progress (even if it’s not calculating strength training.) I’m competitive, so I’d enjoy seeing how much I could beat my own “records.”

  • Sarah Gamble

    I’d love to see how many steps I take while working. :)

  • TexInTheCity

    AND it’s available on the Android platform?! SCORE!

  • Amelia Moore

    This device seems really cool and something that a girl like me could keep up with. So awesome. Even if I don’t win one, I may have to buy one!

  • Mary K

    Oh man! I have a job that requires me to be out in the community a lot, reading (and dancing) with preschoolers, and I do Zumba at least 3 times a week. Would love to be able to track my activity and up it!

  • Kia Ru

    Playing with the metrics seems fun.

  • Alyssa Lofgren Curran

    I am so not loving my Polar after a lot of heart rate reading issues, and my Gaiam HR monitor won’t even turn on – so I’d love to give the zip a go!

  • Kristin e

    Love that it would work with my iPhone and is super small- sounds seriously handy!

  • Jessica Canaday

    I think for me the fitbit would be all about reaffirming and motivation. Sometimes I feel like I’m not doing “enough” or moving “enough”. Would be neat to have something that shows “Hey, you got off your bum today!” Plus I’m still a bit of a spaz when it comes to caloric burn-age so that would be an awesome bonus!

  • Jessica Dickey

    I would look forward to being able to track everything and use it with my iPhone!

  • Jess K

    I want it!

  • Sonny

    Being able to view the calories I burn every day!

  • Shaina

    love the fitbit. i’ve been meaning to buy one to track my activities!

  • Jessica Hays

    I have been eyeballing these for months

  • Laurie Hunt

    I have been wanting one of these for so long. I’d love to win one….thanks for your review.

  • Laura

    Do you know if it will sync with ?