Hubs 95 pound weight loss

June 17, 2013

Back in October 2011, my husband wrote a guest post here chronicling his 66 pound weight loss. I snapped a photo of him last week and was just shocked at how small he looked. I mean, I see him every day, so the transformation isn’t nearly as drastic until you put the photos side by side:

He’s lost a total of 95 pounds. Our journeys have been really different, and I think it’s a great example of how different people thrive doing different things. He’s never set foot into a gym, and prefers walking and biking on the recumbent bike for exercise. He reduced the frequency of eating out and cut out alcohol. He works on his feet all day (he’s a nurse) so he’s active nearly all day from sun up to sun down. On his days off, he spends lots of time doing yard work for us or for his mom, or playing tennis with our nieces.

I just wanted to give him a shout out. He’s awesome.

  • Emily

    WOW! What an amazing transformation. Way to go, hubs!!

  • M.A. Donohue

    He looks great!

  • Dre

    This is great stuff! Excellent transformation.

  • Rebecca

    Wow! He looks like a different person! It’s very cool that you are able to support each other on the path to being healthier. Thanks for sharing his story and the inspirational photos!!

  •!/pattyaizaga Patty

    Congrats to hubby! Nice job! :)

  • Jody R. Goldenfield

    Fantastic! Congrats to him!!!!

  • Jonathon Dunrobin

    I am impressed, I know the mental strength required to achieve results like this – anyone can do it! BUT……I agree, how we do it varies from person to person

  • Ashley C

    Wow, great job!

  • Vanessa

    Amazing! And what a cute dog (your hubby is handsome too).

  • Barbara Davis

    Amazing! Congrats to him!

  • koyaolayinka

    congrats to him and you

  • Glenn Dickstein

    Congratulations to him. Let the side by side pictures be a source of inspiration.

  • Chetney

    He looks great! Shout out to your hubs!! Mine doesn’t need to lose weight, but he’s cleaned up his eating habits and runs with me three to four days a week. Shout out to my hubby too! <3

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