Giveaway: Reebok Spartan Race Entry

It seems to surprise my friends who know me for my aversion to “roughing it” outdoors and girly-girl character that I’ve wanted to do a mud run/obstacle course race for a while. I’m even signed up to do a Tough Mudder in October, however with my impending ankle surgery, it looks like I’m going to be relegated to the sidelines cheering on my teammates Roni and Alan.

If you share my curiosity about these obstacle races, I’m sure you’ve heard of the Reebok Spartan Race. It’s been voted the #1 obstacle race by Outside Magazine and are the global leader in obstacle racing since 2005. Unlike most obstacle races, there are varying distances of Spartan Races so you can pick the one that will challenge you just enough without destroying you. I like the idea that you can start at the sprint distance (3+ miles) and then work your way up to the Ultra Beast Marathon (26+ miles) if you’re crazy ambitious.

There are loads of dates in the US and Canada that are already on the schedule through 2014. Here are some upcoming ones where I know some of y’all live:

  • Virginia – Super Spartan (8+ miles) – 8/24 and 8/25
  • Philadelphia – Spartan Sprint (3+ miles) – 9/28
  • Milwaukee – Spartan Sprint (3+ miles) – 11/2
  • Nebraska – Spartan Sprint (3+miles)  – 10/12

Ready to sign up for a Reebok Spartan Race near you? Use this link and save 15% off your race entry. Or, enter the giveaway below to win 1 entry to any Reebok Spartan Race on the 2013/2014 calendar that has open heats (events sell out, so those aren’t eligible). Just follow the instructions in the widget to get entered to win. Giveaway period is 7/22/13-7/27/13 at midnight.

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  • Courtney @ The Healthy Lane

    A Spartan Race really sounds intimidating to me. Do you know if people of all fitness levels compete or is it just mainly really fit people? I think by April 2014 I could be ready for one. Maybe?

    • Emily Sandford

      I think a Sprint distance would be a great start. I have friends who have done Tough Mudders (11+ miles) and swore I could do it (though I don’t know if I entirely believe them) as you can proceed even if you can’t complete an obstacle.

      • Courtney @ The Healthy Lane

        Thanks. I could do the 30 burpees once or twice, but would probably be toast after that. There never is any harm in trying though. Right? When I walked a half-marathon a couple of years ago I was worried about being embarrassed about not finishing. To my surprise I found the atmosphere much more welcoming than I had anticipated. If I had not finished I realized there wouldn’t have been anything to be embarrassed about. Attempting a Spartan would probably be the same thing. Definitely would go with the Sprint distance..

  • Stephanie

    I normally a lurker, but the Spartan race seems like a ton a fun. :)

  • cerealkiller

    My husband and I are ADDICTED to mud runs. 3-4 miles is pretty easy and you feel like a total bad*** when you get over a tough obstacle!

  • Patti Fuchs

    I’ve done the Warrior Dash twice, the Run for Your Life (zombie run), the the Tough Mudder recently, as well as a couple regional mud runs of varying length (3 to 6 miles). Hubby and I also do Adventure Races, but that’s a different kind of thing. Definitely need to add the Spartan to the resume. But if I’m not mistaken, isn’t the Spartan the one where you do 30 burpees if you can’t complete an obstacle? Good times. 😉

    As for those wondering what kinds of people you see at these events; at the 5K and under races, ALL KINDS. The super-fit to the not-so-much. I’ll be honest, when I did the Tough Mudder, there wasn’t really anyone there you wouldn’t expect to see, I guess. But at the 5Ks, everyone is out there having a good time and SHOULD be!

    • Emily Sandford

      holy cow. Yes, looks like 30 burpees for every obstacle not completed with the Spartan Race

      • Patti Fuchs

        Yeah, that’s why quite honestly, when I had to choose between the Tough Mudder or the Spartan for my first 10-12 miler, I went with the Tough Mudder. I’ve been told that due to the lack of “penalties” and the fact that the Tough Mudder is not timed (I think the Spartan is) there tends to be a lot more camaraderie and strangers-helping-strangers than at the Spartan. And there certainly was…many of the obstacles at the Tough Mudder cannot be completed by anyone except the fittest of the fit, without a hand/leg-up from a teammate or kind stranger. It was an incredibly fun, we’re-all-in-this-together event.

        That said, gotta try ’em all. :)

        Oh, and a far as an entry level mud-run, I always recommend the Warrior Dash as the most beginner-friendly.

  • Dacia

    I signed up for a Sprint Spartan Race for October but I would love to win another entry so I can do another one in 2014 :)

  • Heather Blake

    So glad I found your blog (from T-rex runner)!

    I haven’t done an obstacle race but want to try one. I would do one around the Carolinas or within driving distance.

  • lindsay

    I want to do Milwaukee. It’d be my first

  • Paola Osorio

    I’ve never done anything like this but I’m up for the challenge.

  • crystalb

    This would be my first obstacle race. I would do it in Austin.

  • LizzB

    I just googled what examples of the obstacles are. And I’m pretty sure I can’t do one burpee without dying. So naturally, I’m in! Lol. Actually, Ian challenged me to do one next summer and I said yes. *eek* So having an ENTRY in my possession might give me what I need to train in earnest. I am scared. to. death.

  • Katie

    I have fallen in love with obstacle races! My husband and I have done 3 this year. We are really looking forward to the Spartan Sprint in Tampa!!

  • Seth

    I’ve previously participated in the Primal Mud Run. I’d like to try the Spartan Race in the Boston area.

  • Jeff

    Just ran the PA Spartan Sprint on July 13th followed by the R3 Ops run on July 20th….I’m hooked!!!

  • Jeff

    Really hoping to do the Super in NJ this year!

  • Liz @ The Shrinking Owl

    I would love to try this.

    • Liz @ The Shrinking Owl

      Oh, I’ve never done it before, but I’d give it a try in Philadelphia.

  • Alberto Medellin

    I’ve done several obstacle courses. I’m hoping to return to the site of my first spartan Race in December for the Spartan Beast in Texas.