Refreshing Exhaustion

image via tarafirma on instagram

My first post for 2013 is going to be free-written, without planning, proofing, pretense, or regard for what people might think. I'm someone who is always hyper-aware of what others are thinking of me, and 99% of the time, I decide that people are thinking negative things about me, without any evidence that they are. This is more of a reflection of the negativity I have about myself than anyone else, and it's exhausting. Thinking about my Continue Reading

Plus Size New Years Dresses


Leading up to Christmas, an old post of mine about new years eve dresses was getting a lot of search traffic, which led me to believe people are looking for fancy items to get gussied up in! I love fancy dresses and things (as evidenced by my most recent Gwynnie Bee selections) and New Years Eve is the perfect time to bust out some lace or sparkle. I'm not sure what I'm wearing this New Years, but these are some of my top picks from my favorite Continue Reading

#26Acts of Kindness


After the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary last week, I wasn't quite sure what to do or how to process it. I'm not a parent and can't imagine losing a child. I have experienced the loss of my mom, so that was the frame of reference for grief that I had, which just left me frozen. A fellow blogger's nephew, Noah Pozner, was killed in the shooting, and it just made the world seem so small. Earlier tonight, I read about #26Acts and I finally knew Continue Reading

Fashion Trio


Today is another installment of seeing what's in my closet. I got a new box of Gwynnie Bee arrivals and they are perfect for the holiday activities coming up. For those who don't know Gwynnie Bee: It's like Netflix for awesome clothes. Choose your subscription level for how many pieces you want "checked out" at a time. When you're done, send them back and they send out another item from your virtual closet. Super easy, and the clothes are ones Continue Reading

Video: In the Gym


I was sick most of the week, but by Friday was feeling better and got to the gym. I enjoyed this workout, and thought I'd share a bit of it. This workout is still at J&M Strength and Conditioning, but in their fancy new location. On another note, I'll never wear that shirt again - yikes! What was your most recent workout? Continue Reading