Walking a Bunny (and a Catwalk)


I have some really crazy dreams. Sometimes they're hard to remember the next day, but Friday I had one that still has me laughing. Perhaps there's some weight-lossey meaning behind it. Or I just have a REALLY active imagination. See if you can follow: I was waiting for my turn to walk the catwalk in a fashion designer challenge. My designer was going last, so I had forever to wait. It was set in a building that had wide hallways like a Continue Reading

Removing Pain and Shame

one step at a time

Today I had my second appointment my new podiatrist to get my fancy new insoles that will hopefully help heal my still-inflamed tendon for good. I wore ridiculously awful fitting shoes in New York, so my tendon was really inflamed again and I got a medicated wrap and an order for 4 days back in my old friend: Not nearly as bad as it looks. This is just keeping the wrapping on nice and snug so the swelling goes down. Even though I have Continue Reading

Bright Lights and Gwynnie Bee

Gwynnie Bee New York

Sorry for the relative silence here last week. I had good reason though - I was in New York City! NYC is one of those places I used to want to live when growing up as a gal in Kentucky, but being able to go up there every once in a while is a great balance between Kentucky ease and city streets. And not only was I back in NYC, I was there meeting with the ah-may-zing ladies of Gwynnie Bee. Not sure what Gwynnie Bee is? The short answer: Continue Reading

Review + Giveaway: FitnessGlo

Flow Stretch with Ilyse Baker on FitnessGlo

Last night I really wasn't feeling up-to-snuff to do my regular strength and conditioning workout that was scheduled, but I still wanted to do some sort of activity. Enter a quick 10-minute stretching routine on FitnessGlo that fit the bill perfectly. I did it in my pajamas in my home office. My husband looked at me funny when he came home, but that's a common occurrence, so no skin off my back! FitnessGlo is a website that has tons of Continue Reading

Week in Review


Is it just me or is 2013 flying by insanely fast? Hanging on tight as the days whiz pass! Today at the gym we did a Tabata-style workout which included one of my favorite things: battle ropes! They're hard but you feel pretty bad ass when you're done with them. Earlier in the week, I finally added some chain to my glute bridges. I've always been afraid of adding weight, but was able to handle it and it was a good non-scale victory. Over Continue Reading