Gwynnie Bee New Arrivals


It's new arrival time at Gwynnie Bee, which I affectionately refer to as "the Netflix of clothes." (Check out my other Gwynnie Bee posts here.) The thing I love about getting clothes from Gwynnie Bee is that there is no risk in trying new things. For example, I have wanted to try lace for a while, but couldn't commit to buying a lace shirt I might wear once. I also wanted to experiment with different silhouettes or prints that I know I wouldn't Continue Reading

Emmie in the Gym (Workout Video)

Here's part of my workout from yesterday. I post these at times so hopefully it will make going to the gym less intimidating if you're larger. For many of us, the only time we see people our size working out is when we're watching The Biggest Loser. I think it's time to change that! Thanks as always to J&M Strength and Conditioning, and to Jim Laird for playing trainer and video camera operator. Special shout out to Jen, who rocks it out Continue Reading

The Friday Countdown


5 Posts to Check Out (sort of) Guide to Fitbloggin' 2012 by Tara at A life changing Journey. Tara gives great advice, and great hugs. If you're going to Fitbloggin' and are nervous at all, you need to read this. "I'm afraid to fail" and other excuses for being average by Torre Deroche. A must read for anyone who experiences insecurity, which is everyone! How to "walk it out" for fitness by me on the Enell blog. Walking is how I got Continue Reading

Sephora Sucker


You know what happens when you aren't dropping clothes sizes and are breaking out with teenage-reminiscent cystic acne? You run to Sephora, where everything promises to make you look shiny and new, and nothing will be too tight. These days, I liken Sephora to the Hello Kitty stores when I was 8. It all screams at you to touch it and love it. You want EVERYTHING and can't possibly choose. Clarisonic Mia 2: I've contemplated a Clarisonic Continue Reading

Where is the “Care” in Healthcare?


This week, a news story has been circulating about a patient who was turned away from a physician because she weighed more than 200 pounds. Read the article here, and then come back. I'll wait! Some of the comments I've heard supporting the doctor go along the lines of: "Good - most obese people don't admit there is an issue with their weight, so they need to be made aware that their weight is an issue." "Why does a doctor have to Continue Reading