Accountability Update

Pushing sled

The end of the week brings another accountability update from me. I honestly can say that I haven't felt this good with my food and exercise in a long time - probably since injuring my foot and going through the casts and boots and physical therapy. It doesn't feel like a New Year resolution type of momentum - it feels more like the deep down resolve that I had losing the first 100 pounds. Does this mean everything is perfect? Far from it. I Continue Reading

Tracking with MyFitnessPal

Sometimes I need a reminder of what progress looks like!

Throughout my long weight loss journey, I have used all kinds of tracking devices when it comes to my workouts and food. Something inevitably happens and I completely drop the ball. Do any of these sound familiar? It's something I must wear and I forget to put it on It's something I must wear and it ends up in the washing machine I decide paper is better so I carry an empty notebook everywhere and never write anything past day 1 I end Continue Reading

Emmie’s Eggplant: Recipe

Emmie's Eggplant

For whatever reason, I bought an eggplant at the grocery this week. Tonight after getting back from the gym, I was adventurous and decided to try it. Don't get me wrong - I've eaten eggplant before, I've just never made it. I decided to roast it as I wanted something to snack on. Emmie's Eggplant Prep time: 5 mins Cook time: 20 mins Total time: 25 mins Ingredients 1 Eggplant Olive oil Sea salt Italian seasoning Garlic Continue Reading

Lace Obsession

Gwynnie Bee cardigan

Well, my lace obsession continues with the lastest batch of clothes from Gwynnie Bee (the Netflix of clothes - here are all of my Gwynnie Bee posts). I sent back a chunk of items including the amazing all sequin skirt and red lace dress as those are more festive items and I have nowhere in the near future to wear them. Let's look at my latest box: INC. Cardigan c/o Gwynnie Bee Maxi Skirt by Old Navy Fitzwell Boots from Zappose Kiyonna Continue Reading

Swimming Against a Riptide


You're frolicking in the ocean, having a grand old time, when all of a sudden you get pulled into a riptide. You are being drawn further and further away from where you were, and fight with all your might to stop the drifting. You get choked by some waves and your arms and legs are tiring fast. Your friends and family are shrinking as you are pulled further away from them. I promise I've not jumped ship and decided to start giving swimming Continue Reading