#exposed – 2013 Edition


In October 2010, I noticed a bunch of my favorite bloggers participating in the #exposed movement. They were showing and celebrating their bodies and the incredible things they can do. The movement was started by Mish in 2009, and it was such an inspirational thing to see and read celebratory things about bodies. Check out her post and link to many other #exposed posts here. I was scared shitless, but really wanted to jump in as I had just finished my first couple of 5K’s and was feeling particularly brave. Check out my first #exposed post here.

Mish announced she was having an #exposed week again, the first time in a few years. It came time for me to snap photos for this years post, and I grappled with myself. You can demonstrate #exposed however is comfortable to you. There are no requirements, other than celebration of your body. I pondered: how much do I show? What if people think it’s gross? Maybe I shouldn’t really expose myself on the internet?

You see, this is how bodies like mine are commonly shown throughout online and offline media: covered up face, uncomfortable pose, connotation of shame:

#exposed movement

To be more realistic, I should have also thrown some bullet points over my body talking about how this person is a ticking health time bomb with no self control or respect.  

Instead, I stood in front of the camera in my bikini and smiled. My left leg is soft from ankle surgery, but I’m standing on both feet. I praise my body for that. I have folds of skin under my arms and inner thighs, but they exist because I lost weight to make me feel better. My ankle now has a scar, but the body it’s on finished a half marathon.


If you were to ask me 3 years ago what my body would look like today, I wouldn’t have imagined this. I’m actually not sure what I would have imagined: probably something smaller and smoother. But I don’t look at these photos and see shame. Not in the least. So perhaps the real progress has been made where no one can see: my brain.

Check out links to other #exposed posts here. 

Are you participating in #exposed? Link below so others can see!

  • Meg Kelly

    Emmie, you rule! I’m loving the #exposed movement. #inspired

  • carla birnberg

    ok I got chills after reading this. mainly because I feel Im moving away from FITNESS BLOGGING **because** of the fact people might see our photos and NOT SEE how Ive backslid tremendously and youve made major strides forward. The superficiality can be stifling and blinding at times.

  • Jill L

    You (and your writing) is beautiful :)

  • http://www.whippletgood.blogspot.com/ Beverly

    AND you have a huge genuine smile on your face! I think that is the most special of all. Way to go!!!!! :)

  • Lana McCoy

    You’re so amazing and beautiful! Thank you for sharing your heart in this post. I really admire you!

  • hward

    Awesome post. Awesome smile!!!!!

  • http://www.laurayamin.com/ Laura Yamin

    You are amazing! I am so so inspired!

  • Jennifer

    You look fantastic, Emmie! Thank you for being such an inspiration.

  • Kathi Nave Corbett

    As always, you amaze me and inspire me. You are beautiful!!

  • http://www.coilylocks.com/ Alisha

    Found your post via twitter and I just LOVE it! I bought a bikini at the end of Summer as motivation for Spring Break and actually LOVE how I look in it.right.now! Great post and hats off to you for running a 5K because I hate running…LOL!

  • Kel Sanchez

    You are 100% pure inspiration !

  • Taffy Activewear

    Great post and project! You are a positive inspiration in a judgmental world!

  • sandra J

    You look wonderful. Thanks for sharing bravely! You inspire me to keep going to the gym with all the skinny minnies.

  • melissyk

    That smile says it all. I just love this. So much. xoxo

  • ChelseaAnn

    A true inspiration inside and out!! Thank you for showing the world your stunning self <3

  • cherylann

    why people feel the need to do this because they think it’s going to help them in some way is beyond me…

    • http://goingloopy.wordpress.com/ goingloopy

      Because it DOES help them in some way. It helps them look in the mirror and find something there besides hate. It helps OTHER PEOPLE look in the mirror and find something there besides shame and hate. What, the only pictures of people in less than full-coverage anything that should be posted are ones that have been airbrushed, or are taken of people who either have a staff devoted to their appearance or are genetically lucky? Your comment is why. Because the more we see bodies that don’t all look alike, the more we see people who don’t all look alike, the more we see of normal people, the less we may teach the next generation to shame others and to shame themselves into living lives that are less than fulfilling because of something they see in the mirror.

      PS – Emmie, I think you are beautiful inside and out and I have serious swimsuit envy.

      • Abby


    • Mabel Ming

      You do realize your photo is of you in a sports bra…

      • cherylann

        It’s a yoga top and I am 60 and proud of my muscles and not asking for help or trying to change my body in any way.

        • rabid1

          Did you ever stop to think that maybe she is proud of her body too? And no where in this blog did I see her asking for help or say anything about trying to change her body. She is simply accepting it. If it’s ok for you, it’s ok for her too.

          • cherylann


          • freetree

            You’re sixty. you say, – Uh !! with the intelligence of a six yr old…I SAY… ( uh…sure…whatev.)

          • cherylann

            Thank you!

          • cherylann

            at least….!

    • Abby

      I am not sure why people do this, but Emmie just explained why she did. Now, my question is…why are you here commenting? We are protective of our Emmie.

