Six years, slow healing


I am a jumbled mix of emotions this week. Work is crazy busy (thankful!), but this particular week hasn't been smooth sailing for six years now. I was finishing up a rigorous MBA program when my mom, sick with Parkinson's Disease, went in the hospital and never came out. Two days before my birthday, three months before my graduation, and six months before my wedding, she died. Last year for the anniversary of her death, I wrote her a letter Continue Reading

Giveaway: Kiyonna $100 Gift Certificate


This is the start of my birthday week, and I wanted to do something to thank everyone who reads my ramblings here! I've got a couple of giveaways lined up this week for you all, and I hope you are as excited about them as I am! Today, we kick off birthday week with a $100 gift certificate to one of my favorite clothing labels, Kiyonna! Here are my top 3 new arrival picks right now: Brenna Ballet Dress, $118 Portia Pin-Up Dress in Jade Continue Reading

Playing with Fat


Ever since I started losing weight this time around (a couple of years ago now), I noticed myself playing with my fat. This sounds gross, but it's really not as bad as it seems. My skin that adapted and stretched between extreme weights lays like a deflated balloon that pools in pockets and folds up in weird shapes. I poke and prod at myself in the mirror trying to imagine what it would feel like to be some sort of "normal" weight. Or heck, to Continue Reading

Reflections of Confidence

a cycle of confidence

Confidence is a tricky thing. When you find it, there is so much power and energy. When it's lacking, it can drag you (and people around you) through the mud. I walk the confidence tightrope pretty often, so I've been working on doing more things that make me feel good about my choices, which then leads to feeling good about myself and presenting that version to the world. Each one of these things is related with to the others, and it goes in Continue Reading


image via gfpeck on Flick

We live a limited life with nearly unlimited possibilities. Yet we sit complacent in our hum-ho lives with fear and trepidation to go beyond what we know, and beyond what our minds tell us we can do. You don't know when your last day on this earth will be. Perhaps you'll get an illness like my mom and gradually decline, knowing the end is coming. Or perhaps you'll just not live to see the next morning unexpectedly. Or feel okay one moment Continue Reading