Transparent Tuesday: Tomato Face Edition

Hello and welcome to another edition of #TransparentTuesday! (Imagine I just read that sentence to you in some crazy announcer voice.) During #TransparentTuesday,  we remove the rosy filters of social media and share real life. Share your posts in the comments below for all to see. Or, share on social media and tag #TransparentTuesday.

Post-workout tomato face

HELLOOOOO tomato face! And what’s up with my hair? Phew. This is from today’s workout, where in order to get up and get dressed to make it on time, I dunked my face in ice cold water. It did the trick and woke me up. You know it’s bad though when your butt already hurts just 4 hours after your workout. I might be penguin-waddling tomorrow.

As an update to last week’s Transparent Tuesday, I finally got around to fixing the ever-leaking-toilet, only to have it take 3 hours and to have me assemble and disassemble it 2.5 times. It required taking the tank off (I replaced all the insides) and was just much more of a chore than I had imagined. But now, no more leaky toilet so I claim victory.

My birthday is coming up much faster than anticipated and I’m falling into that “I have no friends, boo hoo” kind of mode I usually fall into around my birthday. I DO have friends, it’s just harder as an adult to keep connected. Takes a lot of effort. Or is that just me?

Last but not least, today they announced they’re opening both a Cheesecake Factory (I know, not the healthiest) AND a H&M in my city. I was irrationally overjoyed at this news.

That’s all the transparency I’ve got for today. Anything you want to share?

  • LHA

    Oh how I dread that Cheesecake Factory coming to town! They have great food which is ridiculously high in calories and fat.

  • Michelle

    It’s not just you! It is totally hard to stay connected as an adult…and I’ve been one for more years than I care to count! (At least chronologically that is!)

  • Valerie Mills

    Real life is being on the phone for an hour trying to straighten out a new medical policy submitted with a clerical error I was not responsible for. Annoying!

    Amazing – there really is a restaurant called The Cheesecake Factory! i thought Penny worked at a TV restaurant on the big bang theory.

  • PerfectImperfect

    I thought you were showing your post-workout face and I was going to tell you that mine is always much redder — because it’s all about comparisons, right? Happy birthday early — I’m sure all your online friends would happily take you out for a drink, if that were possible.

  • Tricia Coniglio

    I totally agree with being so bz that it is difficult to juggle work life with personal life. Especially when work has more than the typical 40 hr wk involved.

    Happy early birthday. I used to love to plan mine MONTHS in advance, now — it is usually the same weekend.

    • Emily Sandford

      Yeah. I think it’s harder too when you work from your home (HELLO NO SOCIAL INTERACTION!) and also are an introvert. I need ME time but I also need to balance that with people time.

      • Tricia Coniglio

        haha!! ya, we need people too!! I work at the office 3 days a week so thankfully I get social interaction! I used to drive 45-55 minutes one way to and from work and that was some great me time but now I find it hard to squeeze it in.

  • Amybeth

    I can so relate to the birthday thing! I do this every single year! I’m turning 30 on the 4th and even though people do want to celebrate I keep telling myself that no one is going to come or if they do it’s because they feel like they have to. This is the negative self-talk that got me to the weight I’m at. I’m working on that.

    • Emily Sandford

      Oh, I have this talk with myself pretty much the entire 3 weeks before and after my birthday. You’re not alone :)

  • Meg B

    Ha, that’s not a tomato face, more of a light sunburn kind of face. I’ll show you a tomato face after my next run.
    I went H&M while in NYC and was sadly disappointed in their lack of plus size clothing. Has this changed in the last few years? I’m pretty sure I went about three years ago.

  • Lisa Eirene

    I understand where you are coming from. I often feel the same about friendships. They do take a lot more work. It’s hard when friends have kids, all of a sudden they want to just hang out with other people with kids. It’s tough!

  • Maggie Pickavance

    Yup, agreed. It is hard to stay connected. Especially at this age (I think we’re about the same? I’m 36) when a lot of your people are doing the baby thing and you’re not. And yeah, birthdays are weird. Where the fuck are the unicorns I ordered?

    • Tan O

      36 here too, and could not have said it better….. No baby thing going on here, and no freaking unicorns either…. 😛

    • Emily Sandford

      Yes, we’re close – I’ll be 33 in a few weeks. Are you telling me I won’t get my unicorns this year? Damnit.

  • Jody R. Goldenfield

    It is so hard to stay connected face to face!!!!

  • Tovah

    Wow. You look great and I would kill for your skin and cheekbones.
    Anyway, have a great bd and cheers to many more!

  • Denise Elliott

    Great news: Cheesecake Factory has a whole section of the menu dedicated to lower fat/lower calorie dining options, so no need to avoid it – (Full disclosure: I have not, however, been able to find the low fat/low calories cheesecake options on that menu, sadly.)