  • Jody R. Goldenfield

    LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are amazing – you really are!!!

  • Tamara Grand

    So happy to see you participating in this amazing challenge Emmie! When I look at your pictures (and those of the other participants), I see a strong, caring and energetic woman who’s afraid of NOTHING! xo

  • Mish @ Eatingjourney

    Thank you so much for participating again in this amazing movement. Your embody the word ‘life’. I think that Miz put it perfectly and I’ve often felt that the size of our spirit of the tenacity of how we live is the MOST important…because I’ve lost track of it for a long time. Love it for stacks of reasons and I’m glad that we’ve re-connected through this! xo

  • SassySarah

    LOVE that suit print! You go girlie!!:)

  • http://www.divinemrsdiva.com/ Hailey

    You are absolutely beautiful inside and out. And very much an inspiration.

  • http://musingsofmaia.blogspot.com/ Maia

    I’m so proud of you. You inspire me daily :)

  • Ashley S @ showmeashley

    I just want to thank you, not only did you inspire me to start blogging my weight loss journey, admit my weight online, and take control. You inspired me to take pictures of my body. I did not see this post but I took pictures of myself yesterday in a bikini i want to fit into, and had the same questions, do i post online? Is this ok? Do I cover my face? I can not thank you enough for all your inspiration :)

  • thomandalicia

    Your a rockstar!

  • Cynthia Ravenshaw

    Gorgeous and fearless!

  • georgia

    You really are amazing and my inspiration. From the moment I discovered your blog it was like my own thoughts were being put out there, so thanks for that. What a truly beautiful woman you are.

  • The T-Rex Runner

    I am seriously so impressed. Just thinking about doing this makes me want to crawl into a hole and die. I love how happy you look in those pictures! You are stunning!

  • http://oatmealafterspinning.com/ Lauren @Oatmeal after Spinning

    I adore you, Emily!! You are so beautiful and I admire your honesty and vulnerability. It would take A LOT for me to post a photo of me in a bikini!!

  • Steph

    You are beautiful Emmie – fearless, inspirational and beautiful!

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  • gwynthfair

    Beautiful. Thank you. Half-Marathon: Amazing.

  • Anasuya Kumaran Schmetzer

    I think you are absolutely beautiful inside and out!

  • Mandy

    Your confidence and grace are an inspiration. Thank you!

  • http://twitter.com/#!/pattyaizaga Patty

    I love every word of this post, your smile, your confidence, your beautiful self and that you see you like I see you…absolutely gorgeous and amazing. Love you babe!

  • Jess

    You are filled with Beauty–on the inside and out. Your authentic self that you share with us each day is an inspiration! Thanks!

  • Meshel Lewinski

    You look beautiful! Thank you for being brave.

  • Anne in Austin

    You’re an inspiration. Thank you! May you continue to enjoy blessings of health, wealth and happiness!

  • Emmy Eyre

    Beautiful! I can’t imagine the courage necessary to post a pic in your underwear at any size or shape, so you go girl! You’ve already got my respect for that! You look fantastic and I love your blog.

  • nattastic

    Awesome! I know what courage it takes to expose yourself so publicly, and I applaud you for it. Also, I LOVE the print on that bikini!

  • Abby

    You are absolutely gorgeous. All I can see past that mega watt smile are some great shoulders, some damn strong legs and an awesome bikini in between. Bodies really are great. Glad you are loving yours. I love mine too. You help with that. Thank you. :)

  • Jennifer

    Proud of you! This took some courage and I’m so impressed.

  • Megan Bryant

    I soooo admire your courage to post this photo. You are just beautiful. I know this would not be an easy thing for anyone to do, especially us curvier girls!

  • Ray

    You go girl!

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  • http://livegreenchic.com/ Kelly @livegreenchic

    This is inspirational and a true reminder that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes!

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  • trudger

    Inspired! Thanks!

  • http://WWW.reinventedby.me/ Samantha

    I wish you could know how much this post made me smile.

  • Lea Goossen

    Great post, thanks for sharing! Your pictures are lovely!

  • Helena

    Wonderful :)

  • runfromthecouch

    I almost cried reading this post. It is beautiful and courageous. Thank you.

  • beth littel

    i had the same issue but i went too herizon wellness and weightloss they do non surgical lipo i really loss inches my first visit most companies just try too get your money they are in charlotte nc

  • Emily

    I love your swin suit! Such a cute pattern :)

  • Nancy Kritkausky

    You are such an inspiration! You post really touched me and I am so glad I came across your blog.

  • Alan Ali

    You are awesome!!! :)

  • Jennifer Dome

    So proud of you & so inspired by you! You rock! Thanks for this post & for showing us how awesome we can be, no matter our size or shape. (Also, KILLER bikini!!!)

  • Caroline

    You’re awesome. Brain progress (or healing) is the most amazing thing that can happen to any of us. Love from France

  • melissa

    This made me tear up. You’re incredible.

  • www.fatties2fitties.co.uk

    how inspiring – I have just found your blog and have enjoyed looking around and seeing things from your perspective!