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Workout Videos On Demand

Workout Videos On Demand

When I was 455 pounds and thinking about starting some sort of workout routine to get healthy, I had lots of excuses: I can’t work out because I’m too heavy and will hurt myself I can’t be seen in public trying to work out I […]

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I Spy IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel


Not sure why, but I’ve never been extremely into IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel. I actually think it might have to do with 1 dress I ordered and it was way too small. I got upset and instead of blaming my expanding waistline at the time, […]

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Vlog: Health isn’t “all or nothing”


If you’re embarking on a new health journey (or even continuing the one you’re on), remember that you can still be successful with slip ups.

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Sunday Roundup


Hi friends! Laid low this weekend, so not lots to post about, however I did want to post some of my favorite things from this past week. First off though, congrats to Katie R. who won the $100 AMEX gift card for telling me her […]

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I’m alright. I’m okay.

I’m alright. I’m okay.

This week has just been a little rough. My cast is really starting to bug the heck out of me. Waking up early and trying to tightly secure a trash bag around my leg so I can get in the shower is just NOT my […]

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I am the fat kid in Georgia

I am the fat kid in Georgia

I tend to not be a controversial person. I stay pretty neutral on a lot of topics because I like to be well-versed in both sides before forming an opinion. That being said, the controversy this week regarding the Strong4Life campaign running in Georgia has really […]

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Erin Condren Life Planner


After oogling over it for 3 months, I finally broke down and splurged on an Erin Condren Life Planner ($50, erincondren.com). I’ve tried to keep all of my appointments on my phone, however there is just something different about writing down notes and appointments that makes […]

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